Transfer My Number to Republic

Version 22

    For instructions on transferring your number from Republic to another provider, please see Can I transfer my Republic Wireless number to a different provider?



    Keep in mind:


    • Do not cancel service with your other service provider until your number transfer is complete. Canceling your other service before your number has successfully transferred can result in a loss of your phone number.

    • If the number you'd like to transfer to Republic is being forwarded to Google Voice or a similar service, you should turn off forwarding before transferring that line to Republic.

    • Transferred numbers may experience up to a 72-hour period where text messages won't be received. You'll still be able to make/receive calls and send SMS.

    • Once your number has been successfully transferred to Republic Wireless, your old number will go into an aging status for a period of time before it's recycled for someone else to use.

    • Voicemails aren't kept or moved over when you transfer your number, so please save any voicemails before you transfer.  Once your number has been transferred, you'll need to re-record your voicemail greeting.







    Check to see if your number can be transferred


    Before submitting your number transfer request, check to see if your number can be transferred to Republic using our Number Transfer Checker.


    Some numbers cannot be transferred to Republic.
    See the Troubleshooting section below for reasons your number may not be transferrable to Republic.






    Submit a number transfer request



    Check out our Number Transfer Guide before submitting your number transfer request to find the info you'll need from your current provider to transfer your number to Republic.



    Once you have that info, follow these steps to submit your number transfer request:



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      Follow the below step-by-step tutorial
    My Account Sign In - Existing Account.png


    Sign into My Account.

    Transfer Quick Links.png



    On the Home page, under Quick Links, click Transfer my existing phone number.

    Transfer Available Actions.png


    Under the Republic number that you wish to replace with your existing number, tap Available Actions.


    From the dropdown menu that appears, select Transfer My Number.

    Port step 1.png4.On the next page, type in the number you want to transfer to Republic, then click Start transferring.
    Porting BTN.png5.


    Enter your current account details. You'll need your account number, PIN, and account billing phone number for your current provider. Check out our Number Transfer Guide to help you find the info you need.


    Once you've entered your info, click Save account information.


    • Account number
      Usually found at the top of your bill statement or in your online account if you pay your bill online.

    • PIN (Personal Identification Number)
      Verifies who you are and essentially gives permission to transfer your number to another provider.

      Republic requires you to enter a PIN during the number transfer process. If you're not sure what your PIN with your current provider is, contact your current provider.


      • If you have a PIN on file with them, use that PIN to complete your number transfer request.
      • If you don't have a PIN on file, ask your current provider to create a PIN on your account.

    • Account billing phone number
      This is the billing phone number listed for your account with your current service provider. It can usually be found on your account info page with your current provider.


      • If you're transferring from an account that has only one line, enter the number you're transferring.
      • If you're transferring from an account that has multiple lines, contact your current provider to determine what your billing phone number is.
    Port step 3.png6.


    Enter the billing address for your current provider.

    (This is the billing address your current provider has on file for the number you want to transfer to Republic.)


    Once you've entered your info, click Save account billing address.



    The next section will explain the next steps that Republic will need to perform in order to process your transfer.


    You'll also need to agree to the terms and conditions before submitting your request.




    Once your transfer is complete, you'll be notified via email. If there are any errors during the transfer process you'll also be notified via email with the reason for the error and instructions on how to correct it.







    Check my number transfer status


    The time it takes to transfer your number depends on your current provider. In most cases, it will take about a day, but can possibly take up to 10 days. If we do run into any problems transferring your number, you’ll be notified via email.



    Check the status of your number transfer to Republic:


    1. Sign into My Account.




    2. Click My Account.png at the top of the page.





    3. Click My Phones.png.





    4. You'll see Transfer Status for any number transfer requests under the Current phone number section.


      • Processing
        Your number transfer is still in progress.

      • Error
        There was an error in your number transfer request. You should receive an email with details on the error and how to correct it. See the troubleshooting section for more info.









    If you receive an error stating that we're unable to transfer your number to Republic, it may be for one or more of the following reasons:


    • Errors in transfer request
      Some of the info you submitted in your transfer request may be incorrect. Please see below for how to correct common transfer errors.


    • No network availability
      While our coverage is extensive, there are certain areas where we can’t provide numbers based on our network’s availability. You can still join Republic with an out-of-area number where we do have availability. We continue to work on increasing our coverage areas. (Note: We currently don't offer services in Hawaii, Alaska, or New Hampshire. However, non-coverage areas are not limited to these states.)


    • Number is being forwarded
      Transferring a number that is being forwarded to Google Voice or a similar service may cause errors.


    • Number is a Republic number
      At this time we're unable to transfer a number from a Republic phone to a Republic phone on a different account due to an internal systems issue.
      If the phones are both on the same account, you can submit a Help request and request to swap the numbers between the two phones. If you're upgrading or replacing your phone and wish to transfer your number to the new phone, please see Upgrade or Replace before ordering your phone.


    • Number not transferable
      In the number transferring world, there are a lot of rules and regulations that can get pretty complicated. If any of these rules or regulations can't be met by either provider, the number transfer won't be allowed. In some cases, these rules can be corrected. Either way, you'll receive an email explaining the situation in detail.




    Correcting number transfer errors


    Please contact your existing provider to verify account number, PIN, billing address, and billing account telephone number if you received an email about an error with your number transfer request.


    Once you've verified your account number, PIN, billing address, and billing account telephone number with your current provider, please follow these steps to correct resubmit your number transfer request:



    1. Sign into My Account.



    2. Click My Account.png at the top of the page.



    3. Click My Phones.png



    4. Click the Retry button.



    5. Verify or correct the account number and PIN, then click Save account information.



    6. Verify or correct your billing address (this should be the address on file with your existing provider), then click Save account billing address.



    7. Verify or correct your account billing telephone number (this should be the account billing phone number on file with your existing provider), then click Save account billing telephone number.



    8. Read the terms and conditions, click the checkbox to agree, then click Submit.




    Other issues


    • The transferred number is deactivated on your old phone but doesn't show up on your new phone
      If you've received the email from Republic that your transfer is complete, but your ported number is not showing up on the phone you transferred it to as your phone number in the Republic Wireless App, please complete the following steps on the new phone to reset Republic App settings/Republic credentials:

      Note: Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.
      1. Open the dialer, then dial *#*#8647#*#*
      2. The arc icon will disappear and reappear after about a minute.
      3. Restart your phone (If the arc icon did not reappear after you entered *#*#8647#*#*, it should then appear after your phone restarts.)
      4. The transferred number should now be listed as your phone number on the dashboard in the Republic Wireless App.





    If you're still having problems with your number transfer or if you're receiving errors in My Account, please visit Republic Help.