My Account

The My Account portal, along with the Republic Wireless App, is the central location to view and update your account information for your Republic Wireless service.


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Sign in to My Account



To log in to My Account, you'll need the email address and password you used when you purchased or activated your phone.


Note: If you signed up for a Community account (used to participate in our forum) prior to purchasing a phone and you used a different email address, you won't be able to view info about your phones in My Account. You will need to use the email address you used when you purchased/activated your phone.


If you attempt to sign in with an email address not linked to a phone-holding account, you'll see this screen:
My Account - Sign In Non-Customer.png

If you'd like to merge your Community-only and phone-holding accounts, please contact Republic Help.




To sign into My Account, follow the steps below:


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Follow the below step-by-step tutorial


Go to
My Account Sign In - Email:Password.png


Enter the email address associated with your Republic account and your account password.

My Account Sign In - Sign In Button.png


Click Sign In.






Forgot account email address or password


If you can’t sign in to My Account or are receiving an error message, please first make sure you’re typing in the correct email address and password.



If you've forgotten your password

  1. On the My Account sign in, click Forgot Password.
  2. Type in the email address associated with your Republic Wireless account.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. You’ll be sent an email that includes a link to change your password. Follow the instructions in the email to change your password.



If you've forgotten your account email address

If an email address is not on file with us, you'll see an error message. If you're still unable to log in, send an email to and we'll look up your email address for you.





My Account


My Account Dropdown Menu.png





In Orders, you can view the status and details for current and past order details. Your most recent order will be displayed first, followed by any past orders (displayed by date of purchase).


Order Successful.png

Order successful

Your order has been placed in our online store but has not yet shipped.

Order Complete 1.png

Order Complete 2.png

Once your order ships, your order status will change to Completed and your card will be charged. You'll also be able to view tracking info for your order once it's available.


(If you're upgrading to a new phone, your status will not change to Completed until you activate your new phone.)



For more info on tracking orders and viewing order status, please see Shipping.



You can also return accessories from the Orders page. For more info, please see Accessory Return and Replacement Policy.






My Phones


On the My Phones page of the My Account portal, you can manage your Republic service lines and devices.


My Phones Available Actions.png


For each phone, you can view the service line (phone number), status of phone (activated or deactivated), phone model and color, and serial number.



  • More Details
    Click to see a dropdown list of helpful resources for your phone model.

  • User
    This displays the name of the member who's been assigned this phone line.

  • Available actions
    Click to see a list of available options for your service line: Get Help, Transfer My Number, Assign Phone, or Cancel Service.



Available actions:


Get Help


Get help with your phone from the Republic Community.




Transfer My Number


Submit a number transfer request to transfer your phone number from a different provider to your Republic phone. For more info, please see Transfer My Number to Republic .




Assign Phone


Assigning a user allows an account owner to assign phone lines to secondary users.



My Phones - Assign Phones 4.png

Phone lines displayed with a green user bar are assigned to the account owner, while phone lines displayed with a blue user bar are assigned to secondary users.



Secondary users can:

  • Change their name
  • Change their email address
  • Request a number transfer
  • View usage
  • View call history
  • Open help requests

Secondary users cannot:

  • View or change billing info
  • Cancel phone lines
  • Place orders
  • Change their plan




Will the account owner be able to see call history and usage for secondary users?

No, once a phone is assigned to a secondary user, the account owner will no longer be able to see call history and usage details for that phone line. Only the user assigned to that phone line will be able to see that info.


Can secondary users request a new phone number?

No, only account owners can initiate number changes. If you'd like to change a secondary user's number, the account owner will need to do so.




To assign a phone line, please complete the following steps:


Detail Images (click to enlarge)

Follow the below step-by-step tutorial
My Phones - Assign Phone 2.png1.

Under the phone you'd like to assign to someone, click Available Actions. From the choices that appear, click the Assign Phone button.

My Phones - Assign Phone 3.png2.

Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the person being assigned the phone.


Next, click Submit.

My Phones - Assign Phones 4.5.png


We'll send your invitee a welcome email with instructions on how to access My Account.

The user bar for that phone will change from green to blue when the phone has been successfully assigned to a secondary user.




To unassign a phone line


Under the phone you'd like to unassign, click Available Actions. From the choices that appear, click the Unassign Phone button.


  • The device will be reassigned back to the account owner.
  • The user bar will change from blue back to green when the phone has been successfully unassigned from the secondary user back to the account owner.
  • If a user no longer has any devices assigned to them, they will become a Community-only member.





Cancel Service


This option allows you to cancel service for this phone line. (To cancel your account, you'll need to cancel each phone line individually.) Please see our Cancel My Republic Service for more info before cancelling your service line.


Note: If you want to keep your phone number, you'll need to transfer it to another provider BEFORE you cancel your service with Republic Wireless.






Account Settings


Account Settings.png

In Account Settings, you can view and update your account and payment info, including your current balance.




To edit your account or payment info:

  1. Click Edit next to a field.
  2. Enter your new information.
  3. Click Save Changes.






E911 Locations

E911 Locations - View Address.png

The E911 Locations section of the My Account portal is where you can view and manage your emergency service locations.



For more info on setting your E911 locations and our emergency services, please see Emergency Services.





Bills & Payments


My Account Home - Bills & Payments.png


On the Bills & Payments page, you can view your billing statements. Your current billing statement is displayed at the top of the page, followed by a table of past statements.


Bills & Payments - Past Statements.pngClick View Statement next to any past statement to view a detailed invoice of that statement.


For more info, please see Billing & Payments.





My Usage


My Usage Dropdown Menu.png


In My Usage, you can learn more about your phone calls and messages and how you're using your Republic phone and service.




Call History


My Usage - Call History.png

You can view your call history per month for each Republic phone you have (unless it's been assigned to a secondary user), including:

  • Date
  • Start time
  • Direction (inbound or outbound)
  • From/to
  • Duration (for calls)
  • Type (call or message)
  • Network (made/received via WiFi or cellular)





Usage Details


The Usage Details section of the My Account portal allows you to view your usage offload to WiFi and compare to the Republic community's offload. Remember to use WiFi whenever possible - it's faster and cheaper!



My Usage Chart.png

The chart displays your WiFi offload details - how much WiFi you're using for calling in comparison to the rest of the Republic community.


  • To choose which service line's usage to view, select a line from the dropdown menu under Which phone would you like to see details for? and click Show Details.

  • Please note that the WiFi offload percentage does not include data usage, only WiFi offload for calling.