New Pricing FAQ 6/11/13

This document is outdated. Please refer to DEFY XT Price Drop FAQ 9/26/13 for the latest pricing on the DEFY XT.



What are the new Republic Wireless prices?


Republic has reduced prices on the Motorola DEFYTM XT smartphone for both of the current plan options. The Motorola DEFY XT can now be purchased for either $199 with the $19/month plan, OR $79 with the $29/month plan.


Are the new prices on the Motorola DEFY XT temporary?


The new prices aren’t temporary and they won’t revert back to any previously published prices. They’re here to stay, yay!


What if I’m within my 30-day money back guarantee, can I still get the new pricing?


Please contact the Republic Help team and we’ll investigate the details of your purchase and contact you to review any available options.

What's the difference between the two membership plans?


The only difference between the $29/month plan and the $19/month plan is the pricing, and how much you pay upfront for the smartphone. You get the same smartphone, same unlimited service, same calling technology regardless of the plan you choose.


I'm ordering more than one smartphone, can I choose both the $19/month and the $29/month plan on the same order?


Unfortunately at this time, we’re unable to mix and match plans within the same transaction. If you want to purchase smartphones with different payment plans, you'll have to place separate orders for your account.


I'm already a member of Republic Wireless, but I want to add a line, am I eligible for the new pricing?


Yes, both new and current members of Republic Wireless are eligible.


If I purchase the Motorola DEFY XT now and choose the $29/month plan, it looks like Republic Wireless will recoup the cost difference within 15 months. After 15 months, can I switch to the $19/month plan?


We’re discounting the phone to help a lot more people afford it. Many mobile  phone companies do that. But they also lock you into a contract to make sure they make enough money to cover that discount. Republic doesn’t do that. We’re confident you’ll love Republic, so we’re taking the risk. Big discount, still no contract. But to make ends meet, we need the plan you choose during your initial purchase to stay with you for as long as you keep the Motorola DEFY XT. So please consider your options carefully.


Keep in mind that you may decide to get a new phone before 15 months is up —and we hope it’s from Republic! We’ll have lots more smartphones to love by then.


When will Republic Wireless offer new phone options?


We’re exploring several different options for our next phone launch, and we’re working as fast as we can to make it a reality. We know that some folks are looking for a higher-end smartphone, while others are more budget-minded.