Moto G: The Perfect Match for Republic Wireless

Blog Post created by jimm Employee on Mar 13, 2014


For nearly three years, we’ve worked together to shape a different kind of wireless company.  A company that puts customers first, and that is determined to deliver on a singular commitment - to deliver a world-class experience at remarkable prices.


Thousands of new members each week join this journey with us, and have provided awesome feedback that we’ve used to improve every aspect of our service.  We’ve delivered on many of those commitments - better call quality, seamless WiFi to cellular handover, MMS, improved customer service and an awesome device in the Moto X.  Today’s announcement furthers our commitment to deliver on what you, our customers, are asking for - more device options.  First, let’s talk about the G.


The Moto G is the Republic Wireless of smartphones - proof that a world-class experience can come at a low price.  The reviews are nearly unanimous in their praise, and the G is enabling millions of people around the world to experience the mobile internet for the first time.  This is the perfect phone for Republic, the perfect compliment to our own mission. Many of us have been test driving the Moto G for a few months, and the early reviews are in - this phone rocks!  The $149 phone price ($179 for the 16GB version) paired with our plans can offer our members tremendous value. It means you can now get a remarkable smartphone and 2 years of unlimited cellular service - for less than $400.


The Moto G is also our first phone to launch with Android KitKat.  We’ve been hard at work bringing our hybrid calling goodness to the latest version of Android, and we’re excited to offer this to our members.  (FYI -- for all of you Moto X fans out there, don’t worry, the Moto X KitKat update enters the Sprint lab this month).


And we have more big news...reactivations will be launching in the next few weeks, right before the Moto G.  Now if you have an old Republic Wireless phone, you can give or sell that device to someone and he or she will be able to reactivate the service on it through a simple user interface – right from the phone for the X and from a web interface for the DEFY XT.


Awesome news, but when will the G and reactivations be available?  First, we are launching the Moto G in April.  I’m sure many of you are wondering if that means April 1st or April 30th.  I wish we could pinpoint a date for you guys, but until then we wanted to give you guys firm notice that it’s going to be here next month for sure.  Launching this phone is complex and there are lots of variables we’re still considering.  You know, things that project managers obsess about and hold daily conference calls over.  There are two things we can commit to – that it will be as early in April as possible, and that we’ll give you a heads up a few days before the actual launch.   If you want to be the first to know, just sign up for our email notifications and we’ll keep in touch!


In addition to the newest phone and reactivations, we’ve got some other good stuff coming -- things that you suggested in the ThinkTank. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that area of the Community, the ThinkTank is a dedicated place to hearing your suggestions. The feedback is very valuable to us, and we use it to help prioritize our efforts. In fact it’s helped us prioritize and deliver on  6 of the top 7 ideas in the Suggestions.  Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!


For more details about Moto G, check out our FAQs, Tech Specs  and a G vs X comparison.


As always, please leave your questions and comments here.