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About Republic Help


Why does Republic choose to do everything online? It's simple. We don't believe in calling a 1-800 number, only to sit on hold listening to cheesy elevator music and corny advertisements. Instead, we'd rather give that time back to you to do the things that are important to you. 



Here in the Republic, you can find answers instantly by searching our Knowledge Center or asking other Republic members for help, and we have specially-trained staff who are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for most issues.









Find answers immediately in our Documentation or in our Community.



Ask the Community



Ask a question in our Community to get help from other Republic members.


Ask Republic Help via ticket

24 hours

Have a more complicated situation? Reach out to the Republic Help team by submitting a ticket.


Ask Republic Help via chat


Have something that you want to chat about with us?  Chat is available 24/7.


Click the Chat Now button at the top of the Submit a ticket page to start chatting.


Ask Republic Help via email

48 hours

Don't have access to Republic Help, but need to reach someone on our Help team? This is the way to go.


Send an email to to get assistance.


Ask Republic Help via Twitter

24 hours

Mention @rwhelp or send a direct message and we'll do what we can to help.


Send snail mail

Days or Weeks

We aren't great pen pals, and it may take us a while to get back to you, but we will write you back.


Address: Republic Wireless

                Attn: Member Experience

                940 Main Campus Drive, STE 300

                Raleigh, NC 27606






Republic Help Tutorial




Submit a help ticket


1. From Republic Help, click on Submit a ticket.







2. Complete the help request form using the drop down menu and text fields to give us more detail about your issue. You can also click the Chat Now Button.png button in the top right hand corner of the page.


Submit a Request.png



3. Click the Submit button to send us your request. You'll receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your help request.



4. Immediately after clicking Submit, you'll be shown a list of your previous requests.







View my existing help tickets


Existing help requests can be seen by clicking on My tickets at the top of Republic Help.

You can also access existing requests via the help request number link in Republic Help email(s).


When you view your requests, you can open any one of them and see a complete record of the support transactions.






Reply to my existing help tickets


There are two ways to reply to an existing help request:


  • Through the comment thread in an open or solved request
    This is the preferred method for replying to existing requests.

    This can be accessed either by a link provided in the email or directly from the Republic Help page.
    Enter your reply or additional information into the Comments text box and click Submit.




If you feel that we've successfully solved your issue, you can let us know by clicking the Please consider this request as resolved checkbox (below the comment) before you click Submit.

(Note: You'll need to include a comment before you can submit a request as resolved.)



  • Through the Reply button in the Republic Help email
    Your reply emails using the Reply button will automatically sync with your existing Republic Help ticket.






Reopen a solved help ticket


Solved help requests can be reopened simply by adding a new comment to the request (either by reply email or through the comment thread on Republic Help). The request will then show as Open until you or Republic mark it as solved again.


Requests marked as solved will automatically close within 24 hours unless reopened.
Note: Closed requests can't be reopened. If you reply to a closed request, we may not receive your comment.







Republic Help Tips


  • Preferred method of ticket submission
    We answer new issues in the order they are received based on their priority. Tickets entered on the Republic App or Republic Help portal are worked faster, due to additional information provided. Emails take longer to triage so they should be avoided if possible.

  • Priority of tickets
    Phones or accounts that are not working are prioritized over questions or account issues.

  • Multiple tickets for the same issue
    Please open one ticket at a time for an issue you're experiencing with your phone or service. Everything slows down if multiple tickets are opened. Just comment on your original ticket to ask for an update or give additional info. If we have to merge your multiple tickets, you'll automatically drop to the back of the line.

  • Be brief but complete
    Please let us know what issues you are having and what steps you have taken to resolve them.







Member Feedback



The type of experience you have with Republic means a lot to us. We want to know how we're doing, good or bad. After all, this is your Republic and your opinions will help us to grow and improve your member experience.



There are two choices at the bottom of each closed ticket email to let us know how you feel about the experience you just had with Republic. Simply click on Good, i'm satisfied, or Bad, i'm unsatisfied. You can also rate your support experience in the My Requests section of Republic Help.



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You can also check out Republic's customer satisfaction rating on our Meet the Republic Support Team page.



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