Moto X (1st Gen.) Overview







Basic Information


Moto X (1st Gen.)




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Activation Type


Cellular Network






Operating System

Android™ 4.4.4, KitKat

Pre-Installed Apps (non-removable)

Motorola signature apps: Alert, Assist, Migrate, Help


Other apps: Calculator, Calendar, Calendar Storage, Camera, Chrome, Clock, Contacts, Dialler, Downloads, Drive, Email, FM Radio, Gmail, Google, Google+, Hangouts, Maps, Messaging, Phone, Play Books, Play Games, Play Magazines, Play Movies & TV, Play Music, Play Store, Quickoffice, Republic Wireless App, Settings, Sound Recorder, Translate, YouTube


16GB: $299 with no contract

from our online store

SIM Card

4G SIM card preloaded. Please see SIM Card for Moto X for more info.

SD CardNo SD card slot.

Tech Specs

Can be found here






Service Plans


Four different plans are offered for the Moto X ranging from $5/month to $40/month. Depending on your needs and how you want to use your phone, you can choose the plan that's best for you. The Moto X is a 4G-capable smartphone.


To see plans available for Moto X, check out Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund.









When will reactivations be available?

Reactivations for all phones (except for LG Optimus S™) are now available.



If I choose to purchase and switch to the Moto X, will my contacts and apps automatically transfer over?

There are two primary ways to make sure your contacts and apps transfer to your new device:


  1. Sync your contacts - You can sync your contacts to your Google account from your old phone. Once you have your new phone, they’ll automatically load when you sign in on your new phone.
  2. Use Motorola's Migrate app - Motorola's Migrate app is designed to make the process of transferring your contacts, apps, photos, even text message history easier than ever. Check it out on the Google Play Store. The Migrate app is pre-installed on the Moto X, but you’ll need to install it your old phone as well (it’s compatible with any Android phone version 2.2 and above).



Does the 10% beta discount apply to the Moto X?

If you’re an existing member who owns an active Motorola DEFY XT purchased by September 25, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET, you’re eligible for a 10% discount off your new monthly plan when you transfer that existing line to the Moto X or any future phones, including the Moto G and Moto E. This discount will stay with you for as long as that phone line remains active with Republic, even if you transfer that line to a different Republic phone later. Please see the Beta Member Service Discount FAQ for more info.



How many upgraded versions of Android will the Moto X get?

Motorola has stated they will have a regular cadence of updating Android on the Moto X. Android 4.4.4 KitKat has arrived for Moto X.



Can I use my existing SIM card?

No. The technology used on current Republic Wireless phones doesn’t support SIM cards. See SIM Card for Moto X for more info.


The SIM card that is preinstalled in Republic's Moto X is not a traditional SIM card, meaning it doesn't store personal information. Instead, it's what gives you access to 4G LTE towers. You should not remove the SIM tray or remove or replace the SIM card in your Republic Moto X.



Motorola says that I get 50GB of free storage for two years on Google Drive and that the offer must be redeemed within 30 days of activation. How do I take advantage of this offer?

Yes, you’ll be eligible! This is a great way to enhance your overall storage space on the phone. Simply open the Google Drive app on your Moto X for the first time and you'll be prompted to redeem your free 50GB of storage. For more info, see Google Drive 50GB Promotion.



Will voicemail notification work on WiFi?

Yes; this is fixed on the Moto X.






Tech Specs


Check out the Moto X's technical specifications in more detail here.






Moto vs Moto Comparison


Compare the Moto G and Moto X here.