State of the republic (v. 1, issue 9)

Blog Post created by sarahd on Nov 2, 2012

It's almost time to vote and in the spirit of the upcoming presidential elections, we've got some fun voting you can participate in as well as some updates for you:


Waves: Waves O and P will open for purchase for the single-band version of the DEFY XT next week. If you're waiting for the dual-band version, do nothing. Simply wait for further communication from us regarding the dual-band. For a complete list and status of all the waves, go to the Beta Waves Status page.

LG Optimus S: It's been a long time coming, but we have an update for you regarding the life of the Optimus. It's been a great Beta phone for us, but we've decided to phase it out. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to upgrade your phone. Starting 90 days after the dual-band DEFY XT becomes available, we'll stop supporting the Optimus. This means you'll be able to use the Optimus free of charge, however you won't be able to open a ticket regarding support issues. 180 days after the dual-band DEFY XT becomes available, we'll stop providing service on the Optimus at all (you won't be able to use it anymore). For further details, please go here. Now, we'd like to take this moment to bow our heads in silence for the phone that started it all.

Dual-band DEFY XT update: We're still on track to make the dual-band DEFY XT available by the end of the year and our preparations for lab entry are going smoothly. Many of you have asked about pricing for the dual-band (million dollar question, but definitely not a million dollar price tag!). While we don't have any official pricing info to provide just yet, we anticipate the pricing to be comparable to that of the single-band. Stay tuned for more updates on that soon.

Next OTA update: I was able to corner The Product Guy this morning to see if he would be willing to offer up any info about the OTA update. It took a little bribing, (Halloween candy) but he finally agreed while on a sugar rush. Just kidding, but he was quite happy to tell me that they are now ready for QA testing of the OTA update. We don't have a date for you just yet, but as soon as I get some more candy I'll see what I can do .

Movember Challenge photo submission contest: Ever wondered what you'd look like with a Fu Manchu moustache? Now's your chance! Starting today, and running through the end of November, we're running a photo submission contest. Send us pictures of yourself with any kind of moustache you'd like (they can be real or fake so don't feel left out ladies) and we'll pick a total of eight finalists. The finalist's pictures will then be posted here in community where everyone will have the chance to vote for their favorites. The person with the most votes from each of the four categories will be the winner and receive republic swag! For full contest details, rules and terms, please click here.

Local community: Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? It's definitely one of ours. Wednesday we celebrated in style with a costume contest and a little event we called Imprison a Team Member. Bandwidth and republic employees had the chance to send a co-worker or team to the stockades for five minutes. Each request required a donation with all proceeds going towards families in need of a Thanksgiving meal. The meals will be sponsored and delivered personally by Bandwidth and republic employees (with the help of Wake County Social Services in Raleigh, NC).

This concludes this week's updates. We hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween and that those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy are safe as well.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions here.