Moto G is heeeere!

Blog Post created by rwproductteam Employee on Apr 17, 2014



Today is the day, folks! We’re all extremely excited and can’t wait for you to get your hands on a Moto G™. We’ve already told you most of the good stuff about Moto G in our announcement blog, but here’s the recap. We won’t keep you long because we know many of you have some shopping to do...


  • Moto G has received nearly unanimous praise (check out a few glowing reviews here, here, and here) and is enabling millions of people around the world to experience the mobile internet for the first time.
  • This device is the perfect compliment our mission: offer amazing service and value at unprecedented low prices. You can now own an exceptional phone with unlimited voice, text, and data for a full two years for just $749. That’s what most folks pay in service alone for less than a year!
  • We’ve been test driving the Moto G over the last few months, and we love this guy. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!



If you already own a Republic phone, now’s a great time to add onto your account—or to upgrade, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading from an earlier beta phone. And with reactivations now available, you can easily give your old phone to another family member, sell it, or otherwise pass it along.


If you’re thinking about sharing the news with your friends, don’t forget to use Republic’s new Refer a Friend program! Whether you’re just signing up for Republic today with a sweet new Moto G—or you’ve been a member for a long time—Refer a Friend is an awesome way for you and your friends to save even more money on your smartphone bill.


Interested in getting your very own Moto G? Click here. *Note that Moto Gs will not initially follow our standard shipping pattern (of 5-7 days). Click here to learn more about what to expect shipping wise!


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