What's going to happen to the LG?

The LG has been a great Beta phone for us and a concept for our ideas. In an effort to focus on the future, we're going to phase out the LG Optimus to better support the DEFY XT and new smartphones. We'll continue to provide free service for the LG Optimus until 30 days after the release of our next phone in Q1 of 2014. After this date, service for the LG Optimus will be turned off.


If you currently have an active LG Optimus, we're offering you a $100 credit toward one of the smartphones we have available for purchase between now and 30 days after the release of Moto G, expected to be released in April 2014. Please keep in mind that you must choose to upgrade to a new smartphone prior to this date or your Optimus phone line will be cancelled automatically. For instructions on how to upgrade, please visit this page.