Rooting and user mods (v. 2)

Blog Post created by jimm Employee on Dec 21, 2012

We’ve heard from a lot of you regarding our blog post on phone rooting and user mods. In that post, we said that it’s not ok to root your phone. While that is technically true, here’s the thing: It’s your phone. And that means it’s ultimately your decision what you do with your device. But we want to help you make an educated choice. For warranty and security reasons, if you root or mod your phone, republic can’t give you the full support, warranty, and 30-day guarantee.


Rooting isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Beyond just warranty and support reasons, there are also other security risks and considerations to take into account. We want you to be aware of these risks. But let’s be clear, republic will NOT kick you off our service just because you root your phone. We will only terminate service if we feel that someone is trying to abuse our service or threaten the network for our community.


Many of you have weighed in, and have indicated that you’re interested in rooting your device to gain access to more storage, and better utilities, such as backups. Please keep this feedback coming, as we’d love to provide the customer experience you desire without requiring root privileges. republic has attracted a lot of early adopters and Android enthusiasts. You’re an incredibly important part of our community and we want to encourage your continued participation. Some of you will always want to root no matter what, and we get that. It’s that same disruptive, innovative spirit that lead to the creation of republic. We just can’t actively encourage rooting knowing the risks to your device investment and warranty. Thanks for your understanding and for the opportunity to clarify our position.


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