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best way to listen to music on Moto X?

kalikalaloi 1 Bar

So I got myself the Moto X for Christmas.  HUGE upgrade from an old Verizon LG.  I'm trying to figure out the best way to get some music on this thing.  I have an old computer, running Linux.  I can't just plug the phone straight to the computer and transfer music.  Doesn't seem to recognize the phone at all.  I don't want to pay for a monthly service (Google Play).  Kinda already broke the bank purchasing the phone outright   I've got a variety of files (wav, mp3, etc.) and would rather not have to convert them... but I can if needed.  I've been using an old 6GB iPod for music, so I'm used to not having much at my disposal.  And I'd prefer to stay away from iTunes if I can...


Any suggestions??  Thanks in advance

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    danipoak 2 Bar

    I just use google play.  You don't have to pay for the monthly service if you don't want it.  I don't.  You just have to install the free music manager on your computer which then uploads all of your music to the cloud.  Then with the play music app you have access to all of that for streaming and you can then select which music you want to reside on your phone for offline listening.  You can change what is on and off any time. 

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    nhh 1 Bar

    I use Linux and just ordered (like a few minutes ago) a Moto X so soon I'll be in your shoes too and figured I'd give this answer a shot. Seems like USB Mass Transfer Mode isn't available on the Moto X (shame) and has been replaced with something called MTP. I'm not too familiar with it, but it does appear to be supported in at least some Linux distros. I'm not sure what your running but see if there's anything relevant to you here[1]. If your using anything Debian-based that should help. Hope this helps, and let us know how you make out.



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    [1]: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html


    edit: or, this: http://www.meenova.com/ ???

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      ericman 2 Bar

      actually USB transfer is available.

      1. Connect the supplied USB cable into the device and then your Windows computer.
      2. When the device has been plugged in for the first time, the computer will ask to install the drivers, click Ok to continue.
      3. If the drivers do not automatically install, click here.
      4. Drag down the Notifications bar.
      5. Tap USB connection notification.
      6. Tap Media device (MTP).
      7. Drag and drop files from your computer to the device folders.


      Go here if you want to know how to set up "Play Music"

      Set up Play Music - Moto X™

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    johnny5 Ambassador

    Google Music Play gives you (as in for free) space to store up to 20,000 songs on Google's servers. You just have to upload it from your computer. Google Music Manager is the name of the program that does this for you. It seems that Google has released a version for at least some flavors of Linux as indicated here.


    I was a beta tester for Google Music Play & Music Manager (but not using Linux). I've used to upload music from my PC and then play it on both my (now deactivated) Defy and Moto X as well as many other devices.


    If you want a player you can sideload to, I got Rocket Player but the free version does not sound very good because the equalizer function is disabled. I got the for-fee version and like it bunches.


    Good luck!

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      danipoak 2 Bar

      I would just add as an option to sideload you can use doubletwist.  It is free in the market and does have good sound.  I run OSX so I just use their app to sync up the phone.  I don't think there is one for linux bit you can figure out how to use MTP on linux to get the music on then doubletwist should be able to play it.

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    glarepate 4 Bar

    Linux sees your X as a media device, not as a phone, file system, CD, modem, etc.  This is how the newer Android OSes are implemented.


    Some versions of Linux have MTD -- media type device -- support that works better than others.  I have Slackware and have cobbled together some tools that I don't recommend and that don't work very well for that system and purpose although I have had a little success.  I understand that Ubuntu is well supported, so likely Debian will be as well.  You may need to upgrade to a recent version for it to work though.


    On the other hand you can use AirDroid to copy files back and forth between your Linux box and your phone using your web browser.  Works good, stable, no major hoops to, first build, and then jump through.  There is a bit of a learning curve as there would be with any new system or tool but it's pretty straightforward.


    There are other apps that will transfer files between your phone and the computer too but I haven't got any advice or experience to share on those.

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    bruceb.1ptjj7 1 Bar

    Well, I used itunes as the music repository and EasySync as the app (on my Mac and my Moto) to upload my music to the Moto X.   Not sure if that helps, but it worked for me.

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    kalikalaloi 1 Bar

    Thanks for the input everyone.  While I'd love to mess with Linux (I'm running Ubuntu), the computer it is running on is around 10 years old.  You try to do anything new/special to it and it has to be taken apart and coaxed into running again.  (Obviously a new computer is next on my want/need list.)  Trying Google Play might be my only option for now.  I just really don't want to give cc info... especially because that just makes it too easy to spend money there.  And I'm sure that's what they want.  Is there any way to use Google Drive to upload songs onto the cloud and download them to the phone?  Maybe use Winamp or something to access them?

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      danipoak 2 Bar

      Well you can download to device from within the android drive app.  You would then just need a music player such as Poweramp or doubletwist.  I would stay away from winamp only because if support for it hasn't stopped already it will soon.  I think Poweramp is the most popular but I prefer doubletwist.  Either one should be able to read music on the phone that you've downloaded.  I'm not sure what folder google drive downloads to but you could use a program like ES file explorer to create a music folder and transfer all of the downloads to that folder just using cut and paste.

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      nhh 1 Bar

      Does your laptop have Bluetooth? Since you said you're running Ubuntu, I can confirm that Ubuntu supports Bluetooth pretty readily and unless things have changed (my phone still is running Android 2.3) it's super easy to transfer files back and forth over BT. I do this all the time with my Linux box and my phone: it's not as fast as a USB connection but if you're transferring gigabytes of data just let it run while you're having dinner or something. Can anyone verify that this is possible on the Moto X?


      If your laptop doesn't have it built in, you can purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter for less than $20.



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    perryc.mbtxz9 2 Bar

    If your cpu is on your home network you could use one of the Wifi File transfer apps that utilize a browser connection.


    Edit:  see where Airdroid was listed... guess it pays to read everything, then post!

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    darrin.g.l 1 Bar

    Linux can be a problem:


    Even MS Windows and Apple MACs need a little push....


    For Windows and MACs goto






    Install and then your PC/MAC will have no issues.

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    joeyd350 2 Bar

    I followed darrin.g.l advice and downloaded the device drivers so my computer would detect my computer. But then I discovered SyncTunes wireless app and was able to download all my music from iTunes directly to my Moto X.

    Here is some additional info on that app:


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    guitarjohn 2 Bar

    If you use Ubuntu, try gMTP, which is in the repositories.  That's what I have on my ThinkPad, which is running 12.04LTS.


    It works very similar to Android File Transfer for Mac. Simple drag & drop.