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    Dropped calls on WIFI

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      Hi all,

      I just received 2 Motorola Defy XT phones on Friday evening (it's Monday morning). I got one for my wife and one for my son. We've run into an immediate problem: Dropped calls on our home wifi connection. Not just an "occasional" dropped call, but most calls (the majority) are being dropped or are of poor audio quality.

      Frequent problems include echo, choppy, delay, dropped completely, and one-way-audio (either / or).

      Calls will drop any time. Sometimes, after 5 seconds. Sometimes, after 3 minutes.

      Calls on the cellular network are A-OK. Not problems at all.


      I feel it necessary to stop and insert a mini-biography here: I hate to drag out this cliche term, but I am "tech savvy". I was an early adopter of VoIP. I have been using it for 10 years. I build, install, and maintain VoIP PBX servers professionally as part of my business. I'm no Spring chicken when it comes to this stuff. I may not be a "guru", but I can usually figure things out with a little help or guidance when they get really tough.


      My home router is a DLink DIR-655. I have tried adjusting setting after setting to no avail. It seems like just when I thing the problems are solved, they pop up again. I've poured through several thread in the forums here looking for answers. It appears a lot of people have the same problem. I've even read where some representatives of RW posted that this issue has been resolved. Let me assure you, it hasn't.

      I have a very stable cable internet connection of 30/4. All of my other VoIP SIP trunks are behaving normally. No problems at all.


      The WAF (wife acceptance factor) is dwindling into uncharted negative territory. She's about had it already. She's also pretty peeved about the SMS delay after porting. What gives there? We both used to work for AT&T and specifically with number porting and provisioning. This should be hours, at the most - not days.


      Anyway, I'm looking for some help here from someone with the DIR-655 who has a working setup. Help me out here. Did I miss something. Do I need to run out an buy a new router (I don't want to)? Should I give up? If I can't resolve this quickly, it will be a deal breaker.

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          I can't help you with the DIR-655, but since you did just get your phones I just wanted to make sure that you got the latest update to your phone that may fix some issues.  Go to setting and click on about phone.  Scroll to the bottom.  The build number should be 1_65K_1027.  If it isn't then goto settings>about phone>Phone updates>system updates.  This should be done over wifi.

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            billmeek 5 Bar

            Uncheck SIP in the firewall settings.

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              nunya01 2 Bar

              Thanks for the replies.

              The phones have both already been updated prior to this post.


              By "uncheck SIP", I'm assuming you mean deactivate SIP in the ALG. That has been done. Nat endpoint filtering is set to "full cone" for UDP (endpoint independent).

              For security reasons, I do not want to turn off SPI, as it shouldn't be necessary or affect the service negatively.

              I did set up a port trigger on 5090 traffic to open UDP 16384-16402, even though that technically shouldn't be necessary (I'm grasping at straws here).

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                wvfisher 5 Bar

                Welcome aboard

                Sounds like your wifi connection is fine.

                being new to RW, have you followed these below steps?


                New Member Start-Up Guide

                Start My Motorola DEFY XT for the First Time

                How to connect to a Wi-Fi network for Motorola DEFY XT

                One simple fix listed below is the battery reboot, remove your battery for a minute or so.


                Troubleshooting Guide: My phone can't make or receive calls

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                  Hello:  I have the same router. dlink dir 655.  Your situation is just like mine.  Except I went to Starbucks, Mcdonald's and other wifi free places and the calls dropped there also.  Then I reset the phone the advice on the blogs.  When I did it set everything back to factory.  Then I was able to get calls without dropping.  So last night I loaded a couple of apps and worked all night.  Today no again yep dropped calls.  So i'm in the rp website searching for answers.  I want to try and make this work.  I loved what you said about the wife acceptance thing, very funny.  I'm gonna work on this a bit before I turn in the towel.  I did however enjoy your offering. 

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                    nunya01 2 Bar

                    Just wanted to update. Apparently my ills with the DLink DIR-655 are not uncommon. That being said, we seemed to have suffered a "comedy" of errors causing the high call failure rate.

                    It seems like things have stabilized since my original post.

                    The three steps I used on the DIR-655 are as follows:

                    In firewall settings, Disable SIP in the ALG, Enable "endpoint independent" for UDP in the NAT endpoint setting.

                    In QOS, set the phones IP as priority (assign your phone(s) a static reservation in the router).

                    For security reasons, leave SPI enabled.


                    Another issue, we have another access point. Same SSID, user / pass. Works seamlessly with other SIP / IAX2 devices, however the RW phones cannot handle the transition from one AP to another. I have no explanation for this; I can only report symptoms.

                    For the interim, I have disabled the second AP and reoriented the router to a more central location until we can get some new equipment.

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                      I spoke too soon once again. Since my last post I relocated the router to a more central location. We now have excellent signal throughout the house without the use of a secondary AP. Today, my wife reported six dropped calls. Some were on wifi, some were on cellular. As you can see, we have fairly decent Sprint coverage here. I had Sprint before without any issues. Is it possible RW calls are treated differently?

                      We also installed the WiFi+ app a few days ago to see if that would help. It did not.