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How do I update my RepublicWireless phone?  I currently have a Moto G4.  I would like to replace it with the Samsung J3.  I do not see how to purchase it with this option.   Ideally I can purchase it right away without opening a new phone number.  Then when it arrives I just move over the SIM card.  If I need to do it some other way, please let… (Show more)
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Overview: This document provides information regarding releases of the Republic Wireless App and operating system updates, as well as service-related releases.   To check the current status of our service Visit   For more info on current or existing conditions affecting Republic Wireless services and features…
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Use this thread to discuss and ask any questions pertaining to our Special Offer: 6 Months of FREE Service.
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I received Android 7.0 update notification the other day and pushed the update this morning. When the update was finished, I found all of my photos in Gallery were missing as well as some video files. What is the wrong with the device?
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After talking with google and being shuffled over to motorola, I thought my problems were solved.  This super factory reset of my moto e has made the problem of Unfortunately, google services has stopped into to an absolute nightmare!  Now my phone can't access Google servers at all so no way to update things from within the gui.  So can't… (Show more)
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Overview: This document provides FAQs regarding Republic Wireless 3.0. Please review the following announcements for what these FAQs will address:   Evolution of Republic Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones The Plan for Plans Introducing Clear Choice Plans       …
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I got a new phone about 2 months ago.  Since then I haven't been able to get my google calendar events to show up on the phone.  The google accounts are synched and both show up in the settings of google calendar.  It's just that the entire calendar is
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Yesterday I got a warning that I had used 75% of my data, today I have none of my 1GB left at all. This is strange because I am on WIFI all day apart from a couple of hours during my commute. Looking at the data usage breakdown Android OS is responsible for .92gb basically in the last two days and I have no way of seeing what the culprit is. … (Show more)
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When will Republic Anywhere be available? All I can find is "in the coming months" but that's not very specific. when is it projected to be available to all customers?
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