State of the republic (v. 1, issue 1)

Blog Post created by jeccaj on Sep 6, 2012

We're starting a new tradition. You've told us that we don't communicate often enough and we want to get in the habit of communicating regularly. Starting this week, we're going to provide a weekly update. We're calling it "State of the republic," but in all likelihood, it's notes from our developer stand ups, top issues we are troubleshooting in community and a call for feedback from you. We'll use the first part of the week to gather info and we'll update you near the end of the week. Without further ado, here's what's in the hopper this week.


Waves update. We've sent out invitations for Waves B-E so far and have gotten a great response from you. We've heard from several of you that one week isn't enough time to take advantage of the invitation (especially since many of you are sneaking in summer vacation before school starts). We're extending the time you'll have to respond to an invite to two weeks for all future waves.


Changes in Member Care. We're building a plan for continuous improvement in the experience we provide for you. As we get better, we're going to experiment with different ways of giving you the service you need. We're evaluating the best way to gather as much info from you upfront and to expedite help requests for problems we need to troubleshoot in real time. In those cases, it can be frustrating to receive communication in spurts via email as we help you. In those situations, we want to be able to pick up the phone and call you or engage you in an online chat session. This should help us improve our response time and give you more direct access to us for issues that need to be solved immediately. By the way, this isn’t a precursor to a call center. We’re not going to make you wait in those queues, and community will always be the central organization that help is based around.


Upgrades. Yup. We know you are curious about this. The upgrade process is in sight. We have a few last tweaks to make to our systems. We'll be able to provide info on upgrades next week. Thanks for being patient.


Motorola DEFY XT feedback and improvements. We’ve been and will continue to gather feedback on the DEFY, how you’re using it and what you think we could improve. We’re working on several things at the moment and then we’ll package these in an over-the-air (OTA) update. Work in progress includes: a known issue with Swype, integrating Devicescape, call quality enhancements and investigating roaming performance. We’ll let you know when we get a bit closer (or when we squash a bug and yell “Victory!”).

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Think that's all for now. See you next week!