Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Referrals Are Back, Tell A Friend

Blog Post created by garrettp on Apr 14, 2014

Hot on the heels of two huge announcements last week (ahem…"Reactivations Are Here" and our 4/17/14 Moto G Launch if you weren’t paying attention), we’ve got more BIG news for you today…our Refer a Friend program is back and it’s better than ever!


Starting today, you can earn account credits in exchange for referring friends, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else you know to Republic. It’s quick & easy—and helps both of you (that’s you and the person you refer) earn credits towards your Republic Wireless service. For those of you who used our previous Refer a Friend program that ended on 3/1/14, you’ll notice a few important changes (all for the better) including:


  • New Refer a Friend Platform: We have partnered with FriendBuy, one of the world’s leading referral platforms, to build out our new program. FriendBuy powers some of our favorite e-commerce brands like Warby Parker, Birchbox, & Dollar Shave Club! The FriendBuy platform gives us much better internal metrics, even more flexibility, & improved management tools—and it gives you a much simpler user experience because everything is done straight from your My Account Portal. No more guessing how many pending or completed transactions you have. The interface is clean, clear, and easy to use.


  • New & Improved Rewards: We’re launching the new program with a special introductory “Give $20, Get $20” offer. That means every time someone you refer to Republic signs up and remains a member for at least 30 days, you will get a $20 credit in your account. Your friend who signed up also gets a $20 credit in their account, available to them immediately for use against their service. The $20/$20 reward structure will be here for a limited time and we plan to change our offers up from time to time to improve your experience and provide different types of rewards in the future (ex. Republic swag, free accessories, etc).


  • Higher Reward Limits: While our previous Refer a Friend program capped member referral awards at 25 per calendar year, the new program allows up to 29 per calendar year. A nice little boost to how much you can sock away in your account! Please do keep in mind that any referrals that you made with our previous Refer A Friend program will count towards your 2014 cap.


So, how does the new Refer a Friend Program work?

Getting started with the new program is easy. Just go to the Refer a Friend homepage. If you’re not logged into My Account, you’ll be prompted to login. From there, you’ll access your Refer a Friend Dashboard where you can refer friends through your Facebook profile, your Twitter feed, Email, or by sharing your personal referral link with the people you know. You can also easily access the Refer a Friend dashboard anytime by clicking on the navigation for “Referrals” within My Account. When someone uses your new referral link to sign up with Republic, they’ll get their credit posted right away in their account. You’ll get your referral credit once they pass the 30-day return window. Pretty sweet!




What else do you need to know?

1.) You need to be an account owner to participate in our new Refer a Friend program.

2.) In order to get the Refer a Friend credits, the person who you refer to Republic Wireless MUST use the referral link that you provide to them. If someone forgets to use the link, we can’t update our systems on the back-end, so be sure to remind them to use your link!

3.) We are unable to count or accept any referral links from our old program, give you credits from any referrals that you may have made inbetween programs, or undo any previously counted referrals at the old $19/$19 rate to give you the new $20/$20 launch rate.

4.) We ask that you not post your referral links here in Community or on Republic's social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+) to keep it clean. Feel free to post on your personal social networks and share with your friends!


If you have any other questions - please check out our Refer a Friend Overview and FAQ’s.


Ready to get started?

Just log into My Account now. You’ll see a “Referrals” link in the main navigation. Click there and start sharing the awesome!

As always, please share your questions and comments here.


High fives,