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Republic Help Updates

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The Community move is tomorrow

Posted by seanr Employee May 16, 2017

Starting at midnight we will be migrating The Republic Community forums over to the new, Discourse-based platform. I thought I should let all interested parties know what to expect.


Here are the steps, in order:


  • At midnight the current community will move to a “read-only” state. Members can log in but they will be unable to post new topics or comment on old ones.
  • Sometime before 8 AM the new forums will be made available for use.
    • Users will be migrated.
    • Content will be migrated. Not all of it.
    • User avatars and picture imports from posts will not show up right away. They will come in the background over the next day or so (Thursday or Friday).
    • At launch, we will have a banner on the old Jive-based Community pointing to the new Republic.
  • Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to bring additional content, move content into correct categories, manage Trust Levels and settle in. If you see something that looks like it’s in the wrong place, just let us know.



Will my login work the same as the old community?

Yes, you will click login image and use the same credentials to gain access.


Will usernames and avatars stay the same?

Yes, but the avatars may take a day or two to import.


Will all of the content from the old community be migrated to the new one?

No, we will primarily be moving discussion content created over the past 6 months. All posts in Republic Help Updates will be brought in from the last 12 months. We will also move some older, high-value content in the next few weeks.


We will not bring over the ThinkTank(Suggestions) section of the old community.



How to get to the new forums?

We will post the link when the site comes up and is ready to use. We will also post a banner (see below) on the old community pointing over to the new one. In a few days, we will change all links pointing to the old community in the site headers over to the new one.



When will the old community be turned off?

In mid-June, we will take the old community down and provide targeted redirects to the new one.


Where will the knowledge documentation go?

We are moving the knowledge base over to our Help Center over the next week or two. Look out for a post in our new digs regarding that.


If you have any question, concerns or are just excited and want to tell others, go here.


$200 Off Moto Z Through May 20th!

Posted by beng Employee May 16, 2017

Receive $200 off the Moto Z from Republic Wireless! From now through May 20th, get the Moto Z for $499 when you order via our online store.*


To see a list of all of our current offers, please see Special Offers and Promotions.


*Discount applied at Checkout. Promotional price of $499 for the Moto Z on is valid through 5/20/17 at 11:59 p.m. ET or while supplies last. Taxes not included and Moto Z must be purchased from The promotional price will first appear at checkout, after inputting billing information. No redemption code needed. Limit four phones per customer. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases or redeemed for cash. Returned phones will be refunded at the promotional price. Republic Wireless reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer at any time without notice.

Are you considering switching to Republic Wireless or know someone that might be? Starting tomorrow, get 6 months for FREE!


See our recent PWK blog post for all the details, and be sure to check out the FAQs below.


Have questions? Join the discussion, here.




Who is eligible for the 6 months FREE service promotion?

This promotion is for new and existing Republic Wireless members who order a SIM card from our online store between May 16 and May 22, 2017, and activate that SIM on a new service line by June 6, 2017.


If I’m an existing Republic Wireless member, can I keep my current phone number?

No, this promotion only applies to new service lines. Swapping numbers with an active service line will make you ineligible for the free service offer.


If I’m not already a Republic Wireless member, can I switch to Republic and keep my same phone number?

In most cases, yes! Most numbers can transfer, but there are some that can't for various reasons. Check to see if your number can be transferred to Republic using our Number Transfer Checker. If your number can be transferred, follow our Number Transfer guide for instructions on how to do so.


If I was previously a Republic Wireless member, can I switch back and receive this offer?

Yes! We’d love to welcome you back to the family!


Is there a limit to the number of service lines on my account that can receive this offer?

No, as long as the service lines are new and all other terms of the offer are followed, you can receive this offer on as many lines as you’d like. However, only 4 SIM cards can be purchased, per person, during the offer period.


Can I choose a plan other than the 2 GB, $30 plan?

Yes! However, you will only receive a discount of up to $30 per month. Any additional costs will be charged to the credit card we have on file for you.


I thought the offer was for 6 months of FREE service; why do I need to enter my credit card information?

During checkout, you will still have to pay for shipping and any applicable taxes and fees. Also, your 6 months of FREE service will begin after your first full month of service with your new service line. You must pay for your first month of service and then the next 6 months are on us, excluding taxes and fees.


Why do I see an error at checkout saying the SIM kit doesn’t have coverage in my zip code?

If you receive an error message saying that the SIM kit doesn’t have coverage in your zip code, that means that our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) service is not available in your area. While it’s still possible to order the SIM kit and activate it, your experience is likely to be very poor.

Today, we're excited to announce that the Alcatel A30 is now compatible with Republic Wireless through our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) program!


For a list of all compatible BYOP phones, please see Republic Wireless Phones.

Our Community, The Republic, launched 5 years ago as an online customer success engine dedicated to the vision of "helping millions of people save billions of dollars".  It is a community built on fairness and transparency, where Republic Members give a little and get a lot in return. 


I've just started my journey with Republic Wireless, so it is an absolute honor to share some big news regarding the future of our community. 


Please join me in congratulating southpaw@rw for being named the Community Manager of The Republic.  Her remarkable journey actually started as a Member of the community.  From there, she established herself as a Republic Wireless subject matter expert helping others as a Community Ambassador, then an Expert as we launched the Member Advice service on the Help Center, and finally a full-time employee when she officially joined the company last summer. 


Is there any better example that The Republic is a community "of the people, by the people, for the people" than Southpaw@rw?  I think not. 


The Republic Wireless Support team has lots of plans to improve the customer experience in the near future.  We'll be adding a much improved unified search capability, expanding our knowledge base, and integrating our online support sites in due time.  All of this activity is on top of a new community platform being rolled out next week that we think you're really going to like.  The future is bright!


Rest assured that we'll keep you in the know as we march ahead.  Thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless. 


Onward and upward….




Feel free to congratulate her here.

Starting today, receive $50 off the Moto Z Play from Republic Wireless! From now through May 27th, get the Moto Z Play for $399 when you order via our online store.*


To see a list of all of our current offers, please see Special Offers and Promotions.



*Promotional price of $399 for the Moto Z Play on is valid through 5/27/17 at 11:59 p.m. ET or while supplies last. Taxes not included and Moto Z Play must be purchased from The promotional price will first appear at checkout, after inputting billing information. No redemption code needed. Limit four phones per customer. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases or redeemed for cash. Returned phones will be refunded at the promotional price. Republic Wireless reserves the right to modify or terminate the offer at any time without notice.

A couple of weeks ago seanr announced that we will be moving our Community from Jive to Discourse. Here are some additional details about the move.


Will members need to create new usernames, passwords, and avatars in the new forums?

No. The new forums will use the same authentication process we already use for Help, My Account portal, and the current Community. There will be no need to change anything. Just log in to the new forum with your current credentials. The avatars may take longer, but we currently expect them to migrate, too. 


Will the new forums be easier to use?

Absolutely. Plan to allow yourself some time to get oriented, though, because the organization will be different, with some new sections (called categories). Our focus in the new forums will be on discussions and announcements. We hope this focus and Discourse’s support for browsers on various kinds of devices will make navigation simpler on your favorite computer, tablet, and mobile phone.3


What will the categories be?


Announcements and News

An area designed to keep you in the know! This category will be a combination of the current Republic Help Updates and Republic Wireless Release Notes. Commenting will be enabled, so we’ll no longer be required to create Discussion threads that duplicate our Help Updates.


General Discussions

An area where Members can talk about various subjects related to Republic Wireless phones and service. For those new to forums, this category will be an easy default place to post. We will be able to move questions or issues if they would be better suited for a different category, and to keep the forum organized and navigable.


Questions and Answers

An area where facts rule. This category is not a place to solicit opinions (“What’s the best app for my phone?” “Which phone should I buy?”) but for clear-cut questions that have a definite answer. It will work like the current Community’s “Questions”, allowing a correct answer to be chosen by the person who asked the question, the Community Manager, or staff moderators.


Problem Solving

An area where mysteries are untangled. This category is the place where Members can troubleshoot together if something is not working properly. Once the problem is solved, the verified solution will be marked. 

Within the Problem Solving category you'll find our Known Issues sub-category. This area will be for status updates on issues currently being investigated by our technicians and engineers, like our existing Republic Health and Wellness information in the current Community. 


Tips and Tricks

An area for users who have attained status in The Republic.  This category will be a place where our loyal members can collaborate on content that will help other customers get the most out of their Republic Wireless products and services. A few examples:



An area where members’ experiences will help other members. This category will welcome members to post phone, application, and service reviews, not just Republic reviews, but anything industry-related. Posting in this section is for Republic Members only, though anyone can read and comment.


What about all the content currently in Community?


Discussions & Questions

Over the past 5 years, we have accumulated a lot of content in The Republic. Much of it is no longer relevant or is duplicate content, making search results hard to sift through. We are working with our analytics team to find the top-read content and bring that over to the new Community platform. We will bring over our most recently-created discussions, as well.


Knowledge Base Documents

These highly valuable documents will be moving over to the Republic Help Center. They will no longer reside “in” the Community. We are working on Unified Search for the Republic Wireless web properties to bring all of this together for you, but that will come at a later date.  Stay tuned… we have lots of improvements in the works on the Knowledge front!


Think Tank

This Community “suggestion box” will not be moving to the new forums. We will still welcome discussions on features and improvements but without the voting system or the idea submission and approval process. Our Product Team will also bring opportunities for members to provide feedback and suggestions in a more focused manner, as they’ve recently done with the Republic Anywhere Beta.


Points and Badges

Discourse does not award points and works very differently for badges. Discourse works on a trust system. The trust system gives greater responsibility and permissions to users who are able to demonstrate knowledge and trust. Here is a list of what trust levels we will have on day 1.


  • Trust Level Zero - Non-customers who are visiting the Community will start here. Level zero has some posting restrictions to safeguard the Community from intentional or unintentional problems. Here is a short example of what they cannot do:
    • Send private messages
    • Flag posts
    • Post more than 1 image
    • Post attachments
    • Post multiple links in a post
    • Post any links in their profile
    • Mention more than 2 users in a post.
  • Trust Level One - Most of our current customers will start at Trust Level One. They will be able to do all of the things blocked in the list above, except initiate private messages.
  • Trust Level Two - We plan to start our top 100 users in the current Community at Trust Level Two. At this level, users will be able to private message other users or groups of users, participate in a Wiki and write a Tip in the Tips & Tricks category.
  • Trust Level Three - We will be starting our Community Ambassadors at this level, and it will be available to other customers to attain. Users at this Trust Level will be able to move content from one category to another and will be able to fix titles and tags. They will also gain access to a private category too so they can collaborate on these decisions. This level is for users who enjoy helping us keep the forum organized, searchable, and focused.


Will my likes, correct/helpful answers, bookmarks, and views be migrated?

We are working to move your likes, mentions, replies, views, and "Correct Answers" into our Discourse forum, but differences between Jive and Discourse mean that they may not work 100% of the time. We do not expect to be able to move your bookmarks. There is no “helpful” or “not helpful” answer in Discourse, so those designations will not migrate either.


What will happen to the current Community?

The current Jive Community will remain available in a read-only state until mid-June. We will be downloading all of the content for an internal backup reference, but will not be using resources to preserve it for public visibility.


What features are we most excited about?

It's hard to pick only one or two things, since Discourse has so much to like! Here are some of our favorites, though. 

(Southpaw) Personal information blocking

A lot of our moderation time is currently spent removing phone numbers and Email addresses from public posts in the Community. Discourse will automatically block these so that phone numbers and E-mail addresses do not show.

(Sean) Title and Body Character Minimums and Limits

In order to keep titles meaningful and within the design of the page, Discourse can set a minimum and maximum character length for the title and the body of a post or comment. We are setting a 15-character limit to reduce the short titles like; “Help!?” and “Phone broke!” Also we are setting a 110-character max on the title so that we do not get an entire paragraphs in the title. It also automatically fixes “ALL CAPS” and “Redundant punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Group mentions

If you’ve ever wanted to get a group of members’ attention, you know it can be tiresome to try to mention them all one by one. Discourse allows group mentions, so a single mention of @ambassadors or @moderators can easily alert an entire team.

Tools to enable more Community collaboration

Wikis where members can work together to create content, and housekeeping features like tagging, title-editing, and the ability to move posts to different categories for members who have attained Trust Level three will give the Community members more opportunity to be involved.


What’s next?

We’ll try to squeeze in another update before the move. In the meantime, if you think of anything we might have overlooked or if you have additional questions about the move, just let us know, here.

Today, Samsung released a Maintenance Release (MR) Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Please see below for release notes and instructions on how to install this update.


Samsung Galaxy S7 MR

  • Build Number: NRD90M.G930UUEU4BQD2
  • Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • April 2017 Android security patch


Samsung Galaxy S7 edge MR

  • Build Number: NRD90M.G935UUEU4BQD2
  • Android™ 7.0 Nougat
  • April 2017 Android security patch


Installing the Update

Please follow the instructions below to install a system update on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.


  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap About device.
  4. Tap Download updates manually
  5. If there’s an update available, tap Download now.


If you run into any issues, please contact Republic Help.


Meet Republic Referrals (BETA)

Posted by beng Employee May 2, 2017

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new BETA program, Republic Referrals! Check out our recent PWK blog post for all the details!


If you’re an account owner, and didn’t receive an invitation, you can sign up using the link below by May 9th for a chance to be included in the BETA.



We’d love to hear your thoughts on the program! Please join the discussion, here.


Note: The Republic Wireless Community Guidelines prohibit the posting of referral codes in Community sites, although they are allowed in your personal Community profile.



Republic Referrals FAQ


How do my friends use my code?

Your friend should enter your referral code in the ‘Enter redemption code’ box at the ‘Payment Options’ step of checkout. In order for both of you to receive reward gift cards, the code must be entered at checkout.


Do my friends need to choose a specific plan?
In order to receive the referral rewards, your friend must select one of our Clear Choice plans.


How will my friends and I receive the referral reward?

You and your friends will receive your referral rewards (a Tango Card) via email at the email address associated with your Republic Wireless accounts. Gift cards will be distributed by email only. If we can’t reach either you or your friend over email then you agree that you forfeit your rewards.


When will I receive my referral reward?

You will receive a $20 gift card after your referral has been a Republic Wireless member for 30 days. Please allow 2 additional business days for processing.


When will my friend receive their referral reward?

Your friend will receive their first reward, a $10 Tango Card, upon activating a new service line with Republic Wireless. The second reward, another $10 Tango Card, will be sent after your friend has been a member for 30 days, and has remained in good standing with Republic Wireless. Please allow 2 additional business days for the processing of these rewards.


What are Tango Cards?

Tango Cards are digital gift cards for top name brands like, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and many more. You also have the option to donate to a charity with your Tango Card. You can activate and redeem your gift card here


How will I know if someone uses my code?

We will email you when your friend has purchased a phone using your code. We will also email you after they have activated that phone on our network.  


Is there a limit on how many referral rewards I can earn?

Yes, you may refer up to 10 people. You will not receive gift cards for any referrals over the 10 person limit. If you are a new member that was referred by a member who’s reached their referral maximum (10), you will still be eligible to collect your reward.


What if the code I gave my friend isn’t working?

If you haven’t hit your 10 referral maximum, and the code you gave your friend isn’t working, have your friend try capitalizing the first four letters of the code when entering it during checkout. If that doesn’t work, email us at and mention #referralbeta in your email.


When does this program end?

This BETA program will end on August 31, 2017. All new members who intend on using a referral code must complete their phone or SIM purchase by August 31, 2017 and activate their phone on Republic Wireless by September 30, 2017 to receive the referral rewards.


How can I give feedback on this program?

We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to email us anytime at


What if I have other questions about this program?

If you have further questions, please email us and mention #referralbeta in your email.

Over the past five years, our community, The Republic, has grown and evolved. I may be a bit biased, but I believe we have the best community of any mobile phone service out there. It is made great by the people assembled here, members, non-members and employees alike. Our community has been a big part of our success. It has been our home, our confidant and, for many, their first introduction to the Republic culture.

Today’s community is used as our member question and issue forum, product ideation, service announcement center, and knowledge base. Over the last 5 years, it has hosted over 60k discussion threads. Well over 20K of those discussions have been marked with a “Correct Answer” and those answers have been viewed more than 2.5 million times in just the last 90 days.


Now it is time for our community to make a change. Towards the middle of May, we will be introducing a new Community forum for our members, I think most of you will like. We worked very hard with the Ambassadors and Experts to test a few platforms and have decided to move to Discourse.


Discourse is a Community forum designed for simple discussion. It is easy to navigate, find the answers you need, and share your knowledge with others. It is simple to moderate, manage and will help improve the Republic Wireless Customer Experience. Discourse is used by many large communities today and we believe it will be intuitive enough for forum newbies, powerful enough for forum pros and flexible enough for our super-users and staff.


Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more detailed information regarding the schedule of migration events, structure, and features of our new forum.


Thank you for being a vital part of The Republic Community and stay tuned. Feel free to discuss this here.

Due to a recent update to the Android Messages app, members with a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge may experience issues sending and receiving MMS (picture and group) messages. If you currently use an S7 or S7 edge, you should install and use Textra as your default messaging app until a fix has been released for Android Messages.


How to Install Textra and Set it as the Default Messaging App

To install Textra and set it as the default messaging app on your phone, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Tap  Play Store from the app drawer.
  2. Search for Textra SMS.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. If prompted, tap Accept.
  5. Tap Open.
  6. Tap Start using Textra.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, tap Make default app.
  8. Tap Yes.
  9. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen.
  10. Tap Settings.
  11. Tap MMS.
  12. Tap MMS Behavior.
  13. Tap System.
  14. Tap Okay.

Republic Wireless App Updates

Posted by beng Employee Apr 19, 2017

Today, we started rolling out updates to the Republic Wireless app.


App Update for Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones

Republic Wireless app version, was released today at 10% for Republic Wireless 3.0 phones. We expect to release the update at 100% later next week.


The app update includes: 

  • Improved WiFi calling.
  • Higher quality MMS images for Huawei devices.
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.


For instructions on how to update your Republic Wireless app, please go here.



App Update for Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 Phones

Republic Wireless app version, was released today at 5% for Republic Wireless 1.0 and 2.0 phones. We expect to release the update at 100% later next week.


The app update includes:

  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.


For instructions on how to update your Republic Wireless app, please go here.

Today, we're excited to announce that the Moto G5 Plus is now available to order in our online store! See below for some key features and a link to the full tech specs.


Moto G5 Plus

Starting at $229 (plus taxes)


  • Fast Octa Core processor
  • 3000 mAh all day battery with TurboPower™ charger
  • Dual band WiFi (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz)
  • Wide angle 5 MP front-facing camera
  • Fingerprint reader


More Tech Specs...

As of today, the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have been reduced by $100.


The price of the Galaxy S7 is now $599 (down from $699) and the Galaxy S7 edge is now $699 (down from $799).

You can check out the new prices and make a purchase in our online store.

An update to the Republic Wireless app, version, was released today at 5%, although it usually takes several hours until it's available via the Google Play Store. We'll continue to release it in a staged rollout throughout the next several days.


This update is only for Republic 3.0 phones including:


  • Google Pixel and Pixel XL
  • Huawei Ascend 5W
  • Moto G4, G4 PLUS, and G4 PLAY
  • Moto X Pure Edition
  • Moto Z and Z Play
  • Nexus 5X, 6, and 6P
  • Samsung Galaxy J3, S6, S7, and S7 edge



The app update includes:


  • Improved outbound messaging reliability. Requires additional permission.
  • Various bug fixes and stability enhancements.


For instructions on how to update your Republic Wireless app, please go here.

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