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Wi-Fi Waves Coming Soon

Posted by sarahd Apr 13, 2012

Wi-Fi Waves Coming Soon


Submitted by Jessica on Fri, 04/13/2012 – 8:08am


Hi there.  It’s quite an exciting time at republic wireless! Our internal teams are preparing to reopen Beta this summer.  They’re fine-tuning features and making some exciting new improvements to the existing service.  As promised, here are more details following up on Brian’s latest post and the full scoop on how you can join us.


Starting next week, everyone who signed up for one of our email lists will have an opportunity to “claim a spot in line.” What does this mean?  It’s simple, really.  You let us know that you’re interested in joining republic wireless and we’ll then assign you to a “beta wave” designated by a letter of the alphabet.  Then, throughout the summer, each wave will receive an invitation to place their order.


Why are we taking this approach?  Hundreds of thousands of you have voted with your keyboards to start using the power of the Internet with Hybrid Calling.  Organizing the next round of beta in waves will allow us to serve more of you sooner.  You’ll have plenty of advance notice of when you’ll be invited to join.  It also allows us to reward those who’ve been waiting the longest, by letting them in as quickly as possible.


Here are the details for everyone who has signed up for one of our email lists or tried to place an order last November:


  1. We’re going to send you an email in about a week telling you how to access our online reservation system.  We’ve already allocated you a spot in one of our beta waves (If you had an unsuccessful order, you’ll be first. If you signed up for email notifications, you’ll be next).
  2. You’ll have a week to come and claim your place in your wave.  If you don’t claim it, we’ll assume that you don’t want it and we’ll drop you from your wave.
  3. The online reservation system will gather a bit of info from you (to learn about your preferences) and will then confirm your assignment to your beta wave.  Your letter (starting with B) will be revealed online and emailed to you as a confirmation as well.
  4. You can check online for the latest on when your beta wave can place orders and when you can expect to receive your phone.
  5. When it’s time for your wave to purchase, you’ll be notified by email a week or more in advance.
  6. At that point, you’ll have a limited amount of time to place your order, pay your startup fee and start using your new republic phone. Your order will be processed and shipped based on when you paid.

Make sure to watch your email.  If you’re on our list, you’ll receive an email later today announcing this process, then another one next week inviting you to claim your spot in your wave.  Still have questions?  Feel free to voice them on the forum thread for this post and we’ll stand up an FAQ to give you answers.

I also mentioned new phones.  I’m pretty sure you want to know about those, too.  We’re not ready to announce them yet, but I can tell you we’re all stoked about what’s coming your way.  We’re also working on the updates Brian mentioned –the handover between Wi-Fi and cellular and a way to save money on your cell bill before you even switch to republic. Keep an eye out for more details on these coming up.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our beta as we expand it this summer.  You wanted more spots, more phones, and better response time.  We want to give that to you.  Thanks for hanging on and being patient with us.  ‘Til then, keep providing feedback and suggestions in our community.  And you can reply directly to me about this post on the forums. Your thoughts and feedback push us to constantly improve, and we’re excited about the momentum we’re building with you.  Summer is going to be awesome –I think I see a Wi-Fi wave coming…

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