Cancel My Republic Service

Version 94

    We're sorry to see you go! Please follow the steps below to cancel service with Republic Wireless from your My Account portal.




    Before You Cancel


    Are you keeping your phone number?


    If you want to keep your phone number, you'll need to transfer it to another provider BEFORE you cancel your service with Republic Wireless.


    Once your number has been transferred to your new provider, you'll receive an email confirmation. Service with Republic for that phone line will automatically be canceled when your transfer is complete—no need to come back and cancel.





    Have you reviewed our policies?


    Please review the following documents before canceling:





    Are you eligible for a refund?






    Are you sure you're ready to cancel?


    Once your line of service has been canceled, your phone number and any service-plan discounts associated with that line will be lost. If you'd like to keep your phone number, you can transfer it to another provider before canceling with Republic. If you want to cancel more than one phone line, each line must be canceled individually.


    After you've cancelled the last line of service, your Republic Wireless account will also be closed. You'll still have access to My Account for 30 days after you complete the cancellation process for your last line of service.


    Note: If you want to return any accessories still under the Money Back Guarantee when you cancel your Republic service, a separate accessories return request must be submitted. Please see our Accessory Return and Replacement Policy for more info.





    Are you canceling for someone else?


    If you're canceling Republic service for a deceased Republic member, the executor will need to send an email to with the member's name, phone number (if you have it), and a copy of the member's legal death certificate.


    Member accounts and service cannot be canceled by non-account holders for any other reason. If you have questions, please contact Republic Help.






    Cancel a Line of Service




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    Follow the below step-by-step tutorial
    My Account Sign In - Existing Account.png


    Sign into My Account.

    My Account Dropdown Menu.png


    Hover over My Account to display the dropdown menu.

    My Account Dropdown Step 2 - My Phones.png


    In the dropdown menu, click My Phones.

    My Phones Cancel Service.png


    Under the phone whose service you'd like to cancel, click Available Actions.


    From the dropdown menu that appears, click the Cancel Service button.

    Reasons for Cancelling.png


    Select an answer from the list of reasons for canceling. We'd like your feedback to help make Republic a better service.

    Cancel Confirmation - Ts and Cs.png


    Account Cancel Checkbox.png


    Click the Yes, I want to cancel this phone line checkbox to confirm that you've reviewed the Terms and Conditions and want to cancel your phone line.


    (To review the Terms and Conditions, click the link or scroll to the bottom of the page to read more info about canceling your line.)


    If this is the last phone line on your account and you'd like to close your account, please also click the Yes, please cancel my account checkbox.

    Complete Cancellation Button.png



    Click the Complete Cancellation button.


    Before You Go.png


    Confirm your cancellation and click the Yes, I'm sure button if you're ready to cancel.


    (If you'd like to transfer your number, click on the transfer it out link and click the Abort Cancellation button.)


    This screen will also remind you whether or not you're in warranty for our Money Back Guarantee.

    Cancellation Confirmed So Sad.png




    After you've submitted your cancellation, you'll receive an email with final cancellation details.




    If you have any problems or questions, please contact Republic Help.