Directly On-Demand Person-to-Person Support

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The Directly person-to-person support platform fits neatly into our support ecosystem, providing another avenue for support. If you have feedback about the Directly platform generally or about your personal experience with it, please head over to Community and let us know what you think. Check out our PWK blog post announcing the system or watch the video.


We offer two different methods of support through Directly. In both cases you'll receive answers you can trust from Community Experts, members (customers) who know our service, our phones and our policies. These Experts receive updates from Republic staff and have access to chat with our support team when needed.

  • Method one: Select support tickets are sent to our Experts when they contain questions we feel our Experts are qualified to answer. (Details, below.)
  • Method two: Real Time Messaging (RTM) is a chat-like experiencef feels more like a conversation. Real Time Messaging is ideal for how-to questions, policy clarification, accessory recommendations, and other questions that don't require access to your private information. Our Experts will advise that a support ticket is needed if the question is too complex for a RTM session. You can open a RTM from the bottom of our Help page, by clicking the "Message Now" button.



What kind of questions are sent to Directly?

We send questions that can most likely be answered with already publicly available information from Community or the Knowledge Center. The top questions sent to Directly are:

    • General sales, how-to and policy questions
    • Number portability and coverage questions
    • Light network, texting and calling troubleshooting



How are Experts selected? Can I become an Expert?

The first group of test Experts was selected based on prior support-related engagement with members on our Community and social media platforms. We started with those with the highest numbers for engagement, then chose based on knowledge of RW systems and services, use of existing resources, helpfulness, patience, presentation (grammar, spelling, etc), and other criteria. 
Moving forward, Expert candidates will be invited by Directly from the Member community using a combination of Directly standard criteria, referrals from Republic Wireless and performance on a Republic Wireless knowledge test administered by Directly. Experts are rewarded for providing or voting for correct answers, and rewards are paid by Directly, not Republic Wireless. Directly's routing engine identifies the best experts to answer a question based on recent activity, customer ratings and expert votes and flags.
Participation as a Directly Expert is not part of a Republic Wireless loyalty program. The number of Experts in the Directly pool is proportional to the volume of tickets and activity level of current Experts. As these factors ebb and flow, the Directly team will add new Experts as necessary according to their criteria.



How do you protect member privacy?

All account-specific questions are still handled by the Republic Wireless internal support team. When a ticket is selected to be sent to the Directly system, all information specific to an individual member is scrubbed from the ticket as it is passed to the Directly system and prior to being presented to Experts. The only information shared is a first name, the content of the ticket (minus any personal information), and the device model. The Republic Wireless support team audits a sample of Directly tickets to validate that personal information is being appropriately scrubbed. Additionally, every Republic Wireless Directly Expert is trained in privacy principles specific to the telecommunications industry (known as CPNI), and has tools and processes to escalate content back to Republic Wireless immediately as appropriate.


How do I find my support ticket that is being addressed by Directly?

All tickets open with Directly can be accessed by checking

Keep in mind that your Directly interaction is also linked to a Republic Wireless Internal support ticket. 



What if I need to follow up with RW later? Are the interactions recorded?

Yes. All Directly interactions start with a ticket in the Republic Wireless ticketing system and all interactions are recorded in real time back on that ticket. You will continue to have access to your ticket through your help portal, just as you do with any Republic Wireless Help ticket.



What if I don’t want to participate in Directly, I want to work with a Republic Wireless employee?

The Directly system offers multiple opportunities to “opt out” and work with a Republic Wireless support team member:

    1. You are immediately notified (using the email address you used to open your ticket) when your ticket is offered to the Directly Experts. In that email, you have the option to immediately return your ticket to the Republic Wireless queue. It will return to the queue with the same priority, categorization, and timestamp as originally submitted to Republic Wireless.
    2. At any time during your interactions on Directly, you can click the “escalate” button. Your ticket is then reopened in the Republic Wireless ticketing system with the same priority and timestamp as when you originally submitted it. That means that you haven’t lost any time in the queue - you jump right back into your original slot and the Republic Wireless support team will work your ticket in the order it came in.



Why doesn’t Republic Wireless build this capability in Community?

We’ve been interested in this type of capability since our conception; our leadership team has wanted peer-to-peer support from day one. But there’s a lot that goes into building the complete system, and now it seems that someone has already done it for us. We like to be smart about focusing on our core competencies and letting others do what they do best.