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Community Update

Posted by sarahd Jun 28, 2012

Community Update


Submitted by Jessica on Thu, 06/28/2012 - 10:23am


Hey there.  The republic is humming as we prepare to reopen our Beta this summer.  It’s all hands on deck, and the community team has some exciting updates to share.

As you know, community has always been a defining element of republic wireless.  Your level of participation and engagement in the republic community so far has been an inspiration for us.  Over the last few months, we’ve invested in some big improvements in the community that will enable better performance and functionality for members. Here’s a look at what we’ve been working on.

More People.  We’ve had a couple of awesome team members dedicated to supporting you and making sure you have accurate info on where we’re going (shout out to Tiggs, Figment and JKarras), but we’re going to need more support as our membership grows.  You’ll notice some new faces (and content) as our community team expands.  We’ve added more rw employees to our community team focused on improving the quality and frequency of communication.

A Better Platform.  Drupal worked for the initial launch of the community, but we’ve realized that we need a more robust platform to support our needs moving forward.  We’re happy to announce that we’ll be transitioning our community platform to Jive Software.  Jive offers several benefits that’ll create an improved user experience for our members, including significantly improved search functionality for documentation, an easier process for connecting with friends in the community, and simplified sharing of information.  We’re also choosing to customize a few elements of Jive to better integrate with our other systems for a more simple user experience with seamless transitions between the My Account portal, the website, and community.

So what does this mean for you?  Migration of content and usernames from Drupal to Jive was not as simple as you might think.  Many accounts weren’t created with the necessary information we needed for setting up profiles in our new system.  So we’re working on a plan to make sure existing republic members have a chance to claim an identity.  We know this might be an inconvenience, but in light of the functionality Jive will afford, we think it’s a change for the positive.  Additionally, much of the content is outdated information from early Beta. We plan to bring over helpful content in documents and we’ll have a plan for making existing content read-only for a while so you can access things you might need.

Now, surely you have questions.  We’ll do our best to answer based on the current plans.  As always, please feel free to share thoughts, questions, and concerns in our community.


Progress Report: Lab Entry

Posted by sarahd Jun 15, 2012

Progress Report: Lab Entry


Submitted by TheProductGuy on Fri, 06/15/2012 – 11:19am


We want to share some exciting news from the Android development team.  This week, the first of our upcoming new phones entered the Sprint lab for certification on the network.

Achieving this milestone is a huge deal.  Many months of feedback from members like you and deeper collaboration with our partners was required to get to this point.  The software and phones we launch as a result will be significantly more stable and will have a better user experience than what we’ve had so far.  We’re also working with another OEM (that’s an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer) on another phone that will be a fast follow into the Sprint lab. 

The certification process puts fully developed and tested phones through all the paces in a series of simulated network environments.  We still aim to start shipping to Wave B in July.  I will give updates as the devices progress through the lab to keep you informed.

How does this development fit into our republic roadmap?

The LG Optimus was a good initial beta phone for us.  It has an excellent Wi-Fi radio, and the way we built it gave us an opportunity to try different approaches to the software.  Your feedback has been critical in identifying the things that were good, bad, and ugly about what we were doing.  We've learned that we needed to work more tightly with the OEMs to gain access to all the device-specific drivers and components to resolve the issues we’re seeing around roaming, device freezes, and SMS.

We now have a more robust and solid Android platform to work from.  This is crucial for a solid product and would not have been possible without your enthusiastic feedback and usage.  The Android team’s work on features will pick up again later this summer.  We could’ve spent our focus releasing new features before, but that would’ve been like adding a big fat exhaust and neon lights to a 1995 Honda Civic.  We need to get the foundation right for a scalable launch.

Thank you for your efforts and candid feedback.  I personally read all of it.  Some of it isn’t fun to read and some of it is, but it’s all essential to get the product ready for prime time.  There’s still much to do and many new features to implement, but the foundation for doing that is now in place.  As usual, if you want to share your thoughts or ask questions, The specified item was not found..

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