If you're trying to set up automatic texts to your Republic phone number, and it's not working, phones with cell service have a second phone number that may be able to receive the texts.  See How to find your phone's Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number to get this number.


Now that you have the Sprint number, you can use it for automated texts sent by banks or other institutions.  For sending texts to your phone via E-mail, send to <phonenumber>@messaging.sprintpcs.com. Don't give out the Sprint number to others to use for voice calls, and don't give it out for texts unless you accept the following:


  • Using the Sprint number for this purpose is completely unsupported by Republic, and may or may not work for your purpose.  If there is a problem getting texts on this number, Republic is not under any obligation to fix it.
  • The Sprint number is lost when you switch to the $5 Wi-Fi only plan, and a different number will be assigned when you switch back to a cell service plan.  The number may also change due to phone upgrades or when troubleshooting problems with Republic's tech support.  So consider whether the texts you expect are personal or private in nature, because your Sprint number might be assigned to another phone at any time.
  • Texts can only be received on this number when you have cell service.  If you lose cell service for a short time (due to Airplane mode or loss of signal), texts will be received when you regain it.
  • If you reply to an incoming text, your reply will be from your Republic number, not the Sprint number.
  • Because of previous point, if you must send a reply to an automated text to stop them, you won't be able to do it.