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Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog, adder's fork and blind-worm's sting, lizard's leg and owlet's wing. Double, double toil and trouble, see what's making republic's cauldron bubble.


Waves: With Wave N opening today, that puts us at seven waves currently open. However, today is the last day for Waves H and I to order the single-band DEFY XT. For more info on what waves are currently open and their dates, please check out the Beta Waves Status page. In addition, many of you have been asking what to do if you want to order the dual-band version of the DEFY XT. The answer is to do nothing. By letting your invitation expire, that tells us that you aren't interested in the single-band version. Once the dual-band version is available, we'll email everyone that did not use their single-band invitation.


Dual-band DEFY XT status: We can't share the date that the dual-band will be available just yet, but we're preparing for entry into the lab. As we have more info, we'll let you know.


Local community: Starting this Sunday, our parent company, Bandwidth, will be sponsoring the N.C. State University Homecoming event that lasts through the week, including the Homecoming game on Saturday, November 3. Throughout the week activities include a 5k run that Bandwidth is sponsoring and participating in, free lunches provided to undergrad students with the opportunity to speak with Bandwidth employees about what we do (including republic) and ending the week with a booth at the Alumni tailgating event prior to the Homecoming game.


Something fun: Stay tuned to next week's State of the republic for an upcoming contest where you could win some republic swag!


That's all we have for this week's edition. Happy Halloween to everyone and I hope you've picked out your costumes. Maybe I'll go as the Android character


As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions here.

We’re steady as she goes this week with continuing to roll out more waves. Here’s the latest info from the streets of republic:


Add-a-line for Wave A’ers: Wave A folks now have the option to add up to two additional lines to their account. This feature is separate from the upgrade program, meaning even if you've been through the upgrade process already, you're still able to purchase up to two additional lines. The invitation is good through October 29 at 11:59 p.m. ET and is for the single-band DEFY XT. Once the dual-band version is available, Wave A’ers that haven’t purchased the single-band version will have the option to add up to two additional lines to their account. Have questions about add-a-line? Find more info here.


Waves: We’re picking up steam with six waves currently open: G,H,I,J,K,L. For specific dates and times of each wave, check out the Beta Waves Status page. As a reminder, if you’re waiting for the dual-band DEFY XT, you don’t need to do anything. We’ll send an email to everyone that didn’t use their initial invite once the dual-band is available.


Product team update: The product team is keeping busy this week with working on getting the CUI tracker available again in the portal. They’re also working on making it easier to submit a number transfer request by not requiring a pin number field for service providers that don’t require one.


Local community: Last week, our parent company, Bandwidth, participated in the Under the Big Top Career Fair held in Durham, NC. This unique career fair serves up food, beverages, and a little entertainment while you speak with local tech companies about current job opportunities. Check out the job opportunities Bandwidth currently has to offer.


That’s all we have on the soapbox this week, but speaking of fairs, I think I might head down to the NC State Fair. Deep fried candy bar, anyone?


Please feel free to leave comments and questions here.

We’re starting to feel the first temperatures of fall, (which if you’ve ever experienced a NC summer, you know it’s a refreshing and welcome change). We also have some refreshing updates for you this week, so without further ado:


Upgrades: We’re pleased to announce that upgrades are now available for our Wave A folks that plan on choosing the single-band DEFY XT. If you’re waiting for the dual-band DEFY XT, there’s no need to take action. We’ll send communication once the dual-band is available. For detailed info regarding upgrades and how to take advantage of the offer, please visit our Upgrade FAQ.


Add-a-line: The add-a-line feature will be available for Wave A folks starting next week. Wave A'ers will receive an invite via email and will be able to purchase up to two additional lines. Even if you've been through the upgrade process already, you'll still be able to purchase up to two additional lines. For example, if you upgrade one phone today and you receive the add-a-line email invite next week, you'll be able to purchase an additional two lines which would give you a total of 3 lines.


Waves: Wave F is currently open for purchase through Friday, October 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Wave G is also now open for purchase through Thursday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. ET. In addition, we’ve decided to pick up the pace a little bit and will be opening Waves H and I tomorrow.


Product team update: We’re continuing to work on the OTA update. We should have more detailed info over the next couple of weeks as we work with Motorola on timeframes. We’ve also rolled out a fix to improve SMS delivery from some services (such as Pinger and Google Voice) to and from republic. This was a fundamental change within our network team to the routing of SMS and the underlying attributes, so its taken awhile to get to the source of this problem. This should make a big difference to SMS delivery in and out of the republic system.


Member feedback: As mentioned in our first State of the republic issue, we’re continuing to build better avenues for you to let us know about your experiences with republic. As part of our internal systems release today, we’re now including three choices (at the bottom of each closed ticket email) to let us know how you feel about the experience you just had with republic. Simply click on Terrific, All right or Not so good. Find more info on our Member Feedback page.


This concludes this week’s updates; please keep your arms and legs inside the cart until the ride has come to a complete stop. As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions here.

Hello republic. The team is back at it working hard on the devices and the first over the air (OTA) update on the DEFY XT now that we are in our new building.


We've been scouring the community and support requests and have come up with a list of issues that we are in the process of trying to resolve through a dual-band device and a software update.  Here's what we have picked to resolve in this first update:


Roaming - Contrary to some of the posts in the community, this is a hardware limitation with the current single-band model 557 (as much as we would love to be able to solve it via a software update). The new dual-band device will resolve this issue. The good news is that the same software build we are using for the single-band phone will be on the dual-band phone, meaning we will update both phones when we push the OTA and any other subsequent updates.


Calling Experience - We haven't been happy with the cellular calling experience for a while and we are re-architecting the way that those calls are connected.  This will result in significantly reduced post-dial delay and will keep the phone from trying to make a Wi-Fi call if the green arc is not displayed.


Wi-Fi Connection - We are adding in additional checks when connecting to a Wi-Fi network to see how well the network will handle a voice call.  This means that the green arc will be a better indicator of connectivity significant enough for calling.


Swype - There is an issue with the Swype license on the device that limits the number of characters you can enter at one time.  We have a resolution for that and that will also be fixed giving you full access to the Swype functionality.


Dialing star codes and X11 numbers - We locked these down pretty tightly in the initial release.  We will be relaxing these restrictions.  This will help with international dialing over GV and call forwarding, as a couple of examples.


Memory and Internal Storage - We are trying to reduce the number of apps in the system image to give you more storage.  We could remove any apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. You'd be able to download them from the Google Play store and move them to the SD card, giving you a lot more room.  We'll be asking for your input on this in the near future.


Have a great weekend.


As usual, feel free to leave comments and ask questions here.

Even with our big move to N.C. State’s Centennial Campus, we’ve been busy as bees preparing for upgrades and updates. Here’s where we are this week:


Upgrades: We know these are overdue and we truly appreciate your patience as we fine-tune this process to make sure everything is in its right place. We ask that you hold on just a little bit longer.


Waves: Wave F is currently open for purchase through Friday October 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Please keep in mind if you’re choosing the dual-band DEFY XT, no action is required on your part. We’ll make sure you get info on purchasing your dual-band phone once it’s available.


OTA update: Tomorrow, theproductguy will be posting some info on our next OTA update, so keep an eye out for that.


An exciting update: Last Thursday, we released an update for the issue members were having with audio dropping on Wi-Fi after about 10-30 seconds. We’ve completed post-release testing and can happily confirm this issue has been resolved. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue here.


Over the edge: Thanks to all of your generous donations to the Special Olympics, I’ve reached my goal and will be going “over the edge” this Saturday October 6 in downtown Raleigh. That doesn’t mean you can’t still donate though. If you’d like to make a donation, please check out my discussion Send sarahd "over the edge". Don’t live near Raleigh, but would still like to see the event? You’ll be able to stream the event live using this link. The event takes place from 8:30 a.m. ET until 5:30 p.m. ET.  My rappel time is 10:50 a.m. ET. I’m so excited!


Move: We’re all settled in at our new digs on N.C. State’s Centennial Campus. The move was a success and we’ve got lots of room for growth!


Those are all the updates we have right now. Feel free to post your comments and questions here.

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