Moto X FAQ


General Questions


New! How much does the Moto X cost?

The Moto X will retail at $299 (plus taxes) in the Republic Wireless online store. Customized Republic Wireless Moto X phones are available for $349 (plus taxes) for 16GB or $399 (plus taxes) for 32GB through Moto Maker.

Note: Motorola promotions are not applicable to purchases made on, but they are available to those that purchase a Moto X through Moto Maker. For current Republic promotions, please visit What is the promotional code for?

Is the Republic Moto X an unlocked phone?

No. Our Moto X will not ship unlocked and can’t be transferred to other carriers.

New! Can I order a customized phone?

Customized Republic Wireless Moto X phones are available for $349 (plus taxes) for 16GB or $399 (plus taxes) for 32GB through Moto Maker.


Are accessories available for the Moto X?

Accessories for the Moto X, such as headphones, cases, and screen protectors are available through the Republic Wireless online store.

What apps come pre-installed on the Moto X?


Motorola signature apps: Assist, Migrate, Moto Care, Active Notifications, Touchless controls


Other apps: Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Clock, Downloads, Drive, Email, G+ Photos, Gallery, Gmail, Google, Google Settings, Google+, Hangouts, Local, Maps, Messaging, Navigation, People, Phone, Play Books, Play Games, Play Magazines, Play Movies & TV, Play Music, Play Store, Quickoffice, Settings, Translate, Voice Search, Wallet, YouTube


Are any of the apps that come preinstalled on the Moto X removable?

No. All the apps that come preinstalled on the Moto X are non-removable.

What are the tech specs for the Moto X?


  • 802.11 a/g/b/n/ac
  • Android™ 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 4G LTE capability
  • 4.7" AMOLED™ 720p HD Touch Display
  • 1.7 GHz Dual-Core Processor with 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory through our online store; 16GB or 32GB internal memory through Moto Maker
  • Integrated 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery, mixed usage up to 24 hours
  • 1080p HD Video Capture & Playback
  • X8 Mobile Computing System
  • 10 MP Camera w/ Auto-focus and LED Flash, 2 MP Front-Facing Camera
  • Access to thousands of apps through Google Play


For more detailed specifications, please visit Moto X Tech Specs.

What is the actual battery life like?

Moto X’s product specifications state the phone has 24 hours of mixed usage battery life, 13 hours of talk time, and 10 days of standby time.


What is the actual usable memory on the Moto X after preinstalled apps and the OS?

10.99GB of flash space.


New! Do you offer the 32GB Moto X?

You can purchase a 32GB Republic Wireless Moto X for $399 (plus taxes) through Moto Maker.


How many upgraded versions of Android will the Moto X get?

Motorola has stated they will have a regular cadence of updating Android on the Moto X. We'll be sure to let you know when a new one is coming. Per our blog post, we're currently working on getting Kit Kat to the Moto X.


Will the Moto X ship with the new camera update?

Yes, the Moto X will come with the first update, which includes the camera fix.


What are the frequency bands for the Moto X?

The Moto X will work on Sprint LTE band 25 and US CDMA bands 1900/800.

Motorola says that I get 50GB of free storage for two years on Google Drive. and that the offer must be redeemed within 30 days of activation. How do I take advantage of this offer?

Yes, you’ll be eligible! This is a great way to enhance your overall storage space on the phone. Simply open the Google Drive app on your Moto X for the first time and you'll be prompted to redeem your free 50GB of storage.

If I choose to upgrade to the Moto X, will my contacts and apps automatically transfer over?

There are two primary ways to make sure your contacts and apps transfer to your new device:


  1. Sync your contacts - You can sync your contacts to your Google account from your DEFY XT. Once you have your new phone, they’ll automatically load when you sign in on your new phone.
  2. Use Motorola's Migrate app - Motorola's Migrate app is designed to make the process of transferring your contacts, apps, photos, even text message history easier than ever. Check it out on the Google Play store. The Migrate app is pre-installed on the Moto X, but you’ll need to install it your old phone (it’s compatible with any Android phone version 2.2 and above).

Can I use my existing SIM card?

No. The technology used on current Republic Wireless phones doesn’t support SIM cards. See SIM Card for Moto X for more info.

I already have a Moto X through another carrier, can I bring it to Republic?

There are some technical challenges we face in enabling folks to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), such as: we have a custom ROM for Hybrid Calling, often phones are locked by other providers, and PRL updates. So for now, it’s not an option on the table. However, Android phones, WiFi, and the Web fuel our optimism that the future could look very different.


New! What about the other two phones you said you were coming out with?

We recently announced the next phone in our lineup: Moto G. Check out our blog for more info, tech specs, and a Moto X vs. Moto G comparison.


Service Related Questions


What cellular network will Republic use for the Moto X phone?

The Moto X phone and plans offered through Republic will use the Sprint network as the primary cell network and Sprint’s roaming partners as backup.

Update! Is MMS (sending photos and group texts) available on the Moto X?

For those unfamiliar with the acronym “MMS”—MMS is Multimedia Messaging Service, and refers to sending and receiving things like pictures and videos, as well as group texts. Sending and receiving MMS between providers involves lots of effort on both sides of the equation, so we are very excited that we now have this functionality with all the major carriers you see listed below and many more for a total of 70+ other national carriers and MVNOs.


MMS Chart 11-13-13.png

Is WiFi to cellular handover available on the Moto X?

Yes! This means that when you leave a WiFi-connected area, your call will automatically shift to cellular. If you move from cellular to WiFi, however, your call will remain on cellular (with no interruption in service) as long as the cellular signal can be maintained.


Note: WiFi to WiFi handover (i.e. when using multiple access points) isn't a supported feature unless the SSIDs are the same.

How is the WiFi call quality on the Moto X?

One of our key goals has been to offer high quality audio over WiFi, which can be challenging given the variety of WiFi connections. We learned a lot from the DEFY XT Beta, and we’re happy to say that WiFi calls sound fantastic on this phone. WiFi calls should sound equally as good (if not better) than cell calls, and will navigate WiFi environments significantly better.


Note: We’ll also be making a change on the DEFY XT to improve voice quality.


Are there any changes to coverage in Hawaii, Alaska, or New Hampshire?

There are no changes in coverage for Hawaii or Alaska. You can order service in New Hampshire, but you will be assigned a Massachusetts phone number.


Are there any changes to international roaming or calling?

No; not at this time.

Will there be any improvements to the Wi-Fi+ App?

We’ve blogged about the roadmap for the DEFY XT and some of those improvements may be delivered as an update to the Wi-Fi+ app. We’ll keep you in the loop as we develop this out further.

Will voicemail notification work on WiFi?

Yes; this is fixed on the Moto X.

Will I be able to dial 411, 211, 511?

No. You'll only be able to dial 911 and 711.


Will short codes work on the Moto X?

No. Short codes will not work on Moto X at this time.

Are you ever going to support short codes?

We're currently evaluating the technical and business requirements to support short codes.


With the Moto X, do you need to be on WiFi to forward calls, or will this work on cell as well?

You'll be able to forward voicemail to a different number while on WiFi or cell. This feature can be toggled on or off from the Moto X itself.


Will you ever consider allowing tethering?

Tethering, including using a Republic phone to create a WiFi hotspot, isn't an option on the Optimus or DEFY XT plans nor will it be available on the new pricing plans. However, there has been some discussion here in community where we'll consider offering this feature in the future.


Is simultaneous voice and data available?

Simultaneous voice and data will be available when using WiFi or 4G LTE, but will not be available when using 3G cell.

Do I have to be in a native Sprint area to activate the Moto X?

No. Activation for the Moto X is on WiFi.

Is there still a 30 Day Guarantee?

Yes. There will be a 30 day money back guarantee on any new phone purchases from Moto Xs purchased through Moto Maker have a 14 day money back guarantee on the device. However, there is still a 30 day guarantee on monthly service.

New! Is there insurance for the Moto X?

We’re currently investigating insurance options for the Moto X and future phones. When offering phones and service at such a low industry rate, it’s important that we carefully evaluate all options to find something that provides the most value to our members. If you purchase a customized Moto X through Moto Maker, insurance is available (additional fee applies).

I recently purchased a DEFY XT (past 30 days), can I get a refund?

If you purchased your DEFY XT and you’re still within our 30 Day Guarantee, you’re eligible for a refund. However, if you choose to cancel, you’ll lose your 10% off Beta Member Service Discount and eligibility for the Motorola Jelly Bean Rebate. To learn more about the Motorola Jelly Bean Rebate, check out our FAQ.


If it’s been over 30 days since you purchased your DEFY XT, you’re no longer eligible for a refund, but you’re still eligible for the 10% off Beta Member Service Discount and the Motorola Jelly Bean Rebate.