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Recently bought a Moto Z Droid for damn near $700. Then I spent another $400 on mods / accessories. Phone was amazing out of the gate. I was prompted for an android update to 7.0. I didn't think anything of it and upgraded the phone.   Now none o my bluetooth works. It shows it's on, and it shows scanning for devices... but NOTHING shows up.

I lost my phone on Sunday.  I think it may have been on the bike trail.  What can I do to protect myself from some one using my phone and my account?  How can I know someone has found it.  I keep calling it and it goes to voice mail. I don't know if the gps was on or not....
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@ Republic sent me a phone with a hanging power button. It didn't work, couldn't get wifi, poor connectivity, stuck on mute, etc, etc, etc, then you send me a "new" phone, but when I looked at my accout it was a used phone. Now that Republic is in receipt of it, Republic is telling me it was damaged. HELLO! your claiming water damage among other
I recently received a Galaxy S7 was quite happy since I figured I would replace my aging MotoX (first gen), although it would increase my monthly bill (I am on the cash back plan...don't recall the name). And then I realized that the S7 I have won't work with Republic since it was originally on the ATT network (runs 930A firmware). So, here I am,
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I have multiple numbers for many contacts.  The Republic Anywhere phone app includes the description (mobile, work, home, etc.) next to the contact name.  But the PC version does not.  This makes it more difficult to create a new conversation with someone if you don't know which of their numbers are which.
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I rebooted my MXP in Safe Mode to do some debugging. When I rebooted back to normal mode, the RW Anywhere App can no longer verify that my phone/account in enrolled in the Anywhere beta. Clicking on sign-up takes me to the Beta sign up page which then informs me that Beta is full and provides the email window to be put on the list!   ETA: