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What a week huh? Lots of good news for all of us! Let's take a look and see what all this good news is about:


New pricing option: On Tuesday, February 19, we started offering a new pricing option. Some folks were asking for a lower upfront cost for the phone. We agreed, so you can choose to save now with $99 for our Motorola DEFY XT and $29/month or you can save later with $249 for our Motorola DEFY XT and $19/month. Both options will give you the same unlimited data, talk, and text. This new option is great for existing members that wish to add a line or new members that don't want to pay full price for their smartphone. Have questions? Check out our New Pricing FAQ.


USA Today article: Late Tuesday night, Edward C. Baig from USA Today posted an online article reviewing Republic Wireless. One of the words that stood out in this article is "disruptive." That's exactly what we're doing folks. We're here to disrupt the status quo and bring everybody the opportunity of wireless freedom. We've also received follow up coverage from a variety of other technology and consumer focused press and we're excited to spread the Republic Wireless news in markets nationwide.


SMS over Wi-Fi: At the end of last week, we had to route text messages over cellular due to an issue with a non-responsive system service. Our engineers identified the issue as quickly as possible and as of yesterday morning, SMS over Wi-Fi is back up and running. If you're still experiencing any issues with SMS over Wi-Fi, please feel free to reach out to our Republic Help team.


Thanks for reading and we'll be keeping the good news coming so stay tuned!


As always, please feel free to leave your questions and comments here.


You asked. We listened.

Posted by jimm Employee Feb 19, 2013

Hey everyone—we’ve got big news to share!


Starting today, you can get our Motorola DEFY XT for only $99!


That’s right - 99 bucks. Why are we doing this? It’s simple, really. You asked. We listened.


We heard feedback from our members that they love Republic Wireless and that $19 per month works great. But for some folks, the $249 smartphone price was a barrier to join.  We heard you, and now we’re offering options.


So, now for only $99, you can get our Motorola DEFY XT Android smartphone. In exchange for lowering the upfront price, we charge a slightly higher price for the service—$29 per month. But we don’t lock you into a contract, like most other phone companies do. And our original price of $19 per month is still available, with a smartphone price of $249. The smartphone is the same (with cell plus Wi-Fi calling), and the unlimited service is the same. But you can choose whether to save more now, or save more later.


We try hard to hear what’s best for our members, and to be flexible. So thank you for sharing this idea. We’re giving it a shot, and hope this new price option will help a lot more people join the Republic. Maybe your mother-in-law, or your 12-year-old, is ready for a smartphone.


The numbers

No matter which plan you choose, the savings with Republic Wireless are still stunning when compared to other phone companies.



           Republic Wireless Cost Comparison Chart.png


Already a member?

If you’re already a Republic Wireless member and wondering how this new option may affect you, here’s the skinny. Nothing will change about your existing plan. If you choose to purchase a new line for a family member or friend, you’ll have the option to select either pricing plan— $19/month per line with a $249 smartphone OR a $99 smartphone at $29/month per line. Again, same phone, same service.


Looking to switch?
It occurred to us that people who recently joined Republic might’ve preferred this new option, if we’d offered it before. We’re open to this, so if you recently purchased a membership and are interested to switch plans, please click here for more information. We debated this a lot, and in the end, we figured that’s the way we’d like to be treated.


Have questions?
Check out our FAQ or post them in our discussion thread. We’re eager to hear what you think about this new pricing option.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and Republic is too. Check out this week's sweets and treats:


Improvements: In our first State of the Republic, we told you we were going to take an initiative to improve our Republic Help services. Since then, we've been making improvements behind the scenes to make that initiative a reality. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be shifting these improvements from behind the scenes to front and center stage. We're pretty excited about the changes we'll be making and we think you will be, too!


Wi-Fi+ app: We've been poring over the feedback we've received from all of you about the Wi-Fi+ app we launched at the end of January. We're very pleased with the comments, suggestions, and interest we've received so far. You can keep them coming, too! We've released two updates to the app so far and we plan to release another one soon. In the next update, we'll include data and SMS usage into the calculations. Keep an eye out for an update from theproductguy for more detailed info.


Share the love and win! Love is definitely in the air this week as we've been receiving a ton of "love" from entries for our Share the love contest. It's not over yet so if you're still struck by Cupid's arrow, feel free to share your love of Republic Wireless and you could win 6 months of service FREE. To enter, simply tell or show us why you love Republic so much on our Facebook page, or here in our community. Contest ends February 20, 2013, so keep the love coming!


That's all we have this week. Thanks for reading!


As always, please feel free to leave comments and questions here.

Hello Republic community! We hope all of you are enjoying the improved services from last week's update. Here's what we have this week:


Wi-Fi+ App: If you haven't downloaded the new Wi-Fi+ app we released on January 29, 2013, we suggest you do. Why, you ask? This app, when used in conjunction with theOver The Air (OTA) update, will be a significant upgrade in your calling experience and overall user experience of the DEFY XT. You can download the app to your phone through the Google Play store on the web using this link, or you can download it on your phone by opening the Play store and searching for “Republic Wireless.” Set the app to auto-update so when we release new features, you’ll get the latest version.


Five bars and 10,000 points: Congratulations are in order for one of our members. This person has been with us from the very beginning and not only has a library of information in his mind, but he's also willing to share that info with the rest of us. I'm sure all of you have seen him around the community. Please help us congratulate billmeek for reaching 10,000 points and filling up all five bars. That's a lot of posts, a lot of responses, and a whole lot of helping Republic members. Thanks for everything you do billmeek! To congratulate billmeek for yourself, please post in this discussion.


Share the love and win! Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent rendition of the Mobile Makeover contest. We had a lot of creative, enthusiastic entries and eight more folks got free Republic smartphones--very cool. Our next social media contest launched today, and we're asking Republic members to "Share the love and win!" Check it out on our Facebook page. If you tell us why you love Republic, you could win 6 months of free service. Contest runs through February 20, 2013. Not on Facebook? No problem. Simply tell us why you love Republic here in the community and you'll be eligible to win 6 months of free service too! If you're not already a member, stay tuned for more exciting contests coming soon.


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


As always, please feel free to post your comments and questions here.

We've had a busy and exciting week here at Republic. We've made a lot of improvements to our service and added new features to help make your experience with Republic a better one. Let's review what happened this week along with some updates:


OTA update: Monday, January 28 we released the first Over The Air (OTA) update for the Motorola DEFY XT (single- and dual-band). The update included some fixes to known issues such as hearing an echo on calls or outbound calls not completing correctly. We also added some new features such as SMS over Wi-Fi and additional quality check points for Wi-Fi calling. For a list of additional items the update included visit the Product Guy's Top 10 List. If you're having any issues with the update, before or after, please contact the Republic Help team for assistance.


Wi-Fi+ app: The Product Guy hit us with a surprise this week by releasing our first Google Play store app called Republic Wi-Fi+. This app contains two widgets that help to improve Wi-Fi connectivity and track your Wi-Fi offload. One of the great features of a Play store app is the ability to integrate changes quickly. Based on your feedback, we're releasing an update today that'll reduce the level of strictness required when connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Check out the Product Guy's blog for more info about today's update. You can also leave feedback about how the app is working for you here.


E911: Included in the OTA is the ability to route emergency calls over Wi-Fi when cellular service isn't available. Emergency responders can respond more efficiently when there's a physical address associated with the call. You're required to have at least one physical address associated with each of your phone numbers. You can have up to three addresses per phone number and can be managed from the My Account portal. For instructions on how to manage your E911 locations, please follow this tutorial.


Wi-Fi Offload: Another My Account enhancement we added this week is the Wi-Fi Voice Offload tracker. Wi-Fi voice offload is the amount of calls you make over Wi-Fi compared to cellular. You can also compare your offload percentage with the rest of the community to see where you stand. This is a new feature and we have plans to include SMS and data offload percentages as well. We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve this feature. You can leave your feedback here.


That's everything we have for you this week. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and feedback. We couldn't have done it without you. We also want to thank the Product Guy and his team for doing an excellent job on the OTA and other features. Good job!


As always, please feel free to leave your comments and questions here. Have a great weekend everyone!


An update to Wi-Fi+

Posted by theproductguy Employee Feb 1, 2013

Hey, Product Guy here to give you an update on the Wi-Fi+ app.


The app we released earlier this week has been downloaded a lot. We’re very grateful for that and for your feedback. I wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time to update you on some of the progress we’ve made since its release.


One of the great things about the Play store is that we can iterate on the app and incorporate your feedback into the app pretty rapidly. We’re releasing an update today that'll be going live in the next couple of hours based on some of the feedback we’ve received from you since its initial launch earlier this week.


The most frequent comment we’re seeing is that we’re wayyyy too strict on the quality of your networks for Wi-Fi calling. The update today will release the grip a little bit on network quality. We’re also going to give you the option, through application settings, to turn off the Wi-Fi quality checking if you wish. I would encourage you to give the update a try with the new setting first and see if that gives you a better experience.

There’s also been some confusion over the Connectivity widget itself. The widget currently checks the Wi-Fi connection every 5 minutes.


We have to be cognizant of the impact on battery life if we were to run these checks more frequently.


But, each time you make a call, the phone goes through the same checks to make sure that the network is strong enough to hold the call, so the widget may show the state from four minutes ago, while the current state may be quite different.


We’ll be continuing to iterate on the widget in the next few weeks. We’ll also be updating the Usage widget to include your numbers for SMS over IP and Data offload.  Keep the feedback coming!


Thanks and have a great weekend!



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