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    Republic Wireless Wallpaper

    sarahd 4 Bar

      We made a Republic Wireless wallpaper for your Moto X. Follow the instructions below:


      1.) Click on the .jpg attachment on this post and click download.

      2.) Email the picture to yourself.

      3.) Go to your email on your phone and tap on the attachment.

      2.) When the .jpg opens up, click on the three vertical buttons at the top right of the screen and select "save"

      3.) Go to your Home Screen and hold your finger on the screen. "Choose wallpaper from" box will open up.

      4.) Select "Gallery" and select the RW image in your Downloads folder.

      5.) Select the "Crop photo" program on the right and tap "just once."

      6.) Crop the image and tap Save at the top right of the screen.

      7.) Boom. You're now driving a Moto X with some serious MOJO!


      Here's what the wallpaper looks like: