My RW & Huawei Ascend 5W Experience

Discussion created by Troywolf on Jan 4, 2017
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My #Huawei #Ascend 5W arrived today. I am a brand new RW customer. The unboxing, setup, and activation process was as fast and smooth as it could be I suppose. It was better than my experience setting up any previous phone and service with other carriers.


Although I live about 3 miles from the massive Sprint headquarters, when we tried Sprint almost 2 years ago, we had to return the phones and cancel due to poor signal quality in our home. We have been on Verizon since, and mostly happy except the signal is too weak in our basement causing calls to fail.


So I am on my < 14 day journey to see if the RW service is going to cut it. So far, the service is doing what it claims. Call quality is great in my house with WiFi calling and everywhere in my basement. WIN! Then I had my wife get on a call with her sister while home on WiFi. I told her to stay on the call as she drove away down the street a few miles. The call did not drop, and they said they did not notice anything. SEAMLESS! When my wife was 5 miles from home, I had her call me and we talked all the way as she drove home, pulled into the garage, and walked into the house. If I'm reading the icons correctly, the phone switched to WiFi calling without a hiccup. Impressive.


As for the phone, it's hard not to like this Huawei Ascend 5W. My wife's big complaint is the color-quality of the photos seems rather terrible. That is a deal-killer for her, but other than that, the phone is fast and looks and works great. We've installed a few apps and trying to use it as much as possible.


NOTE: The specs said it only supports up to 32GB SD, but I popped in a 128GB SD and the phone recognized it. I have not tested the SD card extensively, but seems to work. BONUS.


I have the Moto G4 coming from RW later this week. At only $20 more than the Ascend, it is probably a better phone and better value. I'll know soon enough and will report back here.