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Moto G Shipping Update

Posted by docs Apr 24, 2014

Good afternoon, Community! As many of you are already aware from the chatter here and on social, Moto G’s started shipping this morning.  As shipping starts, be aware of these two items below:


Refer a Friend service credits:  Now that we’re shipping, you’ll start to see charges to your credit card.  We realize that we created some confusion during the checkout process around how your credit will be applied. Refer a Friend credits are applied to your monthly membership fees, not your device, but our checkout page showed this:






To clear up any confusion, here’s what charges you should expect:


  • One charge for the device(s)
  • One charge for first month’s membership, minus the referral credit - for those of you on the $5 and $10 plans, the remaining service credit will carry over to future bills
  • These two charges will likely be applied on the same business day






Be assured that the referral credit will be properly applied according to the terms of the program and the charges to your credit card will be accurate.  We’re working to correct the issue quickly and we apologize for any inconvenience or confusion we may have caused.


You can go to your My Account portal to see an accurate accounting of any charges.  If you still have questions about your bill, please contact support here.


Order status:  In your My Account portal, your order status will say “Order successful” until your order ships. Once your order ships, it will change to “Completed" —unless you're upgrading to a new phone, in which case it won't change to "Completed" until you activate your new phone. You can track your shipment by clicking on the link under your order status or from the link provided in your shipping confirmation email.


As always, please leave your questions and comments here.




We’ve got some sweet news for you guys today! Android™ 4.4.2, KitKat® has been certified by Sprint for use on the Republic Wireless Moto X™. KitKat has become the #1 request in our ThinkTank, so we already know that you are excited as we are about this announcement. Without further ado, let’s dive into what KitKat means for you, and what the release schedule looks like.


New Features

The Android 4.4.2 update, aka KitKat, will give your Moto X experience a nice boost. There are several tweaks that will smooth out some minor bugs, but you’ll likely first notice the update in some of the new functionality you’ll get. Here’s a sampling of a few:



  1. Improved Google Now Search
    Google Now is even better. It can predict information based on location or favorite sites. Android 4.4.2 also features a new app-linking feature, which allows Google Search to deep-link search results to applications on the device. So for instance, searching for restaurant information via Google Now can direct you to a reservation app.

  2. Camera Update
    You’ll be able to take even better pictures—the "touch to focus" option is enhanced with a new circular, on screen control that can be dragged by your finger around the viewfinder to adjust a photo's focus and exposure.

  3. New Dialer
    KitKat includes a new design for the dialer—it’s got a search field that can be used to search your contact info. Additionally, the new phone app also prioritizes contacts based on the people you talk to most to make it easier to reach your faves.



The Rollout

As with any new release, we’ve tested the update extensively—still, the absolute best way for us to battle test the customer experience is to bring some of you guys on board. So what we’ve done TODAY is randomly release KitKat to 2,000 of you—those folks will have an Over The Air (OTA) update available to them which will load up KitKat.


Why are we releasing it randomly? First, to ensure that we’ve got a wide variety of testers. Second, because it’s the fastest way to get it out for testing (and as we understand from you, speed is of the essence!).


Why 2K? 2,000 is just enough that we’ll have lots of data to play with, but small enough that we can handle the feedback all at once. We expect to let KitKat marinate with those lucky folks until April 30, and then (barring any unlikely issues), we’ll roll this out to our next batch of folks for our deeper dive test. We’ll continue to roll out in batches until we’re confident that the user experience meets our high standards for you guys. Our goal is to have everyone on board by May 9.


TL;DR? (Too long; didn't read?)

We’re releasing in phases to ensure we nail the user experience. We aim for everyone to have it by May 9, though it’s possible it would roll out earlier depending on how the releases go.


Want to Learn More?

Still have some questions about KitKat and the KitKat release? Check out our KitKat FAQ. It’s got a lot of information for the curious.


As always, if you have any questions or comments, let us know here!


Moto G is heeeere!

Posted by rwproductteam Apr 17, 2014



Today is the day, folks! We’re all extremely excited and can’t wait for you to get your hands on a Moto G™. We’ve already told you most of the good stuff about Moto G in our announcement blog, but here’s the recap. We won’t keep you long because we know many of you have some shopping to do...


  • Moto G has received nearly unanimous praise (check out a few glowing reviews here, here, and here) and is enabling millions of people around the world to experience the mobile internet for the first time.
  • This device is the perfect compliment our mission: offer amazing service and value at unprecedented low prices. You can now own an exceptional phone with unlimited voice, text, and data for a full two years for just $749. That’s what most folks pay in service alone for less than a year!
  • We’ve been test driving the Moto G over the last few months, and we love this guy. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!



If you already own a Republic phone, now’s a great time to add onto your account—or to upgrade, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading from an earlier beta phone. And with reactivations now available, you can easily give your old phone to another family member, sell it, or otherwise pass it along.


If you’re thinking about sharing the news with your friends, don’t forget to use Republic’s new Refer a Friend program! Whether you’re just signing up for Republic today with a sweet new Moto G—or you’ve been a member for a long time—Refer a Friend is an awesome way for you and your friends to save even more money on your smartphone bill.


Interested in getting your very own Moto G? Click here. *Note that Moto Gs will not initially follow our standard shipping pattern (of 5-7 days). Click here to learn more about what to expect shipping wise!


As always, leave your questions and comments here.

The news has been full of reports on the Heartbleed security bug over the last several days. Here’s an update on the security precautions that we’ve taken here at Republic Wireless.


As of 01:00 AM EDT on 4/10/14, we patched all of our servers with software that is not susceptible to Heartbleed. After we completed the patching, we also deployed new SSL certificates and reissued all private keys as an added precaution. We are unaware of any intrusion resulting from the Heartbleed vulnerability, but we recommend that you change your account password as a precaution.


On the device side, none of our Republic Wireless smartphones are - or ever were - susceptible to Heartbleed. Our phones run versions of the Android OS that can't be exploited by the Heartbleed security flaw.


We are committed to protecting your personal information. We will continue to monitor our services to keep your data protected. If you ever suspect a software security issue or if you wish to report a potential vulnerability to Republic Wireless, please email us at security@republicwireless.com.


As always, please leave your questions and comments here.

Hot on the heels of two huge announcements last week (ahem…"Reactivations Are Here" and our 4/17/14 Moto G Launch if you weren’t paying attention), we’ve got more BIG news for you today…our Refer a Friend program is back and it’s better than ever!


Starting today, you can earn account credits in exchange for referring friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else you know to Republic. It’s quick & easy—and helps both of you (that’s you and the person you refer) earn credits towards your Republic Wireless service. For those of you who used our previous Refer a Friend program that ended on 3/1/14, you’ll notice a few important changes (all for the better) including:


  • New Refer a Friend Platform: We have partnered with FriendBuy, one of the world’s leading referral platforms, to build out our new program. FriendBuy powers some of our favorite e-commerce brands like Warby Parker, Birchbox, & Dollar Shave Club! The FriendBuy platform gives us much better internal metrics, even more flexibility, & improved management tools—and it gives you a much simpler user experience because everything is done straight from your My Account Portal. No more guessing how many pending or completed transactions you have. The interface is clean, clear, and easy to use.


  • New & Improved Rewards: We’re launching the new program with a special introductory “Give $20, Get $20” offer. That means every time someone you refer to Republic signs up and remains a member for at least 30 days, you will get a $20 credit in your account. Your friend who signed up also gets a $20 credit in their account, available to them immediately for use against their service. The $20/$20 reward structure will be here for a limited time and we plan to change our offers up from time to time to improve your experience and provide different types of rewards in the future (ex. Republic swag, free accessories, etc).


  • Higher Reward Limits: While our previous Refer a Friend program capped member referral awards at 25 per calendar year, the new program allows up to 29 per calendar year. A nice little boost to how much you can sock away in your account! Please do keep in mind that any referrals that you made with our previous Refer A Friend program will count towards your 2014 cap.


So, how does the new Refer a Friend Program work?

Getting started with the new program is easy. Just go to the Refer a Friend homepage. If you’re not logged into My Account, you’ll be prompted to login. From there, you’ll access your Refer a Friend Dashboard where you can refer friends through your Facebook profile, your Twitter feed, Email, or by sharing your personal referral link with the people you know. You can also easily access the Refer a Friend dashboard anytime by clicking on the navigation for “Referrals” within My Account. When someone uses your new referral link to sign up with Republic, they’ll get their credit posted right away in their account. You’ll get your referral credit once they pass the 30-day return window. Pretty sweet!




What else do you need to know?

1.) You need to be an account owner to participate in our new Refer a Friend program.

2.) In order to get the Refer a Friend credits, the person who you refer to Republic Wireless MUST use the referral link that you provide to them. If someone forgets to use the link, we can’t update our systems on the back-end, so be sure to remind them to use your link!

3.) We are unable to count or accept any referral links from our old program, give you credits from any referrals that you may have made inbetween programs, or undo any previously counted referrals at the old $19/$19 rate to give you the new $20/$20 launch rate.

4.) We ask that you not post your referral links here in Community or on Republic's social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to keep it clean. Feel free to post on your personal social networks and share with your friends!


If you have any other questions - please check out our Refer a Friend Overview and FAQ’s.


Ready to get started?

Just log into My Account now. You’ll see a “Referrals” link in the main navigation. Click there and start sharing the awesome!

As always, please share your questions and comments here.


High fives,





Reactivations are here!

Posted by rwproductteam Apr 10, 2014

We’ve got great news, especially for those of you who are looking for cost effective ways to upgrade and expand your relationship with Republic. Today we’re announcing the availability of both on-device and online reactivations, which means that you can now quickly and easily reactivate any Republic phone (except for the LG Optimus)! We’ve worked really hard on this for a long time (as many of you know), so we’re absolutely thrilled that this functionality is now in your hands. Below is just one quote from a Community member, sharing the sentiments we've heard from many. Well, gentry—the answer is here today!


“I haven't seen any recent updates on [reactivations], but I thought it was going to be released with the Moto X. I'd like to give my Defy XT to my brother when I get my Moto X...” -@gentry, Republic Community Member, Nov 2013


The wait is over.Blog-reactivate-2.png

Reactivation functionality has been a top request from you guys, and with good reason! Maybe you’ve had a Motorola DEFY™ XT since the beginning or you just bought a new Moto X and your DEFY XT is somewhere sitting in a desk drawer. Now you have more options for using that phone—either by selling it to someone else or passing it on to a friend or family member.


Some folks have been keeping an eye out for reactivations since we recently announced their impending April arrival… and some of you noticed last week that we “ever so stealthily” soft-launched on-device reactivation functionality on the Moto X. In fact, we heard from a few folks in the Community and on Facebook (ahem…@Isaac Cagle and @calebw.a89wgw!) that they’d successfully reactivated a Moto X phone! We were excited to hear that things were going well—our testing also checked out :).


How does it work?

Reactivating an existing Republic device works differently depending on the device itself. You can reactivate a DEFY XT online at republicwireless.com/activate. With Moto X (and all future Republic devices), reactivating a phone is as simple as turning on the device and following the prompts!


So that’s it—a big Republic milestone that you asked for is now here (and we’re totally psyched!). To find out all the details on how reactivations work on both the Moto X and the DEFY XT, see Reactivating Your Phone. For used phone buyer protection tips and advice on listing your Republic phone for sale, check out Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones.


Have comments or questions? Share them here.

Hey folks!


We mentioned in our engineering update last month that we’d like to kick off an ongoing blog that recaps updates relevant to your experience using Republic. The general feedback we’ve heard from you guys is that you’d like to know what’s being worked on, and also that you’d like to have a spot to see all the things that we’ve released recently. So, what we’re aiming to do is keep up our normal blog posting in order to hit more deeply on big updates, interesting news, or helpful tips, but then also share this one on the first of each month as a “catch all” to help keep you informed. This post will read more like a recap than a deep dive, so we’ll aim to link out to details where applicable so you can read more if you’re interested. (And if you’re particularly interested in an item being worked on, follow it in the ThinkTank!)


To that end, this monthly post will be specifically dedicated towards:

  • Recapping features and releases in case you missed them
  • Listing features that are in progress

Let us know if you find this information helpful and we’ll adjust as we go. So without further ado...


Phone and Service Related:

Support Enhancements:

Other Improvements and Releases:

  • Accessory updates:  Added two Otterbox cases to our store and removed the black Barely There Casemate case from the Store based on your feedback (quality issue)
  • Revised B-Stock Cosmetic Specifications (increased leniency of return acceptance) 
  • Added New Phone Number Inventory (over 1.1k new rate centers)
  • Completed Quality Inspections of Provisioned Moto G Phones


Smaller scope items:

  • Broad Audit & Clean Up of all Email Communication
  • Improved Process for Assigning Phone Numbers to New Phones
  • Change Accessory Return Process to Accept more Returns
  • New Member Welcome Program

Large scope items (most mentioned here):


We hope you guys find this recap helpful and informative! We’ll aim to keep these to the point so they’re easy to digest (rather than pages long, as some of our updates are…).  That said, we’re excited to tell you more about some of the new items on the map, which we’ll go into more depth about in later posts. Let us know what you think here!


P.S. If there’s a topic you’re particularly interested in, be sure to follow it in the ThinkTank!

Hold onto your hats, ladies & gents, we’ve got an extra addition to the lineup of new features coming your way that we wrote about earlier this month. The title let the cat out of the bag here, but we can confirm it: Moto Maker is coming to Republic...or more appropriately, Republic is coming to Moto Maker. Customized Republic Moto X’s will be available for order at 12:00 PM EST on April 1 in sweet wood grains, multitudes of colors and perhaps most excitingly with expanded storage to 32GB.  So make way, Big 4, a phone that’s already custom on the inside will now be customizable on the outside.


To celebrate, we’re going to be offering a free upgrade to Bamboo or other wood finishes ($25 value) to the first 2,000 folks who register at Motorola.com/WoodYouBelieveIt starting at 11:00 AM EST on Tuesday, April 1. These lucky 2,000 will be issued a unique promo code that can be used on Moto Maker for a new custom Moto X with Republic. (Note that the code will expire 2 weeks later!)


There’s been a lot of coordination going on behind the scenes between us and Motorola to make this happen, and we finally have the contractual clearance to share the news with you guys today. So let’s get on with the details!


What new options will RW members have with Moto Maker?

Integrating with Moto Maker means lots of new options for folks, including a few highly sought-after features. For more information, check out our Moto Maker document here, but for now here are some of the highlights:


1. New color customization options, including wood backs and college themes

2. Two storage options - 16 and 32GB versions

3. Financing for qualified customers (as low as $25/month via Motorola)

4. Moto Care Accident Protection (via Motorola)


We know that #2 will be especially key for those of you who have added your voice to this ThinkTank thread. We’re also hoping this will scratch the itch for folks who have been hankering for a Republic themed phone (our vote for a killer Republic design is bamboo back with green accent). Though we’re still evaluating insurance and financing options straight from us, we’re stoked that this will open up some new doors in that direction for folks.


Blog Moto Maker.jpg


(Our vote for a killer Republic Wireless Design!)


Should I expect the same experience after purchase?

In a nutshell: you’ll still get the same Republic service no matter where you purchase your device.  BUT buying from Moto Maker means you are getting your device direct from Motorola, and that does mean there are differences. Don’t let that deter you though—just be aware that there are a handful of things that will differ.  We’ll hit on some highlights here so you’re not surprised, but we encourage you to check out Motorola’s T’s and C’s, Return/Refund policies, and Warranty Exchange.


  1. One key difference to be aware of: support for your device itself will be directly from Motorola going forward, while folks who got their device through Republic will get device support directly from Republic. (Support for service will go through us in both cases!).
  2. Another thing to be aware of is that Motorola offers a 14-day return policy rather than a 30 day return policy, so folks may want to be a bit snappier about testing.
  3. The last thing we want to remind folks about is that a device on Moto Maker will cost more, so expect to see some higher prices there. The base Moto Maker Moto X will be available starting at $349.99 and then prices for various extra features (wood backs, extra storage) get added in.  Though more expensive than our standard white and black 16GB models on republicwireless.com, which retail for $299, these customized models can offer more flair and personality.


For those of you who recently purchased a Moto X from us, but would now prefer to purchase a customized device from Moto Maker—if you’re within your 30-day return policy upon the release of Moto Maker, you’re eligible to return your device for a refund and purchase directly from Moto Maker.  If you’re outside your return window, we’re not able to offer any swaps or compensation, but given coming reactivations you’ll be able to sell your device to a friend to fund your customized upgrade.


Concluding Thoughts

We are absolutely stoked that we are able to make Moto Maker available to you guys, and give you all the features that come with it. We’ve added and linked to a ton of info in our Community to help give you guys more context and information about Moto Maker, so if you’re interested to learn more, check it out. Also, make sure to sign up tomorrow after 11:00AM EST on this Landing Page if you’d like to be one of the 2,000 folks to be eligible for the free wood back promo.


Let us know your thoughts and comments here.


P.S. Check out what aaronbaker has to say about Republic and Moto Maker:



Greetings from a bright, blustery, and BUSY Republic Wireless Headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, our team is hard at work on building a number of awesome new products & features that you guys are going to LOVE. We can't wait to introduce them to you in the coming weeks!

Aaron (1).jpg

I'm here today with a special announcement that we are bringing Aaron Baker (yes, THE Aaron Baker!) here on special assignment to help us develop some really cool content for all of our upcoming launches. For those of you who don't know him, Aaron is one of the most popular tech reviewers on the planet and has covered hundreds of smartphone launches over the years. The guy flat out knows his stuff and we couldn't be happier to welcome Aaron to the team and have him share some of our new news with you.

Since you're going to be seeing his face a lot over the coming months, we thought it would be fun to introduce Aaron to our Community through this blog. Aaron and I recently sat down together and here’s what we discussed:

RW: For those of you who don't know you, tell us a bit about yourself!


AB: I’ve been in the wireless industry in some way, shape, or form for over ten years, beginning with retail sales at Circuit City.  Fast forward through positions at Helio, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more, and I was fortunate enough to pick up a role in the media space.  And the rest is history.

RW: Wow - ten years! That’s a long time. What has been the most interesting change you’ve observed?

AB: There are a bunch I talk about on a regular basis, but the biggest for me has been watching how the phone has become a lifestyle item.  It has evolved from something used 15 minutes each day to a companion that we take everywhere with us.  It gets dropped.  It gets scuffed.  We’re constantly swiping and clicking.  The battery gets drained, and recharged.  Over and over again.  Yet we’re still applying many of the same rules to the experience, which doesn’t make sense.  It’s time for a new approach.

RW: You’re well-known in the mobile space - do you know how many times your videos have been seen?

AB: That would be tough to say!  In addition to the work I did at PhoneDog, I’ve done several news spots, along with web commercials for various companies.  I can say that when I departed PhoneDog, the channel had 360,000 subscribers and 180 million video views.  That’s not to say that every one of those views was for a video I did, but it certainly means more people have watched my work than I could have ever imagined!

RW: What have you been up to since leaving PhoneDog.com?

AB: My background includes B2B, marketing, and more - and since PhoneDog, and I’ve been working on some PR work.  It has been strange being off-camera, though!

RW: Which apps do you personally use the most?

AB: They’re probably pretty boring by most standards!  American Airlines is up there, because I travel often for work - and with that often comes the FlightAware app.  Then there’s Facebook and Twitter, because I enjoy staying connected with family and friends, and keeping track of what’s happening in the news.  Lastly, I’d say Instagram is up there.  I wasn’t a huge Instagram user at first, but I love the ability to share pictures with friends - and see their adorable families.

RW: What's your most treasured tech gadget?

AB: My smartphone, by far - it’s my lifeline.  I’d say computer, but realistically speaking, my smartphone has replaced my computer for basic day-to-day tasks.  It allows me to stay in touch with my wife when we’re both traveling for work, and enables me to keep track of our busy lives.  Instead of reaching for the computer, I use my phone for the basics these days - checking bank accounts, credit card statements, and more.  And who could forget pictures!  I try to take pictures wherever I go.

RW: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

AB: My most overused phrase on camera would probably be “take it with a grain of salt.”  But I’m sure there are more. Take that with a grain of salt.

RW: What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

AB: I love to run.  I try to run six days per week.  Also a huge fan of aviation, hiking, and spending time with my family.

RW: What do you like most about Republic Wireless?

AB: Phones are personal, and what I appreciate about Republic is they take that personality to the service, as well - in both the customer service approach and in the product offering.  In an industry where products are refreshed every few months ("I just got that phone!  There's a NEW version out?!") and the simple fact that the smartphone within itself has become a lifestyle item, two year contracts don't work. 

Imagine being told you had to keep a belt for two years.  Or a pair of shoes.  On top of styles changing, these are items you use every day.  If you wore the same pair of shoes every day, they likely wouldn't last two years.  Why is two years still a common expectation for the smartphone?

What’s more, Republic takes it to the next level with their mission statement of making smartphones more affordable and accessible for everyone.  The service is innovative, the value proposition is great, and the company truly cares about its members.  Awesome all around.

RW: What are you looking forward to seeing next week when you're here at RW headquarters?

AB: I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person, getting to know the office, and spending time on camera with the people and products.  Republic has an awesome offering that’s truly unique, and I’m so excited to spend the week with the team, getting to know some exceptional people and having great conversations about the company and its products.  Expect to see a number of videos on Republic's YouTube channel, along with updates on all the rest of their social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

RW: Aaron, where can people follow you online and in social media?

AB: You can visit my web-site, aaroncbaker.com, follow me @AaronCBaker or check out my Facebook Page!


RW: Anything else you want to say to the people?

AB: I would love to hear from you!  If you’ve ever had a question about Republic that you’ve wanted answered - from the faces behind the awesome company to the paint on the walls in the office kitchen - let me know in the comments section here or over on Twitter!


New Accessory Return Feature

Posted by sarahd Mar 26, 2014

Good afternoon Republic,


We hope everyone is doing well. We wanted to let you know about a new My Account feature that we released today—accessory returns. This new feature allows you to submit an accessory return request from the My Account portal. Here's a highlighted overview of the new feature:


  • The accessory return feature can be found by signing into My Account and selecting Orders from the My Account drop down menu.
  • Accessories can be returned within 30 days of purchase and are eligible for a full refund if the accessory is unopened and undamaged.
  • It's important to note that the accessory return process is separate from the cancelation process. So if you're canceling service and want to return accessories, you'll need to complete those processes separately.


We've also put together this document that includes the full accessory return and replacement policy and a step-by-step tutorial for how to submit an accessory return request.


That's all we have for you today. Thanks for reading and as always, we welcome your questions and comments here.


Earlier today, we shared the news that Republic Wireless rated better than the Big 4 carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile in overall customer satisfaction according to PCMag.com's 2014 Readers Choice Awards. We couldn't be prouder of this recognition because it is based on real-world feedback from members just like you! For those of you who don't know, the PCMag.com Readers Choice Award is in its 27th year and is the largest consumer survey in tech, polling 25 million readers every month about their satisfaction with the technology products they use.


Here are some of the highlights from this year's Phones & Carriers Awards:


  • Our members rated Republic Wireless overall as an 8.4, compared to the industry average of 7.8, ahead of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.
  • Our members are more likely to recommend Republic Wireless than customers of AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular, Straight Talk Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.
  • We were rated #1 in the wireless industry for having the most reasonable monthly rates with a “phenomenal score” of 9.7 out of 10.
  • Our members indicated that they required customer service assistance less than customers of any other U.S. carrier.
  • Full results can be found here.


If you're anything like me, you probably get a lot of questions like "Is Republic Wireless too good to be true?" when you talk to friends and family about how you're saving so much money on your monthly bill. The cool thing about the PCMag.com Readers Choice Awards is that now we can all answer that with a resounding "No!" These results truly speak for themselves and we are so appreciative that so many of you believe in what we're building together!


Importantly, as jimm has reminded our team, while these results are a clear indicator that what we are doing is working, we can't (and won't) rest on our laurels. Our job is to continue working each and every day to deliver the best possible value to you and to give you even more reasons than ever to want to share your experiences with others. We've got a ton of awesome things coming down the pipeline in the next month, like the Moto G, so buckle your seat belts and hang on. It's going to be a fun ride!


As always, please feel free to leave your questions and comments here.






For nearly three years, we’ve worked together to shape a different kind of wireless company.  A company that puts customers first, and that is determined to deliver on a singular commitment - to deliver a world-class experience at remarkable prices.


Thousands of new members each week join this journey with us, and have provided awesome feedback that we’ve used to improve every aspect of our service.  We’ve delivered on many of those commitments - better call quality, seamless WiFi to cellular handover, MMS, improved customer service and an awesome device in the Moto X.  Today’s announcement furthers our commitment to deliver on what you, our customers, are asking for - more device options.  First, let’s talk about the G.


The Moto G is the Republic Wireless of smartphones - proof that a world-class experience can come at a low price.  The reviews are nearly unanimous in their praise, and the G is enabling millions of people around the world to experience the mobile internet for the first time.  This is the perfect phone for Republic, the perfect compliment to our own mission. Many of us have been test driving the Moto G for a few months, and the early reviews are in - this phone rocks!  The $149 phone price ($179 for the 16GB version) paired with our plans can offer our members tremendous value. It means you can now get a remarkable smartphone and 2 years of unlimited cellular service - for less than $400.


The Moto G is also our first phone to launch with Android KitKat.  We’ve been hard at work bringing our hybrid calling goodness to the latest version of Android, and we’re excited to offer this to our members.  (FYI -- for all of you Moto X fans out there, don’t worry, the Moto X KitKat update enters the Sprint lab this month).


And we have more big news...reactivations will be launching in the next few weeks, right before the Moto G.  Now if you have an old Republic Wireless phone, you can give or sell that device to someone and he or she will be able to reactivate the service on it through a simple user interface – right from the phone for the X and from a web interface for the DEFY XT.


Awesome news, but when will the G and reactivations be available?  First, we are launching the Moto G in April.  I’m sure many of you are wondering if that means April 1st or April 30th.  I wish we could pinpoint a date for you guys, but until then we wanted to give you guys firm notice that it’s going to be here next month for sure.  Launching this phone is complex and there are lots of variables we’re still considering.  You know, things that project managers obsess about and hold daily conference calls over.  There are two things we can commit to – that it will be as early in April as possible, and that we’ll give you a heads up a few days before the actual launch.   If you want to be the first to know, just sign up for our email notifications and we’ll keep in touch!


In addition to the newest phone and reactivations, we’ve got some other good stuff coming -- things that you suggested in the ThinkTank. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that area of the Community, the ThinkTank is a dedicated place to hearing your suggestions. The feedback is very valuable to us, and we use it to help prioritize our efforts. In fact it’s helped us prioritize and deliver on  6 of the top 7 ideas in the ThinkTank.  Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!


For more details about Moto G, check out our FAQs, Tech Specs  and a G vs X comparison.


As always, please leave your questions and comments here.


Republic Health and Wellness

Posted by sarahd Mar 10, 2014

Happy Monday everyone, we hope all of you enjoyed the weekend and the warmer temps!


We wanted to let you know about a new document we just published. In an effort to keep everyone up to date with current issues (or existing conditions as we call it), we created, "Republic Health and Wellness." This document is the place to go when you want to know what issues are currently being reported, symptoms you may experience, current status and what steps you should take to correct it (if any).


This is a living breathing document so be sure to bookmark or follow it so you can always be up to date with the most current information. We'll update the document as we have any new information for each condition. We'll also post new releases and fixes at the bottom of the document so you can keep up to date with new features we release or when we've implemented a fix for one of the conditions.


We hope this gives you a better understanding of what types of issues currently exist and where we are in the process of resolving them. Let us know what you think here.


Enjoy the rest of your week!



Some of your top priorities


Happy Monday, folks. A few of our team members have been chatting with you guys in threads about “big topics and many of you have asked us to consolidate everything into a blog post. So we’re going to talk through some of those highly requested product engineering (dev) items today in order to share clarity around those.


As many of you know, it’s a goal of ours to be as transparent as possible with you about what’s going on behind the scenes. Some of you will read that and nod, and some (at least those not in our KitKat thread) will think—well, where have my updates been then?? I want to know more! Well, we’re going to make a change as relates specifically to dev projects so that we can better keep you in the loop. To do that, we’re going to be focusing on sharing with you what we’re working on now, as opposed to what we’ll be working on in the future. Check out a recent note by laura.s here to get some deeper insight into why we can give you better insight by sharing what developers are actively working on vs. our expectations for future delivery items.


And we’ll start that process—today. Remember, today we’re laser focusing on some of your top requested dev items. We’ve talked a lot internally about reviving and expanding the State of the Republic, so that we can start to give you guys broader insight into projects going on across the teams, and also give some mentions to completed projects that aren’t as “big” as these ones (like the voicemail bug fix for the $5 plan, completed and going out this month). Thoughts on that? In the meantime, we wanted to make sure we addressed these top requested items in a cohesive way...so without further ado, let’s dive in!


The big dev projects



A top ask from you guys, with good reason, is reactivations. This, accordingly, is the #1 priority for us here. Our dev team is heads down working in this. And has been for a while! Why is this something that requires so much work? The launch of Moto X (and all of your great feedback) did cause some delay, but what are the existing hurdles? Honestly, though the technical innards aren’t simple, the biggest challenge is building an effective UI. UI, for those unfamiliar with the term, stands for “User Interface”, and it refers to everything we design that you can interact with. Because a lot of people don’t read directions, and some aren’t technically savvy, we need to create an on-phone reactivation experience that has no rough edges. Ensuring that easy, seamless reactivation experience means extensive user testing and QA to make sure we double, triple and quadruple check for any bugs or glitches in the experience. We’re solidly in the QA phase now, and are excited (maybe as excited as you guys ) to get this to production. We’ll certainly let you know here when it’s ready.


The Next Phone

Even more important to some of you—a lot of you—is having the option to get the “better phone” as opposed to the more expensive “best phone,” aka the $299 Moto X. We can’t say yet what it is and what the price is due to contractual obligations, but we are very aware that you guys are anxious for a less expensive phone and we can confirm that it will be. This is particularly popular with our DEFY XT users (the number one ask, even surging ahead of Reactivations). But, perhaps unexpected to some of you, it is also a top ask of Moto X users. The fact is, many families count on Republic to save money, and we know that you are looking to add in the rest of your family in order to do that. But we also know and understand that footing a $299 bill doesn’t suit that goal as well as a less expensive phone would. So, we’re working very, very hard to get this phone out as fast as possible. We won’t go too deeply into the details of why this one is such a big project, because our GM @jimm covered the ins and outs of it pretty extensively here. Give it a read if you’re curious, otherwise know that we’re moving this forward as fast as humanly possible given how many variables there are.


Now some of you may be thinking—ok, so a new phone is coming. Are your support teams ready for it? It’s a good question to ask when it comes to new phones, and is directly linked to the last project, which we’ll list separately.


Internal Support Tools

There was an important silver lining to some of the Moto X post-launch craziness. Though it was a truly challenging month for our support teams, and for the group of you guys who needed them, it did reveal some really important areas of improvement for us and we didn’t leave those learnings on the table. For example, we could see that our teams didn’t have all the tools they need to most efficiently answer questions and access information to get you what you needed quickly.  We’re aiming to give them better tools and more access to things they need in order to improve their communication and communication times with you guys. Some recent feedback from you guys showed us that though generally you’re happy with support (we’re about 85% today)—sometimes you feel like “no one’s there” or “no one’s actively working on my issue”. These tools are geared towards improving efficiency and should help on both counts, in addition to helping prepare our teams for the new phone.


So, those items are the big dev projects we’re working on right now. The former two are the biggest bites to chew, but the third one involving tools is an important requisite for launching the next phone. What’s next on our priority list? Right after these big projects, we’ll be focusing on launching KitKat for Moto X and getting our Refer a Friend program back in your hands; also, our parent company, Bandwidth Inc. is working with their industry partners to get the groundwork for Shortcodes ready (this project, for those who are curious, will need to follow a similar two part process to MMS).


Some concluding thoughts from us


We’ll finish with a general question some of you might be thinking about, which is: why prioritize things this way?  This is in and of itself the most challenging part of what we do—choosing which of the many, many features you guys want, incorporating the wants of those who share opinions in community and those who don’t. What helps us prioritize, and helped us prioritize the above, is identifying which ones seem to be most wanted. While some members, for example, are gungho for KitKat, others haven’t heard of it and just want to add their family to their plan without breaking the bank. Some have tons of referrals lined up and are chomping at the bit for us to get the better program in place, while others have never used it and are instead anxious that reactivations aren’t in place yet. To that end, southpawkb recently put out a great survey that highlights some of these things—while you ‘ll see the items we’re working on in the top requested lists, you may have also noticed how varied the responses are. It’s a great example of how even a small group of individuals (the 150+ active community members who voted) are varied in their thinking even over a short period of time.


What does that mean for us, as a product team and as members? It means that some will read this post about these top requested items, and wish that we had prioritized one project above another project. By our data, most members (regardless of the phone they have) won’t, but we are equally certain by the data that some will. We can’t say it in a more straightforward way than that, though we can say that we are always, always looking for ways to best understand what you want. We read and react to surveys we send, and analyze ticketing feedback carefully. We pay close attention to the ThinkTank and votes, and listen when our community team shares feedback about what you want. We can’t always pivot on the dime if your feedback changes, or produce something right away (shortcodes is a great example of that, since it’s something that our parent company needs to tackle first before we can). BUT - we can promise to listen and accommodate you guys as best we can, and work as hard as possible to meet your needs.


Going forward, we hope to continue to share with you what we’re working on, and what we have prioritized next, so you can continue to guide us and join us for the ride for these big engineering projects. We’d like to also include some of the smaller projects we’re working on, and include updates from across the org that you may not know about. We’d love to hear your feedback about these new ideas, and your general take on our thought process in general. We hope that you guys have found this informative (and not too dry….!) for your Monday afternoon.


All the best, and have a great week,


laura.s , theproductguy @jons, vailgm , brianna.mundy and @whatevermatthewshandleis


As always, please feel free to leave your questions and comments here.


New Ambassadors!

Posted by sarahd Feb 21, 2014

As some of you may know, here at Republic, we have an Ambassadors Program. For those of you that don't know, this program is for Republic members that have a strong desire to help other fellow Republic members. You may have seen them around our Community answering and commenting on various threads on a variety of different topics. They are also easily recognizable with a shield as their icon statusicon-founder1.gif


Today, we would like to announce that we've invited four new Ambassadors to our group:







Please join us in congratulating them for all of their hard work and contributions to the Republic Community.


Thank you so much for everything you do!

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