Dropped calls on WIFI

Discussion created by nunya01 on Mar 4, 2013
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Hi all,

I just received 2 Motorola Defy XT phones on Friday evening (it's Monday morning). I got one for my wife and one for my son. We've run into an immediate problem: Dropped calls on our home wifi connection. Not just an "occasional" dropped call, but most calls (the majority) are being dropped or are of poor audio quality.

Frequent problems include echo, choppy, delay, dropped completely, and one-way-audio (either / or).

Calls will drop any time. Sometimes, after 5 seconds. Sometimes, after 3 minutes.

Calls on the cellular network are A-OK. Not problems at all.


I feel it necessary to stop and insert a mini-biography here: I hate to drag out this cliche term, but I am "tech savvy". I was an early adopter of VoIP. I have been using it for 10 years. I build, install, and maintain VoIP PBX servers professionally as part of my business. I'm no Spring chicken when it comes to this stuff. I may not be a "guru", but I can usually figure things out with a little help or guidance when they get really tough.


My home router is a DLink DIR-655. I have tried adjusting setting after setting to no avail. It seems like just when I thing the problems are solved, they pop up again. I've poured through several thread in the forums here looking for answers. It appears a lot of people have the same problem. I've even read where some representatives of RW posted that this issue has been resolved. Let me assure you, it hasn't.

I have a very stable cable internet connection of 30/4. All of my other VoIP SIP trunks are behaving normally. No problems at all.


The WAF (wife acceptance factor) is dwindling into uncharted negative territory. She's about had it already. She's also pretty peeved about the SMS delay after porting. What gives there? We both used to work for AT&T and specifically with number porting and provisioning. This should be hours, at the most - not days.


Anyway, I'm looking for some help here from someone with the DIR-655 who has a working setup. Help me out here. Did I miss something. Do I need to run out an buy a new router (I don't want to)? Should I give up? If I can't resolve this quickly, it will be a deal breaker.