State of the republic (v. 1, issue 6)

Blog Post created by sarahd on Oct 11, 2012

We’re starting to feel the first temperatures of fall, (which if you’ve ever experienced a NC summer, you know it’s a refreshing and welcome change). We also have some refreshing updates for you this week, so without further ado:


Upgrades: We’re pleased to announce that upgrades are now available for our Wave A folks that plan on choosing the single-band DEFY XT. If you’re waiting for the dual-band DEFY XT, there’s no need to take action. We’ll send communication once the dual-band is available. For detailed info regarding upgrades and how to take advantage of the offer, please visit our Upgrade FAQ.


Add-a-line: The add-a-line feature will be available for Wave A folks starting next week. Wave A'ers will receive an invite via email and will be able to purchase up to two additional lines. Even if you've been through the upgrade process already, you'll still be able to purchase up to two additional lines. For example, if you upgrade one phone today and you receive the add-a-line email invite next week, you'll be able to purchase an additional two lines which would give you a total of 3 lines.


Waves: Wave F is currently open for purchase through Friday, October 12 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Wave G is also now open for purchase through Thursday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. ET. In addition, we’ve decided to pick up the pace a little bit and will be opening Waves H and I tomorrow.


Product team update: We’re continuing to work on the OTA update. We should have more detailed info over the next couple of weeks as we work with Motorola on timeframes. We’ve also rolled out a fix to improve SMS delivery from some services (such as Pinger and Google Voice) to and from republic. This was a fundamental change within our network team to the routing of SMS and the underlying attributes, so its taken awhile to get to the source of this problem. This should make a big difference to SMS delivery in and out of the republic system.


Member feedback: As mentioned in our first State of the republic issue, we’re continuing to build better avenues for you to let us know about your experiences with republic. As part of our internal systems release today, we’re now including three choices (at the bottom of each closed ticket email) to let us know how you feel about the experience you just had with republic. Simply click on Terrific, All right or Not so good. Find more info on our Member Feedback page.


This concludes this week’s updates; please keep your arms and legs inside the cart until the ride has come to a complete stop. As always, please feel free to comment or ask questions here.