State of the Republic (v. 1, issue 23)

Blog Post created by sarahd on Feb 15, 2013

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and Republic is too. Check out this week's sweets and treats:


Improvements: In our first State of the Republic, we told you we were going to take an initiative to improve our Republic Help services. Since then, we've been making improvements behind the scenes to make that initiative a reality. In the upcoming weeks, we'll be shifting these improvements from behind the scenes to front and center stage. We're pretty excited about the changes we'll be making and we think you will be, too!


Wi-Fi+ app: We've been poring over the feedback we've received from all of you about the Wi-Fi+ app we launched at the end of January. We're very pleased with the comments, suggestions, and interest we've received so far. You can keep them coming, too! We've released two updates to the app so far and we plan to release another one soon. In the next update, we'll include data and SMS usage into the calculations. Keep an eye out for an update from theproductguy for more detailed info.


Share the love and win! Love is definitely in the air this week as we've been receiving a ton of "love" from entries for our Share the love contest. It's not over yet so if you're still struck by Cupid's arrow, feel free to share your love of Republic Wireless and you could win 6 months of service FREE. To enter, simply tell or show us why you love Republic so much on our Facebook page, or here in our community. Contest ends February 20, 2013, so keep the love coming!


That's all we have this week. Thanks for reading!


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