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Community Update

Posted by jeccaj Aug 17, 2012

Hi there. It's an exciting time at republic. You may have heard that we just sent out personal purchase invitations for Wave C. We're excited to welcome new members into republic. We've also made major progress on some other items you're probably curious about--including the ability to transfer your number (porting).


First, if you're in Wave C, check your email now! We sent invitations yesterday. We planned a bit of time in between each wave to make sure that we'd adequately addressed any issues and made tweaks to our systems for a better user experience. We were able to knock out these items quicker than expected, so we decided to open Wave C yesterday.


Many of you have asked about transferring a number to republic. You’ll be happy to know that we've enabled porting in the My Account portal. Initially when we upgraded the My Account portal we had temporarily disabled the porting feature, but all of our tests are complete and we're ready now to bring you--and your number--into republic. Check out the number transfer FAQ and start the process here.


Last but definitely not least: upgrades. Many Wave A people (existing republic members with an Optimus) have asked about getting a DEFY XT. We will have more info shortly, and we hope to have a process ready for you before the end of August. If you’re in Wave A, keep an eye on your email and watch the community for instructions. We know you need this and we'll get it to you as quickly as possible. Thanks for being patient with us.


So to recap:


  • Wave C is open and invitations were sent
  • Number transferring (porting) is now available in your My Account portal
  • Wave A upgrade details will be announced soon


As always, feel free to discuss or ask questions here.

Some of you have raised questions about our original welcome19 promotional code (from November 2011), if you’re eligible and if you can apply it. Prior to our launch in November, we sent a letter to the Cell Phone World. If you saw this preview page, you had the opportunity to sign up for a special offer on launch day via a form where you provided your email address. We collected email addresses on this form until just before launch, and then we sent out a special offer email to those who were on the list with the welcome19 code.


Some of you have questions around the blog post on November 28, specifically the bullet point


“You attempted to place an order that was not accepted, and you can’t view any orders in My Account. If this happened to you, you should’ve received an email with the subject ‘Incomplete Order’ on November 15.”


If you were part of this group, the email noted in the blog provided clarification for eligibility for the offer. The offer has only ever applied to those who were on the pre-launch promotional list. You can see the content of that email here.


To be eligible, you must have:


  • Signed up for the original pre-launch promotional offer
  • Confirmed your place in a wave via the same email your welcome19 code was sent to


The welcome19 offer is applied automatically when you receive your personal purchase invitation. The link for your personal purchase invitation is only good for one use (so if you plan to purchase two phones, you must do so on one order). The discount is applied to one phone only.


If you received your personal purchase invitation and joined republic and feel that you were eligible for the discount based on the criteria above, send tiggs a message in community and we’ll double check for you. If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to discuss here.

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