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May Update

Posted by sarahd May 30, 2012

May Update


Submitted by brian on Wed, 05/30/2012 – 5:05pm


It’s an exciting time at republic wireless as we prepare to expand our beta this summer.  Let’s get right to the point of communicating two separate, but very much related updates.  First, we plan to take orders for Wave B in July, with subsequent waves to follow in August and all waves expected to ship this fall.  Second, we’ve decided to postpone our next software update for the LG Optimus until late this summer.

While those dates could change as they draw near, we know many of you need to plan ahead.  We want you to have the very latest information even if we might have to adjust it later.  At republic wireless, we try to err on the side of being open and forthright with you.  Doing good is more important to us than looking good.

As a case in point, we’ve decided not to update our phones this month with the Wi-Fi to cellular handover as previously planned and communicated.  Delaying the release was a hard decision.  Based on your input, we are purposefully investing more in product quality and scale before completing development of new features.  Although that meant not meeting the expectation we set for this specific software update, it’s the right choice to make everything faster and better for more of you in the long run.

Hybrid Calling technology and our business model challenge cellular industry technology and business as usual.  It’s no surprise that the barriers are high.  Delays and flexible adaptation come with the territory.  The investment required of not just us but also of our partners is considerable.  We’re excited to be working with companies such as Motorola, for example, to bring new devices to market this year.  Deeper relationships with handset manufacturers, cellular carriers, and others in the ecosystem introduce new dependencies to navigate.  Our innovation together in the trenches now, however, will pay big dividends in an improved member experience and upgraded service reliability as we reopen this summer.

Our new phones enter the final phase of lab certification at Sprint over the next two weeks.  We’ll keep you informed as to how it’s going from here, revealing all the new phone details as soon as that process is complete.  Until then, please keep telling us what you think in our community or by writing me directly at  As we continue to push forward, I can’t thank you enough for your continued confidence that what we are doing together with republic is very much worth the wait.

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