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I see that RW allows unlimited roaming, does that include data, voice and everything or only one of them?

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    unlimited everything

    frequently asked questions | republic wireless

    Members of the Republic Wireless community get an Android-powered smartphone and unlimited use of it for data, calls and text.

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    Hi soccerboy496,

         Unlimited is everything voice - data - text  - roaming!


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    unlimited roaming?


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    The roaming very much depends upon Sprint's roaming agreements with its partners, and is determined by the PRL. It may well sometimes be the case that when roaming, the PRL only allows for a 1X EvDo connection. It is under these conditions (1X connection) that most problems occur with outgoing calls - this is where RW falls back on DTMF to relay called numbers to its switches. This sometimes results in incomplete calls, or a connection to an incorrect number. Calls to numbers that are frequently used (incoming or outgoing) will almost always complete even under these (1X) conditions.


    It is thus often useful to have a WiFi data connection (if no 3G is available) when making calls over the cellular network when roaming.