Surprise! Moto Maker Coming to Republic...April 1st

Blog Post created by rwproductteam Employee on Mar 31, 2014

Hold onto your hats, ladies & gents, we’ve got an extra addition to the lineup of new features coming your way that we wrote about earlier this month. The title let the cat out of the bag here, but we can confirm it: Moto Maker is coming to Republic...or more appropriately, Republic is coming to Moto Maker. Customized Republic Moto X’s will be available for order at 12:00 PM EST on April 1 in sweet wood grains, multitudes of colors and perhaps most excitingly with expanded storage to 32GB.  So make way, Big 4, a phone that’s already custom on the inside will now be customizable on the outside.


To celebrate, we’re going to be offering a free upgrade to Bamboo or other wood finishes ($25 value) to the first 2,000 folks who register at starting at 11:00 AM EST on Tuesday, April 1. These lucky 2,000 will be issued a unique promo code that can be used on Moto Maker for a new custom Moto X with Republic. (Note that the code will expire 2 weeks later!)


There’s been a lot of coordination going on behind the scenes between us and Motorola to make this happen, and we finally have the contractual clearance to share the news with you guys today. So let’s get on with the details!


What new options will RW members have with Moto Maker?

Integrating with Moto Maker means lots of new options for folks, including a few highly sought-after features. For more information, check out our Moto Maker document here, but for now here are some of the highlights:


1. New color customization options, including wood backs and college themes

2. Two storage options - 16 and 32GB versions

3. Financing for qualified customers (as low as $25/month via Motorola)

4. Moto Care Accident Protection (via Motorola)


We know that #2 will be especially key for those of you who have added your voice to this ThinkTank thread. We’re also hoping this will scratch the itch for folks who have been hankering for a Republic themed phone (our vote for a killer Republic design is bamboo back with green accent). Though we’re still evaluating insurance and financing options straight from us, we’re stoked that this will open up some new doors in that direction for folks.


Blog Moto Maker.jpg


(Our vote for a killer Republic Wireless Design!)


Should I expect the same experience after purchase?

In a nutshell: you’ll still get the same Republic service no matter where you purchase your device.  BUT buying from Moto Maker means you are getting your device direct from Motorola, and that does mean there are differences. Don’t let that deter you though—just be aware that there are a handful of things that will differ.  We’ll hit on some highlights here so you’re not surprised, but we encourage you to check out Motorola’s T’s and C’s, Return/Refund policies, and Warranty Exchange.


  1. One key difference to be aware of: support for your device itself will be directly from Motorola going forward, while folks who got their device through Republic will get device support directly from Republic. (Support for service will go through us in both cases!).
  2. Another thing to be aware of is that Motorola offers a 14-day return policy rather than a 30 day return policy, so folks may want to be a bit snappier about testing.
  3. The last thing we want to remind folks about is that a device on Moto Maker will cost more, so expect to see some higher prices there. The base Moto Maker Moto X will be available starting at $349.99 and then prices for various extra features (wood backs, extra storage) get added in.  Though more expensive than our standard white and black 16GB models on, which retail for $299, these customized models can offer more flair and personality.


For those of you who recently purchased a Moto X from us, but would now prefer to purchase a customized device from Moto Maker—if you’re within your 30-day return policy upon the release of Moto Maker, you’re eligible to return your device for a refund and purchase directly from Moto Maker.  If you’re outside your return window, we’re not able to offer any swaps or compensation, but given coming reactivations you’ll be able to sell your device to a friend to fund your customized upgrade.


Concluding Thoughts

We are absolutely stoked that we are able to make Moto Maker available to you guys, and give you all the features that come with it. We’ve added and linked to a ton of info in our Community to help give you guys more context and information about Moto Maker, so if you’re interested to learn more, check it out. Also, make sure to sign up tomorrow after 11:00AM EST on this Landing Page if you’d like to be one of the 2,000 folks to be eligible for the free wood back promo.


Let us know your thoughts and comments here.


P.S. Check out what aaronbaker has to say about Republic and Moto Maker: