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Republic Wi-Fi+

Posted by theproductguy Employee Jan 29, 2013

Hello again. Product Guy returning for another round today.


The over the air update for the DEFY XT, both single- and dual-band, is now available (click here for instructions on how to download and install it). Everyone should install this update for the reasons I outlined in my blog post before Christmas.


The feedback we got from the initial reviewers was that it provides big improvements in cell calling and texting.


As we discovered last night, the propagation of devices takes approximately 24 hours to roll through the OTA servers, so if you’re still not able to retrieve the update manually by the end of the day today, please reach out and let us know.


In addition to the over the air update, today we’re very excited to announce the availability of the Republic Wi-Fi+ application which is available as a download from the Google Play store.


This app, when used in conjunction with the OTA, will be a significant upgrade in your calling experience and overall user experience of the DEFY XT.


The app provides you with four distinct upgrades:


  1. Devicescape functionality.
  2. Intelligent interrogation of the Wi-Fi connection to make sure you have better quality Wi-Fi calls.
  3. More info about the state of your Wi-Fi connection via the widget.
  4. Shows your Wi-Fi offload percentage via the widget.


Let’s take a look at each one of these in detail:


  1. Devicescape - In July of last year, we announced a partnership with Devicescape to take advantage of their Wi-Fi access work. It has been a long road getting here, but this is the first fruit of that partnership. We’ve integrated their technology to automatically log your device into available hotspots. More Wi-Fi is a good thing.
  2. Network interrogation - We’re looking at each connection and doing a more rigorous test to look at the quality of the network to see how well Wi-Fi calls would perform on that network and setting up the phone accordingly.
  3. Wi-Fi connection state - In most network scenarios, there are really two states for the Republic arc: green is connected and grey is not connected. In reality, there are a number of in-between conditions that resulted in poor quality Wi-Fi calls. This caused a lot of questions. "I'm connected, but my calls are bad." Well, we’re doing all these new checks, and we’re surfacing that information to you through the Connection widget. Put this widget on your home screen and you’ll get much better feedback on your Wi-Fi connection. It also helps that it’s the familiar arc shape. If you ever want to find out your network connection state, tap the arc.
  4. Wi-Fi Offload - If Republic is a Wi-Fi based company, we should be providing you with your offload numbers. We’ve been promising it since we moved to our updated portal infrastructure and that launched this week, but you’re more likely to want to see that on your phone, so we’re also giving you a widget to display that info. The number you’ll see is your daily Wi-Fi calling offload percentage compared with the Republic community. We’ll be iterating on this over the next few weeks to incorporate SMS offload (now that we’re getting SMS over IP) and data offload.


Like I said, I think adding the Wi-Fi+ app to the OTA raises the experience of Republic to a new level and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done in the last few months to bring you these changes.


I hope you like it as much as we do. You can download it to your phone through the Google Play store on the web using this link, or you can do it on your phone by opening the Play store and searching for “Republic Wireless.” Set the app to auto-update so when we release new features, you’ll get the latest version.


In the meantime, continuing my theme of repurposing ad slogans: don't forget "The best part of waking up is Wi-Fi on your phone."


As always, add any comments and feedback in this thread on the community.



We’re having more fun than we can deal with here today with new portals and apps and OTAs.


We’re running a little behind schedule with the OTA.

The update servers are almost populated with all the IDs of the phones and the OTA will be rolling out this evening.


We were so excited to tell you about it that we underestimated the amount of time it would take to prime the pump.


Please be patient and know that we’re doing everything in our power to get this rolled out this evening.


I know you want to get it as much as we want you to get it.


More shortly.


UPDATE at 7:40pm eastern - Looks like we're back on track.  Apologies for the delay.  More tomorrow.  Have a great evening


Busy week here at Republic headquarters, and some very cool things being released for you, our Republic customers.


The highly anticipated software update for the Single- and Dual-Band DEFT XT is finally here! Starting this evening at 6:00 p.m. ET, you’ll be able to download and install the software update (please go here for instructions).


We talked about all the components of this in my last post, and thanks to the efforts of several Republic groups, we’ve tested the process and software. The feedback we’ve received tells us there’s a significant improvement in call quality, calling, and texting performance on Wi-Fi and cell with this update.


The server update for the Voicemail PIN code removal will be done later this week, and is the first of a number of updates for Voicemail that we’re working on in the next few weeks.


We're also excited to release our very first Google Play app tomorrow called Wi-Fi+. This app contains some useful widgets that'll help you understand your Wi-Fi connection better and give you Wi-Fi usage numbers. This app will be available for download starting tomorrow, January 29. I’ll be posting another blog tomorrow to go over the details.


Please let us know how the update is going for you or if you experience any issues here as we’re constantly working on the service and striving to bring you the best service possible.


Thank you!


Talk to you tomorrow.



It's a little icy here today in NC, but we're keeping things warm by preparing for the OTA (Over The Air) update. We've got lots of news for you this week so without further ado:


OTA update: We're extremely happy to announce that we'll be releasing the OTA update to all single- and dual-band phones on Monday, January 28 around 6:00 p.m. ET. The OTA update will fix known issues such as hearing an echo on the DEFY XT and outbound calls over cellular or Wi-Fi not completing correctly. We'll also be releasing new features in My Account such as being able to see and track your personal Wi-Fi usage and additional 911 services for when Wi-Fi is available, but cellular isn't. Keep an eye on our community and your email on Monday for more detailed info.


Did you know? Curious about one particular discussion in our community and want to know when someone else has commented on it? You can follow individual discussions by clicking on + Follow on the top right hand side of every discussion page. Once a comment has been added, you'll receive an email notification. This allows you to keep up-to-date on the topics that only interest you. Want even more control? You can also personalize what type of email notifications you receive and when from your personal profile. Check out this document that explains how to change email notifications.


Refunds update: All refunds have been processed and most of you should've already received your refund or will shortly. There were a small number of folks that had to be processed manually and therefore are taking a little bit longer to receive their refunds. We're reaching out to these folks individually and will let them know when to expect their refunds. If you haven't received your refund yet and feel as though you should've, please contact our Republic Help team and we'll be happy to assist you.


Mobile Makeover contest: Are you a Wi-Fi kind of person and love Republic Wireless? Well, we're at it again giving away free phones and free service for six months. All you have to do is create a 30 second video of why you love Republic Wireless and why you need a mobile makeover. Post your video here on our Facebook page and stay tuned for winners announced everyday. You better hurry though, the last day to enter is January 29.


Thanks for reading everyone and we look forward to improving your service on Monday. Have a great weekend!


As always, please leave your comments and questions here.

Way to go Anniston, AL for setting a new daily maximum snowfall record of 1.2 inches yesterday! This breaks the record of 0 inches. Here's this week's record of events for Republic:


Refunds update: We've been working really hard on refunds and have made great progress. A lot of you have probably already seen refunds come in. We didn't quite hit our deadline of today, but we're going to be working through the weekend and will be caught up early next week. We have sent emails to all members that are owed a refund and we'll send another email once the refund has been processed. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Republic Help team. We thank you for your patience!


OTA update: We're getting closer and closer to the end of January and this means we're getting closer to the release of the OTA (Over The Air) update. We're still working with Motorola to get everything ready and so far so good. We don't foresee any delays and testing is going well.


Did you know? My Account is a self-service portal where Republic members can update their email address, credit card info, request to transfer a number and much more. My Account can be found at the top right hand corner of every page in our community. We also have a list of tutorials to help guide you through each process that can be managed in My Account. Check them out here.


Local community: Republic was the VIP dinner sponsor for the NCTA (North Carolina Technology Association) event held yesterday, January 17. The NCTA's mission is "Making North Carolina Number One in Technology and Technology Number One in North Carolina." Republic is proud to be a part of that mission. You can check out their website here for more info.


That's all we have for this week. Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm! As always, please leave your comments and questions here.

January, originally called Januarious by the Romans, was named after Janus, the god of doors and gates. Here's what's behind this week's door:


Refunds: We've been hearing some concerns from members that requested to cancel service, but haven't received their refund in the allotted 7-10 business days timeframe. We wanted to let you know we're a little behind due to the holidays. At this time refunds are taking longer than 7-10 business days. We're working to get these requests processed as quickly as possible. We're committing to have all refund requests processed by 1/18/2013. We'll also let you know once we've processed all refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


OTA update: The OTA update is still in the lab and on track to be released this month. We haven't received any reports that there are problems so no news is good news as they say. Curious as to what will be included in the OTA update? Check out theproductguy's blog.


Did you know? Maybe you're new here or maybe you've been around for awhile, but did you know we have more than 150 documents at your disposal to help you find answers? Documents are the official word of Republic and can include things like how to mange your My Account page or how to customize your home screen. Documents can be found by either searching or browsing. To search, type in your question or keyword from the Home page and click Search. To browse, you can either click on My Phones, Account Info, Open Mic or Tech Talk to browse documents by category or you can browse all documents in one place here.


Social network: For those of you that keep up with us on Twitter, we have a new Twitter handle. Be sure to update and follow @republicwirelss to keep up with all the latest Republic news.


Local community: Check out the picture below of Republic in action at Pepcom on the eve of CES in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this week. Wait, is that Lon France He looks mighty happy. I wonder if he just came from the blackjack table?


republic CES.jpg


Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next week. Feel free to leave your comments and questions here.

Happy 2013! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. The Republic team is all here and we're ready to make this year even better than last year. Let's get started:


Trades: Today is the last day to trade your single-band DEFY XT for a dual-band DEFY XT. This program is for members that were in Waves B-E only. If you haven't started the trade process yet and would like to, please do so by 11:59 p.m. tonight, January 4. Not sure how to get started? Check out our Trade Tutorial. Edit: Trades are available until 11:59 p.m., January 5.


OTA update: I spoke with theproductguy directly and he's assured me that we're still on track for the next OTA update, scheduled to be released sometime this month. For those of you that are new here, OTA stands for Over The Air. These types of updates are sent to your phone automatically and can correct bugs, issues or include changes from the manufacturer. For a rundown of what'll be included in the next OTA, please visit theproductguy's blog.


Mobile Makeover contest: Today is also the last day to win a free Motorola DEFY XT and six months of free service. All you have to do is submit a 30 second video of why you need a mobile makeover and how much you love Republic wireless. For more info on how to enter your submission, visit our Mobile Makeover contest page. Edit: The contest has been extended through January 10, 2013 with some help from Check out the full story here.


Local community: Feeling lucky? Bandwidth is so we're taking a trip to Las Vegas, NV to attend the Digital Experience media event on the eve of the 2013 International CES technology convention. Everything from audio and computers to gaming and wireless technologies will be showcased. Bandwidth will have a table set up offering info about the company and some cool Republic gear to give away.


That's all we have this week. As always please leave your questions and comments here.

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