Fixed - Issue Status: Feedback Echo on Motorola DEFY XT


When a person calls or is called by a Republic Wireless customer using the DEFY XT phone by Motorola, they experience their own voice feeding back to them at various levels of volume. This issue has been observed only on WiFi calling and has been experienced with Speakerphone, headset, and handset (to a lesser degree).


The Republic Wireless customer won't experience echo, personally, in this scenario.


Phones Affected

Motorola DEFY XT


We're still working with Motorola to identify the root cause of this issue for WiFi and not for Cellular.


  • Quality may improve after the first 10-30 seconds as we offload the audio and reduce delay.
  • If the affected Republic wireless customer receives a complaint from a caller, turn down the volume on the handset until the call improves.
  • Use speakerphone and headsets with the understanding that an echo may be present.


Resolution Status

10/24/2012 - We have identified the issue on the phone and will be improving the experience in the next OTA. Check out The Product Guy's blog outlining what will be included in the next OTA.


***This specific issue was fixed in the OTA launched in January of 2013. Some echo may still occur, but the specific feedback echo issue has been dealt with.***


Note: This document will be open for comments until the fix is released and confirmed.  Once confirmed, comments will be closed.