Republic Phones

A certified Republic Wireless phone is required for membership, because our unique WiFi Hybrid Calling technology is built in. Learn more about Republic Wireless phones here.






Our phones


Republic offers several phone models, with no contract required:


Moto E (1st Gen.)


  • Sold out! Available in black from our online store

    • $99 (plus taxes) for 4GB





The Moto E (2nd Gen.)






The Moto G (1st Gen.)


  • Available in black from our online store
    • $99 (plus taxes) for 8GB
    • Sold out! $179 (plus taxes) for 16GB

  • Customized accessories also available





The Moto X (1st Gen.)

  • Sold out! Available in black or white from our online store
    • $299 (plus taxes) for 16GB






The Moto X (2nd Gen.)

Moto X 2nd Gen.png


  • Available in black or white from our online store
    • $299 (plus taxes) for 16GB


  • Available customized from Moto Maker
    • From $349 (plus taxes) for 16GB + $50 rebate offer through Motorola
    • From $399 (plus taxes) for 32GB + $50 rebate offer through Motorola






Note: Motorola promotions are not applicable to purchases made on, but they are available for Moto Maker purchases. For current Republic promotions, please visit Special Offers and Promotions





Beta phones




The DEFY XT is our second Beta phone. Although it's no longer available for purchase from Republic, DEFY XTs can be reactivated for use on Republic, and we continue to provide phone service for DEFY XTs.



The LG Optimus S


The LG Optimus S was our first Beta phone. The LG Optimus S is no longer available for purchase. In an effort to focus on the future and better support later phones, service for the Optimus has ended as of May 2014.


LG Optimus discounts and credits toward upgrading are no longer available.






Republic Wireless Certified Pre-owned Phones


Republic Wireless Certified Pre-owned phones (a.k.a. B-stock or refurbished phones) may have been used for testing or tried by a customer and returned to us, but can't be sold as new, and are available for reactivation with our service.


Certified Pre-owned phones are put through a rigorous 50+ point inspection process, and they will only pass this process if they are in fine cosmetic and operational "like new" condition. Certified Pre-owned phones come as originally packaged and include all box contents.


Our Certified Pre-owned phones are covered by certain warranties (see below), but are not eligible for manufacturer warranty.



Where can I get a Certified Pre-owned phone?


Republic Wireless Certified Pre-owned phones are currently unavailable.








Note: Republic Wireless is a VoIP company, and as such, our numbers are classified as landline rather than mobile. This may cause delays transferring to other providers and/or may be excluded from free mobile-to-mobile calling or messaging with other service providers' plans.





When's the next phone coming out? What phones are you going to offer next?

We really, really wish we could say. We're just as excited as you about the phones we plan to offer, but there are a couple of reasons we don't give out any clues until our official announcements:


  • Each phone model we offer goes through a lengthy testing process, and there can be timeline changes while we work to bring you the best version of the device possible. We don't want to announce a date, then have it change - possibly multiple times - before a phone is actually available for purchase.
  • The lawyers also inevitably fret nervously. They worry about any restrictions on what we can say until we get an official go-ahead. Lawyers being lawyers, they worry about previews, coded messages, flag signals or other hints until then. It's not because we don't want to. Really.


When we do announce a new phone, be sure that we'll shout it from the rooftops (a.k.a. our Community, our blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter get the idea).





Can't I just download this to my current phone?

Phones from other carriers, even if they're the same model, won't work on Republic's service. There are many apps you can download to make VoIP calls over WiFi using any Android or Apple smartphone. Some of them require you to manage a second number, pay for minutes, or take special steps to use them. All of them require you continue overpaying for a cellular plan. Only Republic Wireless provides Hybrid Calling that's not only built into the phone, but also into the price.





Can I bring my own phone?

No. The ultimate in smartphone freedom would be using the phone you want, on the network you want, whenever you want. We agree...and are working toward that ideal. There are some technical challenges we face, such as our custom ROM for hybrid calling, phones locked by other carriers, and PRL updates. For now, Big Cell makes the rules. However, Android phones, WiFi, and the Web fuel our optimism that the future could look very different.





Can I reactivate a Republic Wireless phone?

Yes! Check out Reactivating My Republic Phone for more info.





Can I purchase a Republic Wireless phone from a third party?

Inactive Republic Wireless phones can be purchased for reactivation from friends, online marketplaces, or other third parties. Republic phones can also be purchased at select retail locations.


For more info, check out Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones.





Are Republic phones locked or unlocked?

On February 11, 2015, CTIA - The Wireless Association's standards for the unlocking of mobile devices became effective. CTIA - The Wireless Association designed these standards to give customers of wireless service providers greater freedom - which Republic Wireless certainly endorses. These new standards explain that "unlocking" a device refers only to disabling software that would prevent someone from attempting to activate a device designed for one carrier's network on another carrier's network, even if that network isn't technologically compatible. In other words, "unlocking" a device will not necessarily make a device interoperable with other networks.


With that understanding, we do not "lock" any of our phones. However, the nature of our unique software that powers Republic Wireless is not technologically compatible with other carriers. We have explored - and will continue to explore - a way for Republic Wireless members to take their device to another carrier. Unfortunately, this is not easy and will require close coordination with both our equipment manufacturer and other carriers. At this time, we do not have any way to forecast when this will be possible.


In the meantime, we will never attempt to make any Republic Wireless member hostage to Republic Wireless. We never have...and we never will. If you have more interest in this topic, the FCC has a helpful FAQ page.





Is Republic Wireless GSM or CDMA?

Republic Wireless uses CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access) technology.





What apps come preinstalled?

Your phone will come with standard Android apps like Gmail, Calendar, Navigation, etc.  We don't include bloatware – it’s your phone, so you decide what goes on it. Pre-installed apps are non-removable.


The Republic Wireless App - available on the Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen.), Moto G, and Moto E - allows you to control your Republic service right from your phone.


For a complete list of preinstalled apps, visit:





What flavors of Android do you offer?

The latest version of Android available for each phone are:


  • Moto E (1st Gen.)
    Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

  • Moto G (1st Gen.)
    Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

  • Moto X (1st Gen.) 
    Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

  • Moto X (2nd Gen.)
    Android 4.4.4 (KitKat)

    Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)


Please see How to Install System Updates (From Lollipop) for more info on Android version updates.





Do you offer insurance on your phones?

We don’t offer insurance at this time, but that’s something we may offer in the future. Some credit card or insurance companies offer phone insurance