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Put all info in and now it is gone and still trying to figure how to get the discount!  Why is this so difficult!

I have a defy phone from 2012 that will not boot up. Did a cache erase then went to boot back up and just get the Motorola icon. Battery is fully charged. If this cannot be fixed can I activate 1 of 2 other RW Defy phone that I have that used to be on my account? Money is tight for me at the present time. Do you have a payment
I have a Moto Z Play and I am trying to download photos & videos to my W10 PC.  Using a USB cable, I can get the PC to recognize the phone but there are no files when I click on the phone.  I can't find anything in "Settings" that will allow the phone and PC to share files. Where am I going wrong. 
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I have an issue with my service for more than three weeks now. I cannot make or recieve calls to certain phone numbers. I have been told it's a routing issue in the 540 area code. I know of several other Republic customers who are having the same issue. I have pretty much been told that there is no time table for resolving this issue. If this
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Overview: This document provides information regarding transferring your phone number to or from Republic Wireless. Learn how the number transfer process works, what information you need, and what you need to be aware of.       What is a Number Transfer? How Number Transfers Work Transfer My Number to Republic Before
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About Republic Help  Why does Republic choose to do everything online? It's simple. We don't believe in calling a 1-800 number, only to sit on hold listening to cheesy elevator music and corny advertisements. Instead, we'd rather give that time back to you to do the things that are important to you.      Here in the Republic,