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We wanted to provide you with an update regarding audio issues on some Moto E (2nd Gen.) phones. The issue has been isolated to a malfunctioning rear microphone on the phone. We are working with Motorola to identify options for resolution.



Back of Moto E 2.jpg


In the meantime, we have tested a series of settings, cases, and hacks in hopes of finding something to improve your calling experience (including researching what others have said in forums outside of Republic Wireless). Here is the best suggestion that wehave tested so far. We hope that you find this helpful!


Apply a piece of electrical tape over the small pinhole to the left of the camera. TAPE?! Yes, tape. Specifically, electrical tape. The problem with the microphone is the noise cancellation is not functioning properly. In our testing, sealing the mic SIGNIFICANTLY increases call quality (thanks to the XDA Developer blog for this tip).









RW Smudge Fighter.jpg


Don’t have tape, or can’t find it? Let us know! We’ll send you a Republic smudge-fighter! which is a sticker, that ALSO cleans your screen. Stick it on the back of your phone to increase call quality, and also have a nifty screen cleaner when needed.








We'll continue to provide updates here and on the Health and Wellness page.


Thanks again for your patience. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else!

As some of you may know, we announced in August that the underlying technology platform that runs Community was to be upgraded to the latest version. During the upgrade on August 25, we ran into some technical issues and were unable to complete the upgrade.


We have rescheduled the upgrade for Wednesday, September 23 from 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET. During this time, the entire Community will be unavailable. If you need help during this time, you can still contact us by submitting a Help ticket for any issues.


For more details about what you'll see in the new version of Community, please reference our previous post.


Thanks so much for your patience as we work through this upgrade!

We wanted to provide you with the details we have learned after a full investigation regarding the recent WiFi connectivity issues. But first, we wanted to thank you for your patience as we investigated the root cause of this issue. All of your feedback in Community and Help tickets has really helped us get to the bottom of this issue.


The root cause of this issue came up after a new functionality (introduced by Android) called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons was released. BLE beacon functionality allows apps to scan more frequently for nearby Bluetooth signals in order to identify your location. This functionality can provide app users with location based information such as bus transit schedules, discounts at gas stations (GasBuddy), or even additional info about an exhibit you’re standing at in a museum.


While this new functionality is pretty cool and can provide app developers with unique and fun ways for their users to interact with the world around them, the frequency at which an app that has this functionality tries to connect to these BLE beacons interrupts your WiFi connection. Traditionally, Bluetooth only scans for Bluetooth devices when you tell it to. With BLE, it will scan for BLE beacons at a much higher frequency. Bluetooth and WiFi signals use the same antenna to connect, so if BLE is constantly looking for beacons, this means that you won’t be able to connect to WiFi.


In order to correct this issue, the app that’s using BLE functionality needs to lower the amount of times it tries to look for BLE beacons. GasBuddy, for example, recently updated their app to correct this issue. While we rely on Google Play app developers to identify and publish fixes for these issues, there are some things you can do now to help alleviate your WiFi connection issues.


For those of you who don’t use Bluetooth

If you don’t use Bluetooth, we recommend disabling Bluetooth to prevent the issue from happening.


For those of you who do use Bluetooth

You can identify and uninstall the third party app that's causing the issue. To help you identify which app(s) is(are) causing this issue, you can look at the permission requirements of each third party app on your phone by following the below instructions. You'll be looking for apps that require access to Bluetooth settings and pairing with Bluetooth devices.


  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Apps.
  4. Tap an app under the Downloaded column.
  5. Scroll to the Permissions section.
  6. Look for the Bluetooth symbol that says access Bluetooth Settings, pair with Bluetooth devices.


Once you've identified which app(s) has(have) Bluetooth permissions, you can uninstall them one by one, checking in between each one to see if your WiFi connectivity issue has been corrected. Keep in mind that it's possible to have more than one app that causes this issue.


To uninstall an app:


  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Apps.
  4. Tap the app under the Downloaded column.
  5. Tap Uninstall.
  6. Tap OK to confirm.


It’s also always a good idea to ensure that all your apps are up to date by following the instructions here.


We understand this is a lot to process. These outlined steps should help you determine which apps are causing the WiFi connectivity issues so you can then report them to the app developers. Previously reported apps have been updated with fixes quickly, so we are hopeful that as they are notified of the BLE beacon issue, they will continue to respond and push updates to their apps quickly.


Feel free to continue the conversation about this issue here.


Thank you,


Republic Wireless Help Team

It has been a while since they’ve let the Product Guy out, but here I am again, with an update from the product team on our device portfolio and upcoming software releases.


Android security, calling and messaging issues, and WiFi connectivity have been hot Community topics lately, and have driven a fair amount of help requests, so we thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know what we are doing to address them, and when to expect us to provide answers to these questions that have been raised.


Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) Upgrade

First is an update on the upgrade path for our current portfolio of devices that are not yet on Lollipop 5.1:  Moto X (1st Gen.), Moto G (1st Gen.) and Moto E (1st Gen.).


We’re working very closely with our device partner to get the 5.1 software build for these devices as quickly as possible. The Lollipop updates are one of our top engineering priorities and the team is working diligently to get them implemented. Keep in mind that each device requires a separate build and testing cycle, so release dates will be staggered across the phone models as we complete them. For an indepth look at what all goes into an OS update like Lollipop, check out our look Behind the Curtain.

Together, Lollipop and the improvements we are making in the Republic Wireless App software architecture will significantly enhance the calling and messaging experience. In addition, the updates will resolve or significantly reduce some of the issues that have been reported by you, such as delays when making calls or incoming calls going directly to voicemail


With the Lollipop upgrade, Android has also standardized the underlying API set for messaging. We expect that the messaging app will be more stable as a result of these changes. 


The Stagefright Vulnerability

The Stagefright Android vulnerability that has been making waves in the press will be addressed in the Lollipop upgrade for Moto G (1st Gen.), Moto X (1st Gen.) and Moto E (1st Gen.).  We will also be releasing a “hot fix” update for the Moto E (2nd Gen.) and the Moto X (2nd Gen.), which are already on the Lollipop build. You can follow our progress on getting the Stagefright fix in place on our Help Update article.


We take this vulnerability very seriously and have been in constant contact with our partners at Motorola. In the next few days, we will start receiving from Motorola new OS builds with a Stagefright patch. Motorola will be sending us a unique new build for each one of our affected devices, staggered over time as they are available. You can keep current with Motorola's Stagefright communications on their website in addition to here on Republic’s blog.


Meanwhile, reports about this issue have suggested that Android OS versions newer than 4.2 are less likely to be affected by this issue. All of our phones (except the DEFY XT, which isn’t MMS capable and is not vulnerable) are on Android 4.2 or above. It's always a smart idea to keep your OS updated to the most recent version. To check your version and update to the most recent Android version, follow the instructions here.


WiFi Connectivity

In August, we noticed an uptick in the number of help requests around devices having trouble connecting to WiFi networks. We have traced the issue to third party apps that use Bluetooth beacons, and are working with our device partner to understand how this Bluetooth interaction is affecting WiFi connectivity. More to come on this one, but we are working with our device partner to get a fix identified that we can include either through a Play Store app update or through the Lollipop updates. In the meantime, you can follow the instructions on Health & Wellness to address this issue.



So, the $6 million dollar question is (remember when that seemed like an extraordinary amount of money? You could build a bionic man for that back in the day...but, I digress), when will these updates be released?!


Let’s go by device:


Moto X (2nd Gen.) : We are trying to schedule lab entry in the next couple of weeks for the EMR Stagefright fix


Moto E (2nd Gen.) : We are trying to schedule lab entry in the next couple of weeks for the EMR Stagefright fix, at the same time as the Moto X (2nd Gen.) or very quickly after.


Moto X (1st Gen.) : We are currently testing a Lollipop build internally which includes RW App and Architecture changes for fixes to Delayed Dialing and inbound calls to Voicemail, any Messaging app crashes, and the Stagefright fix.  When this passes internal testing, we will schedule lab entry.


Moto G (1st Gen.) : Next in line for the Lollipop build.  We are waiting for a build from Motorola on this.  It will incorporate all the fixes outlined for Moto X.


Moto E (1st Gen.) : Third in line for the Lollipop build.  We are waiting for a build from Motorola on this, and will incorporate all the fixes outlined for Moto X.


It is our plan to get ALL these updates out, starting in the latter part of October, with the goal of rolling them out over an 8 week to 10 week period in the order specified above.  If we can accelerate any, we certainly will.  Most of us that work here own and use a Moto X (1st Gen.) so, we are equally eager to see these updates pushed out!


These timing estimates are LOADED with caveats (as there are lots of things that are out of our control), but we are committed to giving you updates every couple of weeks between now and when we are completed with the rollouts, so you are fully aware of what’s happening and when your device will be updated.


We really appreciate your patience, and are working as hard as possible to get these updates completed and on your phones. Thanks so much for being with Republic!

You're all probably wondering why the new Community isn't up yet. During migration, we ran into a few issues that significantly delayed our original timeframe. Since our Community is so essential to our support model, we felt uncomfortable leaving it down any longer. We will be rescheduling the migration for a later date and time during non-business hours with minimal impact to Community. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience as we continue work with our partner to bring you the new platform.

On Tuesday, August 25, the underlying technology platform that runs our Community will be upgraded to the newest version. We’re super excited about the opportunities that this upgrade opens up to us, and we’ll be gradually implementing new features and settings in the months after we upgrade.


On Tuesday, all Community sites will be offline from about 1p.m. - 7p.m. ET. We’ll be migrating all of our history - about 3 years worth of Open Mic discussions, Knowledge Center documents, and Think Tank ideas - to the new version during that time. You can watch the Republic Wireless System Status page to see when Community is back up.


While Community is down, Republic Wireless is still here to help - please Submit a Help ticket for any issues.


Post-migration, you will be able to log in using your same username and password. You can expect all the same functionality as our current Community, but as with any upgrade, there will be changes to get used to. Here are a few of the things that are changing:


  • Simplified Community and Knowledge Center home pages
  • Name changes to secondary navigation items
  • Additional topic-based pages in the Knowledge Center
  • Restructuring of the underlying Knowledge Center information architecture
  • New search widget on the Community home page


I expect some glitches will surface and some bugs will be uncovered, and I know that you, our loyal users, will likely find them. We’ve set up a feedback form on the lower right-hand corner of the new Community specifically for you to report those discoveries straight to the Community team. Please use it! While it’s fine to comment on the new Community (we’ll start a thread for this), for bugs and glitches it’s much more efficient for us to manage a structured format.    Don’t use this form for support questions, open a Help ticket instead. Also hold your non-critical look and feel (UI) feedback for the first week or so, as we’ll be focused on getting the settings and bugs worked out before we start to take feedback on the interface.


We’ve been working toward this migration for several months, and are super excited to move forward with it. We’re even more excited to gradually take advantage of the additional features over the next few weeks and months. We’ll be asking for your feedback in the forums as we try different things out, so keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help us improve.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that cell to WiFi handover will begin slowly rolling out to our members over the next week!


Read the full post on our blog, PWK.

We are adding certified pre-owned devices for sale in the Republic Wireless store starting today, 8/6/2015. The device options offered in the store will be based on current inventory numbers and are subject to change at any time as supply fluctuates. Certified pre-owned devices sold through the store come with a 30 day money back guarantee on service and device. For more information, please see the following Community documents:


Republic Wireless Phones

Money Back Guarantee


Salsa Lab Begins Today

Posted by kashley Aug 4, 2015

Keep an eye on your email inbox to find out if you've been selected to participate in the next Republic Lab, Salsa.


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.04.56 PM.png

We're aware of the Android "Stagefright" vulnerability that many of you are discussing on social media, our community forums, and tickets. We take our members' privacy extremely seriously.


Some of the reports about this issue have suggested that Android OS versions newer than 4.2 are less likely to be affected by this issue. All of our phones (except the DEFY XT) are on Android 4.2 or above. It's always a smart idea to keep your OS updated to the most recent version. To check your version and update to the most recent Android version, follow the instructions here.


For DEFY XT users, keep in mind that MMS isn't supported, so this vulnerability is not applicable to you.


If you have additional questions, these kinds of OS updates are owned and managed by our partner, Motorola. You can contact Motorola Support with your questions.



Update as of 8/12/15

In the next few days, we will start receiving from Motorola new OS builds with a Stagefright patch. Motorola will be sending us a unique new build for each one of our affected devices, staggered over time as they are available. You can keep current with Motorola's Stagefright communications on their website.



After we receive a build from Motorola, each one will go through the Sprint and Motorola lab processes. Barring any issues, each build will then be released to Republic Wireless devices as a software update (maintenance release (MR)).  We are working to update each device as quickly as possible. The inclusion of the Stagefright patch will not affect the 5.1 Lollipop upgrade timelines. In some cases, it will mean adding the Stagefright fix to the Lollipop Upgrade MR currently in process.




Receiving these OS builds, moving them through the lab processes, and releasing the MR’s will take time. The start date for each device will be staggered as Motorola makes the new build available to us. We are working on the timeline for when you can expect to receive your MR. We assure you that we take your security very seriously and continue to view this as a critical update. We will continue to monitor and remain in tight communication with our partners, and with you.



Update as of 7/28/15:


We understand many of you are concerned about the Stagefright news article centered around the security of your phone. We take this very seriously and are currently in contact with our partner to gain more knowledge about these vulnerabilities and what that means for you. At this time, there are some things we know, and some things that we don’t know. Rest assured that we’ll remain in close contact with our partner and we’ll continue to post updates as we have them.

What we don’t know:

  • At this time, we do not know for sure which versions of the Android OS are susceptible to this vulnerability, or if some versions are more susceptible than others. 

What we know:
  • The vulnerability potentially affects MMS (including pictures, videos and group messages) and mobile browsers.
  • Depending on which OS versions are affected, any patches or updates could require an Over the Air (OTA) update, which involves close collaboration with all of our partners.

Temporary workaround:
Until we have more information regarding these vulnerabilities and what can be done to correct them, there are a few things you can do to help protect your phone. However, unfortunately, it does not guarantee your phone’s security.

Messaging Apps
While the default Messaging app in KitKat does not have the settings to turn off automatic MMS downloads, Lollipop Messaging, Hangouts and Google Messenger do have this setting. However, by default, they are set to automatically retrieve MMS messages. Please follow the steps below to disable that feature.

Within Messaging (Lollipop)
    1. Tap Menu (three vertical dots) in the top right hand corner.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Under Multimedia (MMS) messages, ensure “Auto-retrieve” is unchecked.


        Within Hangouts
    1. Tap the top left corner to bring out the menu.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap SMS.
    4. Ensure "Auto retrieve MMS" is unchecked.


        Within Google Messenger
    1. Tap the Menu key in the top right.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Advanced.
    4. Ensure "Auto-retrieve" is unchecked.

Emoji! :)

Posted by kashley Jul 24, 2015


Posted by kashley Jul 23, 2015

Today we announce our second project in Republic Labs, Salsa, to test a new feature, cell to WiFi handover. To view the full announcement, head over to our blog, PWK. And check back on PWK tomorrow for another announcement (<- hint, hint).


Lollipop for Moto X (2nd Gen.)

Posted by kashley Jul 15, 2015

Following a successful soak test on over 2000 devices over the past week, the Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) will be released to all Moto X (2nd Gen.) devices starting today, Wednesday July 15, at 11:30 ET.

You can wait for a notification to appear on your phone in the next few days. Or, if you're super eager, you can manually update to Lollipop right now. The download will require 880MB of memory and you must be on WiFi for the length of the download (which could take up to 45 minutes). For information on installing system updates, please review the How to install system updates instructions.

Our Knowledge Center documents for Moto X (2nd Gen.) are being updated to reflect the Lollipop updates and will be published over the next few days. In the meantime, please submit a help ticket if you need assistance with installing or using Lollipop.


Curious about the story behind system installs and how we update our phones? Read our blog post, "Behind the Curtain: A Look at the Timing of Android Lollipop 5.1" on PWK.

Today we launch a new phone in the Republic Wireless lineup - Moto E (2nd Gen.) with 4G LTE


For details about this phone, check out our blog post announcement and the Overview and Tech Specs our Knowledge Base. To purchase a Moto E (2nd Gen), visit our store!


In addition, we’re dropping the price on the Moto G from $149 to $99. Check out the deal here.

You probably already guessed this from the flurry of document updates this morning, but I thought we'd make it official here on Community, too. Please check out our new blog post on PWK - Announcing Republic Refund Plans.

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