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      Will Republic be offering 4G in the future?

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          Hi mikegjax,

          In March Republic Wireless announced that new phones would be coming out later this year, and some of them would be 4G phones.

          New phones: Some of you have been asking if the recent articles about Republic are true regarding the release of new smartphones this summer. We're excited to say yes! We'll be rolling out new smartphones, the first arriving in late summer, and some will have the latest version of Android and access to LTE. Our plan is to offer low, mid, and high end smartphones for a variety of users.

          From: State of the Republic (v. 1, issue 25)


          There has been no additional information about the phones or the release dates, although there has endless speculation by customers. If you want to read the speculation, just type "New Phones" in the search box on the home page.



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