Special offer code extension


Submitted by Jessica on Mon, 11/28/2011 – 12:23am


I’m Jessica Orr, the Director of Marketing & Community for republic wireless.  Many people have inquired about the welcome19 special offer which just expired, 19 days after launch.  This post should clarify things for everyone –at least that’s my intent!  Please comment below and I’ll respond back to anything we’ve failed to address adequately.

We’re extending the welcome19 promotion for the following situations:


  • You signed up to receive a special offer on our “preview” web page, while the signup was still available prior to November 8.  If you did, you received the $99 offer via an email from us on November 7.
  • You attempted to place an order that is currently listed in My Account as “incomplete” and you entered the welcome19 discount code in the first step of the order process.
  • You attempted to place an order that was not accepted, and you can’t view any orders in My Account.  If this happened to you, you should’ve received an email with the subject “Incomplete Order” on November 15.

If you don’t fall into one of these categories, the welcome19 promotion won’t be available for you when we reopen to accept additional beta users.  We recognize that this will disappoint many of you who saw the offer online and wanted to use it before it expired.  That would’ve been possible if the first round of our beta program hadn’t been so quickly oversubscribed beyond all expectations.


Although it’s a very idealistic startup, republic wireless also must grow into a profitable long-term business.  We incur costs well in excess of $99 per unit for the LG Optimus, and our budget provided for a limited number of members to purchase the phone at a loss to us.  Different providers subsidize device costs in different ways (for example, by locking you into a contract with termination fees or by overcharging you on a monthly basis) to make the price cheaper up front. In our case, our special offer was for people who were willing to take a chance on an innovative newcomer.  The point of our promotion, and its return on investment, was to make taking that chance easier for the first intrepid buyers.


While we know that some customers look for the lowest cost on phones, regardless of contracts or the risk of early termination fees, it’s probably a good time to let you know that’s not how republic operates.  As some in our community have observed, traditional prepaid and postpaid providers may offer their version of the Optimus for a lower price.  If you’re here for the cheapest phone and the very best value in service, know that we certainly can provide you the latter, but probably never the former.  We keep things simple and as transparent as possible.  We ask a startup fee for your membership and then a basic $19 per month for your service.  No contracts, no termination fees, no hidden costs.


The good news is Android phones get cheaper all the time.  That’s one of many things we love about them.  If $199 to start is too much for you, know that a year from now that figure could be a lot less.  Regardless of whether now is a good time for you to join republic, we hope you’ll join us in becoming a Wi-Fi person eventually.


For the thousands of you who’ll be benefiting from the extension, thanks for your patience on launch day and continuing since.  We’ll be in touch with you via email to let you know how to claim the special offer extension.  We look forward to being your wireless provider, and we’re excited to equip you as agents of change in an industry long overdue for it.