New Pricing Plans FAQ

What are Republic’s new pricing plans?

There are four new plan options for the Moto X and future phones:


WiFi Only: $5/month (plus taxes and surcharges)

  • WiFi only means unlimited talk, text and data—but only on WiFi. Outside of WiFi, your device won’t be able to connect to cellular service.

WiFi + Cell Talk & Text: $10/month (plus taxes and surcharges)

  • Unlimited talk and text on WiFi and cellular, and unlimited data on Wi-Fi only.

WiFi + Cell + 3G: $25/month (plus taxes and surcharges)

  • Unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi, plus 3G cellular.

WiFi + Cell + 4G: $40/month (plus taxes and surcharges)

  • Unlimited talk, text and data on WiFi, plus 4G cellular.

Why did you change the plan pricing?

One of the things we learned through our Beta over the past 20 months is that our members want both affordable smartphone service and access to high performance devices too. They’ve loved our simple pricing, and they’re hungry for more phone options and newer models. In order to deliver those higher end smartphones, we need to make the ends meet on how we price cellular data and roaming.


We’re excited to now offer two plans that are actually priced far below Republic’s original $19 price point. Staying true to our original hybrid calling model, our new plans are designed to help members save even more money—just by using more WiFi.

Our two other plans are geared toward those with greater needs for cellular data—yet still priced extremely low compared to other offerings on the market. Consider: a new Republic member can get a top of the line Moto X phone with a 3G data plan and unlimited WiFi for $659 in the first year, a price that dips to $419 if you’re willing to get serious about WiFi.

Is 911 service available on the WiFi only plan?

Yes. 911 service is available on all plans, even if you aren't connected to WiFi. For more info regarding emergency services, please go here.

What cities offer Sprint's 4G LTE coverage?

For a list of cities that Sprint currently offers 4G LTE in, please go here.

Can MMS be sent on the $10 plan when not connected to Wi-Fi?

Republic is thrilled to let you know that MMS will work on the $10 plan when you don't have WiFi. A lot of collaboration occurred between Republic and Motorola to provide a novel way that enables MMS in this manner and we believe that you, the member, wins in a big way.


Are MMS messages included with the new pricing plans?

Yes, absolutely.

Do I have to pick one of the four new plans when I purchase the Moto X?

Yes. The $19/$29 month plans aren't offered on the Moto X.

Can I keep my $19/$29 month plan on the new phones?

No. The Moto X from Republic Wireless comes with four new price plan options and  Two of those are less than $19—giving you more opportunities to save, the more you use WiFi. You must select a new plan when you choose the Moto X. Your billing date will stay the same, and you'll be prorated for your DEFY plan when you activate your Moto X.


Can I keep the $19/$29 month plan on my Motorola DEFY XT?

Yes! New plans only apply to the Moto X and other future phones offered by Republic. Your existing DEFY XT will keep its existing plan.


Are you still going to offer the $19/$29 month plans on the DEFY XT?

If you purchased a DEFY XT any time after September 19, 2013, you can only get the $19 plan. If you're already on the $19/$29 plan, you remain on the plan you have for as long as you have the DEFY XT.


Will I be able to switch between plans?

Yes! When you purchase a new Moto X phone, you’ll be able to choose whatever plan you like—and you can also switch plans up to twice per bill cycle as your needs change. For example, if you know you’ll be taking a vacation and might require more cell data one week, you can switch to a higher cell data plan right from your phone and then switch back to a WiFi “friendlier” plan once you return home.

Note: If you're on the WiFi Only plan, you'll need to be connected to WiFi to switch your plan.

How many times per month can I switch plans?

You can switch plans up to twice per bill cycle.

Can I change my plan directly from my phone?

Yes, you can change your plan directly from your phone at any time.

What if I already paid for this month and I switch plans, how will I be billed?

If you switch plans at any point in the month, you'll be prorated from the day you make the plan switch up to your bill cycle date. If you're upgrading your plan, you'll be charged the difference between your old plan and your new plan (less any credit for any unused days of your old plan). If you're downgrading your plan, you'll receive a credit on your account for the difference between your old plan and your new plan. This credit will go towards your next month's bill.


If you're changing from a DEFY XT to a Moto X, your billing date will stay the same, and you'll be prorated for your DEFY plan when you activate your Moto X.

Does changing my plan alter my billing cycle date?

Your billing cycle date remains the same when changing plans.

What happens to my old DEFY XT?

If you simply switch plans to a new Moto X, your DEFY XT will become inactive. Additionally, you can take advantage of Motorola's Jelly Bean Rebate when you complete their trade in process. All you need to do is purchase your new Moto X through our online store or Moto Maker, then go online to the Motorola site and follow the instructions to get a $100 Visa gift card from Motorola. Easy peasy! Check out our FAQ.

Will data service be unlimited?

Our version of managing cell data (for the plans that support it) allows members to use cell data as much as they need to when WiFi’s not available, while putting accountability on them to always consider WiFi as the first option. Our policy accounts for the inevitable (and very natural) fluctuation in data usage of our members and considers both the usage rates on our network (the Sprint network) AND our roaming partners. Bottom line—you won’t get dinged for going over a month or two and you won’t ever see “roaming charges” as a line item on your monthly bill.


According to the industry standard definition of unlimited, we are. But we’re doing things differently than other carriers when it comes to managing cell data. We’ve started with our customer’s needs and wants, and built a program accordingly. We ask all of our members to use WiFi and conserve their cellular use, but we know there are some cases where you need to use cellular—and sometimes much more than you’d normally use. We took our member’s feedback to heart. We’ve created an Acceptable Use Policy that allows for more flexibility than any other provider in the industry—while allowing us to keep costs down for all of our members.


Our policy is targeted toward the top 1% of users, based on mobile data consumption—that means users who consume more than 5GB of cellular data or 100MB of roaming data in one month. The vast majority of our users will never reach these limits. In fact, the first time you hit this threshold, we give you a free pass—once in any six-month period we’ll allow you to exceed the limit— and your speed won’t be reduced. If you hit the threshold twice within a six-month period, your speed will be reduced to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month of billing. We’ll make sure you’re aware if your usage starts to approach either benchmark.

Will voice service be unlimited?



Will texting be unlimited?