Moto X Overheating

Discussion created by holyflow on Dec 12, 2013
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Hi Community,

Figured I'd bring the problem to you and see if anyone else is having the same problem, what some brainstormed solutions might be, and also give RW a break from needless questions if possible because I'm sure they have their hands full.


Anyways, as the title suggests, my Moto X has a bit of an overheating problem. To start: WiFi is toggled off when I am not in range, Airplane/WiFi when it is. GPS is toggled off at all times except as needed for navigation. Brightness is at max 50%, decreasing when the sun's down. I don't run intensive applications - the bulk of what I use is Bible, note-taking, web, Pandora, texting, camera. Oh, and I manage (read: kill) unneeded background applications with vigilance.

I run proper lithium battery care: [Only using the official charger] Initial charge to 100% and discharge to 0% (no this isn't to train the battery but it is recommended once a month), and I do not let the battery drain past 40% (I have a 6000 Anker battery for when I'm out and about). And lastly, I don't leave the phone plugged in once it has a full charge.


So now for the problem. The phone will just randomly get extremely hot. This is not dependent on wifi or cell or charging state, it has happened in all scenarios. It has happened about 6-9 times while it is in my pocket. It gets hot enough that I need to remove the phone from my pocket because it is slightly irritating to my leg through jeans. It has also happened about another 8-10 times while in use. What's odd is that I initially feel the heat coming from the screen. When I say feel heat, I mean it hurts/stings my thumb on contact. On a couple of occasions I have turned off the screen and held the phone to my face, and while it did not give me the "sting" that it gave my finger it was still uncomfortably hot. In all instances the phone returned to a normal operating temperature within 90 seconds, with about 50% being under 45 seconds.


While it may sound paranoid, my main concern here is that the phone will explode in my pocket or while I am using it (I know you've all read those stories). In researching this phone before purchase, several tech blogs made note of how cool the Moto X runs even during benchmark testing. To my knowledge, nothing in my usage pattern triggers this behavior. And with that, I welcome your help & suggestions.