Cell coverage compared to Verizon

Discussion created by tlewis3348 on Sep 25, 2013
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I have been watching Republic Wireless for a while and considering whether I should switch from my current Verizon plan when it runs out.  Everything looks very appealing (especially with the new phone/pricing), but the biggest question I have had from the beginning is how the network  coverage compares to Verizon's. I have heard people on Sprint's network complain about poor coverage in many areas before, but I also know that part of Sprint's network is roaming on Verizon's, so part of the complaints may be due to the fact that they had to pay for roaming (which I understand is free with Republic Wireless).  Additionally, comparing the coverage map on Republic Wireless's site to the one on Verizon's seems to show that you have comparable (if not, better coverage).


Ultimately, I would be interested to hear from current customers who were previously Verizon customers (though comments from Republic Wireless employees would not be unwelcome either).  Have you had any less coverage with Republic Wireless compared to Verizon?  If so, how much, and how often?