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    Moto X - Root? Unlocked bootloader?

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      Either?  Both?

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          this is listed in the Moto X FAQ


          Is the Republic Moto X an unlocked phone?

          No. Our Moto X will not ship unlocked and can’t be transferred to other carriers.

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            I recommend you have $300 saved for a new phone before you even read about it. 


            [Root/Write Protection Bypass] MotoX (no unlock needed) - xda-developers


            Not supported, of course.  Compared to the Defy it's not even that badly needed with 11GB of internal storage avail. out of the 16GB of flash RAM.  But your reason(s) for wanting to root may not be related to that.


            This method saves the stock ROM as a .img file and can restore it back onto your phone since it is a Moto-signed image.  This is a big step forward but it is in no way immunity from thoughtless mistakes either.

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                Actually, I do have $300 'saved' , and more to the point, have rooted and replaced OS's on many phones and tablets.  I also know that specific carrier versions can have their own tricks, such as 'unlock the bootloader and your camera won't work' type of stuff, which is why I'm looking for specific info on the 'flavor' of Moto X that Republic is planning to bring to the table.


                I'm not thrilled about the Moto X storage, non-replaceable battery, or other specs for that matter, being fairly spoiled by my GS3 running latest Cyanogenmod 4.3 nightly BMP kernel, and 4200mAhr extended battery - but I am VERY interested in getting good reception inside the buildings where I work [wi-fi] without having to resort to Google voice/Talkatone/etc., not to mention cutting my families cell phone bill by about $200/month!


                Root - or not - may end up being the deciding factor for me, anyway...


                Any many thanks for the lead to the XDA post!

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                    here is a little more info from deep down the pages of the thread.





                    Originally Posted by mistermojorizin View Post

                    1) this method doesn't allow you to load recovery
                    2) this method doesn't allow you to flash a rom
                    3) this method only allows you to reboot the phone into normal android with write protection turned off on /system (this is called recovery boot mode now)
                    4) safestrap doesn't exist yet
                    5) warranty is a legal question. it's not black and white. it really depends on facts of the case, local laws, and language of the contract you signed. a manufacturer could say "no, sue me" for any old reason they choose, and most people wouldn't spend the legal fees. it doesn't mean warranty is actually voided.

                    1) which is good, prevents accidental OTAs which will fix the bugs i use


                    2) yes it does


                    3) you can boot with WP on or off, doesnt matter


                    4) yes it does, see picture


                    4) your irght, it isnt black and white and often depends on the laws where you live.

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                        You know, I'm interested in stuff like Root Explorer, Titanium Backup, that sort of thing.  Given how 'special' the Republic version of the kernel and ROM are likely to be, I don't think I'm going to be first in line, this time, to start flashing!


                        All that being said, I highly suspect that if this time Republic 'gets it right,' the demand is going be overwhelming, and the R Moto X  [Moto Rx ? Moto rX ?] will start getting some attention from the great developers out there....

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                            So I figure this has been left for awhile.. I'll update it... Unlocking the bootloader is possible (or at least last week ago it was). Mine hads been unlocked because when I buy a device I wish to own my device.. Yes I know I lost my warranty and that's fine. I'm not encouraging anyone to unlock it because you don't gain much due to RW custom system other than read/write system. I also am not rooted but could easily if I actually needed it. For more information check out xda. I will not guide you but feel that if someone wants to risk their device that is their choose.