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    My phone says it is getting low on space

    jacquieh 1 Bar

      How can I free up some space?  I tried to move things to the SD card but that did not work, and also I am no longer getting any email from my Gmail on my phone.  Help!

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          southpawkb 5 Bar

          Hi jacquieh,

          carlh has written up some instructions to help you manage the internal memory on your phone.

          They are here: Re: Apps take up too much space

          The 4th one on the list is very techy, but it's well written and if you can follow the directions carefully it makes a huge difference. It's well worth taking the time to go through the steps.



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              matthews.8675is 1 Bar

              I've deselected auto-update on all of the built-in apps that I don't use, uninstalled updates for those apps, managed all apps on sd card with a green check mark, and went through the Android SDK Tools to move as many apps to my sd card that I can.

              After all this, later on my phone says low on space! Some apps don't work well on the sd card like google play services, it should be left on the phone. I could move facebook to sd card, but I like my facebook contacts pic to be sync with my phone's contacts. My internal storage fluctuates from 42MB to 36MB of free space without installing, uninstalling, or updating anything. Once it gets below 40MB than the phone starts saying its low on space.

              Is there anything else that can be done?

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                  andreas 5 Bar

                  It sounds like you've deselected auto-update and deleted updates only for the built-in apps you don't use, and not for any built-in apps you do use or any of the apps that you've installed? I would go ahead and do that for those apps, as well (at least for a good many of them). You can easily change your setting so that none of your apps auto-update, and you'll likely free up a decent amount of space that way (be sure to uninstall any updates you can do without, too).


                  If you're unwilling to do that, then the next step is probably to dump some apps (sort the list of apps according to size and then delete the largest ones you can do without).

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                    southpawkb 5 Bar

                    Hi matthews.8675is,

                    If you're just keeping apps on the phone because you bought them and you don't want to lose them, it's ok to delete them. They remain yours in the Google Play store, attached to the Google account you used to buy them. You can always re-install them (on any android device attached to that same Google account) later on. The same is true with apps bought in the Amazon app store. So if you have some you aren't using regularly, you can safely delete them as andreas suggested.


                    Once in a while the browser cache gets greedy. You might try clearing that.

                    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications (tap the "All" tab) > Browser: tap "Clear cache"


                    How much e-mail are you syncing to the phone? In Gmail, you might consider only syncing only key folders, and then only syncing 3-4 days' worth of e-mail in those folders.

                    • Launch Gmail
                    • Press the Menu button
                    • Tap "More"
                    • Tap "Settings"
                    • Tap your account name
                    • Scroll down and tap "Sync inboxes and labels"
                    • Tap "Amount of mail to sync" and reduce the number.
                    • Look through the folders in the list and stop syncing any that are just where you file things after you have dealt with them. (You can still view them on the phone by opening the label and refreshing it.)


                    How many different people do you text? If it's an awful lot, do you really need to keep all the text history on the phone? Try changing the settings there so only 100 messages are stored a time, or 50.

                    • Launch messaging app, press the Menu button and tap Settings.
                    • Make sure "Delete old messages" is checked.
                    • Change the "Text message limit" to something reasonable.


                    Once you've followed all these steps, reboot the phone. Sometimes it has to recalculate the available space.




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