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Let the Waves Begin!

Posted by brian Jul 31, 2012

Today marks an important milestone for republic wireless. We’ve unveiled our new phone, the Motorola DEFY XT, and are opening our doors to welcome new members from our waitlist, starting with Wave B. 


Over a year ago, a small initial team set out with a big idea to change the way wireless works. The response was more than we could have ever imagined. Frankly, the demand blew us away. We were a startup with a concept whose time had come.


Since then, it’s been quite a journey. With Wave A, we gathered real-world proof that our $19 unlimited price is not only compelling but sustainable too. Based on that, we embarked on an audacious expansion.


In relatively short order, we brought together a large team of brilliant engineers, operations experts and support pros. We built out robust systems designed to scale. We engaged several handset manufacturers in rigorous development and testing cycles in search of the best device for our community. And critically, we enlisted partners to establish our supply chain and fine tune core processes. The first visible elements of our work emerged last week, with the rollout of our new community platform and MyAccount portal.


Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the brand new Motorola DEFY XT with republic’s proprietary Hybrid Calling technology.


We’re proud to be the first to offer it in the US. It’s a great phone, and it’s incredibly durable. Does that matter? You bet. If you’re like me, you’ve ruined at least one phone in water or shattered it on pavement. With the DEFY XT, you don’t have to worry about expensive replacements and insurance policies. This phone is the real deal, with Corning Gorilla Glass and an IP67 Rating for solid particle and water resistance.


We put this phone through the wringer. The result shows in its finish, stability and reliability -- with dramatic advances over our initial, smaller scale effort. As a special thank you, those members who’ve been with us from the beginning on the LG Optimus will receive an upgrade offer for $100 off the $249 new member price for the DEFY XT. Now, everyone can enjoy the freedom of $19 unlimited smartphone service, with a brand new device that rocks.


Members of republic are better equipped than ever before to take advantage of Wi-Fi’s fullest potential, helping to make smartphones affordable for millions more in the process. That’s important at a time when Big Cell is busy making more money at higher prices, with more restrictions and continued confusing business practices.


I couldn’t be more proud of the team here, our community and the future we’re co-creating. As a company and a community, we’re delivering real smartphone freedom for all. Have some thoughts of your own to share? Take part in the growing conversation in our community discussion, or write me directly at We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for joining us.

July Community Update

Posted by jeccaj Jul 23, 2012

The boxes are packed, the truck is here, and it’s time to move! You may have seen our recent update about moving our community to the Jive Software platform, and the time for our move is here. We wanted to take a moment to describe what you’ll need to do to access our new systems as well as some of the changes you’ll see in community and the My Account portal when you get there.

First things first. Like moving into any space, before you can take a look around, you have to have a set of keys. Before you can check out our new digs, you’ll need new credentials. This week we’ll send an email with new credentials for the My Account portal to republic members (aka Wave A, or people who already have phones). You’ll use these to sign in, and then you’ll promptly be redirected to our new community to select a username and create a profile.

The directions for how to do this will be in the email, so don’t sweat it until you get the info. These emails will be rolled out over a few days to members, so if you don’t get yours right away, sit tight. We’ll update the community and our social networks when we’ve sent all the emails (and give you instructions on what to do if you didn’t receive yours and you should have).

For the first few days, the new community will only be open for members of the republic (people with phones). Only members of the republic will receive an email with credentials. We’ll open up general account registration for all other community members as we settle in after that. Sit tight!

You’re probably curious about what will happen to the old community content and how you’ll access that info. The forum topics, discussions and info from our old community will live in a read-only state at We’ll keep this archive live for a couple of months in case you want to copy/paste out helpful information or reference past conversations.

Now, on to what you’ll see once you get your keys. After you sign in with your new creds and create a username, you’ll be able to check out the new community and see what we’ve added to the My Account portal. This is the cool part. Here’s what to expect in community:


  • New docs and more robust search functionality. We’ve created a search function in community that allows you to search for specific topics, blog posts and discussions for quick reference in troubleshooting issues with your phone or your connection. When new questions are posted, you’ll also be able to see if an answer has been provided or if information has been marked helpful by other members.

  • New “Ask Everyone” and “Ask Us” help tools. We’ve added two new tools in case you can’t find the help you need through search--”Ask Everyone” and “Ask Us” (shown at the bottom of your search results). “Ask Everyone” directs you in posting a question to get help from other republic members, and “Ask Us” kicks off a self-help tool to reach Member Care for assistance.

  • New ways to reach other republic members. Our new community platform makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with other members--through social mentions, direct messages and ongoing discussions. You can even follow a discussion, and we’ll alert you when someone new posts a comment or a correct answer!

That’s not the only place you’ll notice some exciting changes. We’ve also added more to the My Account portal. Within the next few weeks, we’ll provide more info and specifics for your account including call details and better ways to track your Wi-Fi usage. Standby for more exciting news to come!

As usual, if you have questions or thoughts, visit our discussion in community.

Certification Milestone & Devicescape


Submitted by brian on Fri, 07/13/2012 - 2:44pm


Today we have exciting news to share. Our first new phone has successfully exited the Sprint lab and achieved certification! The integrated product team across republic and our OEM partner has achieved a major step up in quality and performance compared to our original product. We can’t wait to share all the details with you soon and in the meantime thought you’d appreciate hearing the good news right away (shout out to the product team if you’re so inclined here).


The broader team at republic, from the member care and back office technology teams, to order management and fulfillment, is busily preparing to welcome the first beta wave in the coming weeks. Apart from all of that activity, you may have seen news today of our partnership with Devicescape. We plan to add their Wi-Fi crowd-sourcing technology to our phones later this year, making it even easier for millions more of you to become Wi-Fi people across more than 2.4 million public hotspots globally. We’ve opened up a discussion for questions and comments about the partnership for those interested.

As always, I also welcome your feedback, opinions and especially your ideas. Email me directly anytime at



Phones Update

Posted by sarahd Jul 3, 2012

Phones Update


Submitted by TheProductGuy on Tue, 07/03/2012 - 2:32pm


We said a couple of weeks ago that we’d keep you posted on progress as our forthcoming new phones moved through the network certification phase.  There hasn’t been much to report as the wheels turn on the certification process, but here is an update so you’re kept in the loop.

The good news is that our first phone is coming out of the lab in the next week, which is a huge accomplishment for everyone here at republic HQ.  At that point the product is ready to go just as soon as the final logistics are completed for getting it prepared to ship from our warehouse.

Our second phone will be going into the lab in the next couple of weeks after another round of testing is complete.  We’re committed to providing a quality product at launch and there were a couple of things that we found were not quite right.  We wanted to make sure that we cleaned those up before submitting it for network certification.  It will require making up some time on that phone to be able to offer it alongside the other one for our initial beta waves.  So far, this doesn’t add up to a delay for the timeline we’ve shared with you on our blog and forums.

The march continues.  In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to let you know as we get closer to revealing the new phones and welcoming more of you to join republic.  As usual, if you want to share your thoughts or ask questions, here's the place to do so.


Have a great July 4th.

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