Hey everyone—we’ve got big news to share!


Starting today, you can get our Motorola DEFY XT for only $99!


That’s right - 99 bucks. Why are we doing this? It’s simple, really. You asked. We listened.


We heard feedback from our members that they love Republic Wireless and that $19 per month works great. But for some folks, the $249 smartphone price was a barrier to join.  We heard you, and now we’re offering options.


So, now for only $99, you can get our Motorola DEFY XT Android smartphone. In exchange for lowering the upfront price, we charge a slightly higher price for the service—$29 per month. But we don’t lock you into a contract, like most other phone companies do. And our original price of $19 per month is still available, with a smartphone price of $249. The smartphone is the same (with cell plus Wi-Fi calling), and the unlimited service is the same. But you can choose whether to save more now, or save more later.


We try hard to hear what’s best for our members, and to be flexible. So thank you for sharing this idea. We’re giving it a shot, and hope this new price option will help a lot more people join the Republic. Maybe your mother-in-law, or your 12-year-old, is ready for a smartphone.


The numbers

No matter which plan you choose, the savings with Republic Wireless are still stunning when compared to other phone companies.



           Republic Wireless Cost Comparison Chart.png


Already a member?

If you’re already a Republic Wireless member and wondering how this new option may affect you, here’s the skinny. Nothing will change about your existing plan. If you choose to purchase a new line for a family member or friend, you’ll have the option to select either pricing plan— $19/month per line with a $249 smartphone OR a $99 smartphone at $29/month per line. Again, same phone, same service.


Looking to switch?
It occurred to us that people who recently joined Republic might’ve preferred this new option, if we’d offered it before. We’re open to this, so if you recently purchased a membership and are interested to switch plans, please click here for more information. We debated this a lot, and in the end, we figured that’s the way we’d like to be treated.


Have questions?
Check out our FAQ or post them in our discussion thread. We’re eager to hear what you think about this new pricing option.