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Blog Post created by theproductguy Employee on Jan 29, 2013

Hello again. Product Guy returning for another round today.


The over the air update for the DEFY XT, both single- and dual-band, is now available (click here for instructions on how to download and install it). Everyone should install this update for the reasons I outlined in my blog post before Christmas.


The feedback we got from the initial reviewers was that it provides big improvements in cell calling and texting.


As we discovered last night, the propagation of devices takes approximately 24 hours to roll through the OTA servers, so if you’re still not able to retrieve the update manually by the end of the day today, please reach out and let us know.


In addition to the over the air update, today we’re very excited to announce the availability of the Republic Wi-Fi+ application which is available as a download from the Google Play store.


This app, when used in conjunction with the OTA, will be a significant upgrade in your calling experience and overall user experience of the DEFY XT.


The app provides you with four distinct upgrades:


  1. Devicescape functionality.
  2. Intelligent interrogation of the Wi-Fi connection to make sure you have better quality Wi-Fi calls.
  3. More info about the state of your Wi-Fi connection via the widget.
  4. Shows your Wi-Fi offload percentage via the widget.


Let’s take a look at each one of these in detail:


  1. Devicescape - In July of last year, we announced a partnership with Devicescape to take advantage of their Wi-Fi access work. It has been a long road getting here, but this is the first fruit of that partnership. We’ve integrated their technology to automatically log your device into available hotspots. More Wi-Fi is a good thing.
  2. Network interrogation - We’re looking at each connection and doing a more rigorous test to look at the quality of the network to see how well Wi-Fi calls would perform on that network and setting up the phone accordingly.
  3. Wi-Fi connection state - In most network scenarios, there are really two states for the Republic arc: green is connected and grey is not connected. In reality, there are a number of in-between conditions that resulted in poor quality Wi-Fi calls. This caused a lot of questions. "I'm connected, but my calls are bad." Well, we’re doing all these new checks, and we’re surfacing that information to you through the Connection widget. Put this widget on your home screen and you’ll get much better feedback on your Wi-Fi connection. It also helps that it’s the familiar arc shape. If you ever want to find out your network connection state, tap the arc.
  4. Wi-Fi Offload - If Republic is a Wi-Fi based company, we should be providing you with your offload numbers. We’ve been promising it since we moved to our updated portal infrastructure and that launched this week, but you’re more likely to want to see that on your phone, so we’re also giving you a widget to display that info. The number you’ll see is your daily Wi-Fi calling offload percentage compared with the Republic community. We’ll be iterating on this over the next few weeks to incorporate SMS offload (now that we’re getting SMS over IP) and data offload.


Like I said, I think adding the Wi-Fi+ app to the OTA raises the experience of Republic to a new level and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done in the last few months to bring you these changes.


I hope you like it as much as we do. You can download it to your phone through the Google Play store on the web using this link, or you can do it on your phone by opening the Play store and searching for “Republic Wireless.” Set the app to auto-update so when we release new features, you’ll get the latest version.


In the meantime, continuing my theme of repurposing ad slogans: don't forget "The best part of waking up is Wi-Fi on your phone."


As always, add any comments and feedback in this thread on the community.