Every Republic phone has the Republic number that you know and give to others.  For those with cell service plans, there's a second number that's required and used behind-the-scenes to receive calls when Wi-Fi isn't available.  You don't normally need to worry about the Sprint number unless you're receiving unwanted texts or calls because it was recycled from a former Sprint mobile customer.


Find Your Sprint Number


These instructions apply to the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E.

Instructions for the Defy XT are here.


  1. Open the Phone app (the standard dialer that comes with the phone).
  2. Dial ##786#.
  3. The number shown for Mobile Number is your Sprint number.
  4. Hit the Back or Home button to dismiss the information screen.


Are These Calls/Texts Using My Sprint Number?


You might be able to determine whether a call or text used your Sprint number with one of these methods.


Check your online call history.


A record of your calls and texts that are handled through Republic can be found at My Account / My Usage / Call History.   Texts sent to your Sprint number will not appear there.  Calls to the Sprint number will not appear if you answered or if the caller hangs up before the call goes to voicemail (after the call goes to voicemail these calls look the same as calls to your Republic number).


See if the calls or texts stop when you don't have cell service


When you have a good Wi-Fi connection for calls and texts, disabling cell service will stop calls and texts to the Sprint number from being received.   This technique is only useful for calls or texts that come from the same number repeatedly; by their absence you'll know those were using your Sprint number.  To occasionally disable cell service, hold the power button down and tap Airplane mode from the menu.  Then go to Settings and re-enable Wi-Fi.   Don't forget to disable Airplane mode when you leave the Wi-Fi area.

  • Don't disable cell service unless you're certain that your Wi-Fi connection handles incoming calls and texts reliably.
  • Defy XT users:  When you don't have cell service, you won't receive voicemail notifications, and listening to or deleting voicemail will not clear a voicemail notification that was received earlier.

Note that disabling cell service isn't a good solution to the unwanted call/text problem.   If there's a problem with your Wi-Fi or Internet service, you'll miss incoming calls or texts which would have otherwise been delivered by cell service.  However, if unwanted calls and texts only bother you when at home on Wi-Fi, Moto X / G / E owners can automatically disable and re-enable cell service using Toggle Cell.


Dealing With Unwanted Calls


Most human callers will stop calling if you let them politely know that your Sprint number no longer belongs to the person they're calling.


Automated calls frequently offer an option to stop future calls.  Sometimes those options will work, and I advise trying them (others may say otherwise, but my experience has been favorable in stopping refinance-offer calls).


There are numerous apps in the Google Play store that can keep unwanted calls from bothering you.  Among dedicated blocking apps, Call Blocker is a community favorite and can quickly drop unwanted calls when "Answer Hangup" is selected for the block method..


You can also send calls from specific numbers to voicemail without using any add-on apps.  To do that:

  1. Using the People app, create a new contact entry for unwanted calls.
  2. Add the phone numbers you want sent directly to voicemail to that Contact, and tap Done to save the contact.
  3. Tap the menu button at the upper right (3 vertical dots) and tap the checkbox for "All calls to voicemail".


Stopping Unwanted Texts


Unfortunately, it's not possible to text a reply such as "stop" for automatic texts that come to the phone's Sprint number, because your reply will identify your Republic number as the sender, and you're not trying to stop texts to your Republic number.


If the source of the texts is known, you may be able to contact the sender's customer service department and ask them to stop sending texts to your Sprint number.  If the texts come from individuals and you text a reply, be sure to identify your Sprint number as the number you want them to stop using.


The Nuclear Option


You can ask Republic to give you a different Sprint number.  It's possible your new Sprint number may have the same problem, but most report that their new number is quieter than the old one.   To request a change to your Sprint number, contact Support.