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    My issues with the Defy XT

    znutar 2 Bar

      I'm getting close to the point where I'm going to return my Defy XT's. I am only using one of them currently and have asked my daughter to use the second, but have yet to receive feedback from her. My current complaints which seem to be very persistent:


      1) Frequent warning messages to replace battery with an official Motorola battery (requires reboot)

      2) Frequent warning messages that the SD card is defective/damaged (requires reboot)

      3) Occasionally some unspecified process seems to be running in the background and makes the phone get super hot and drains the battery in less than an hour (yup, reboot). I have tried shutting down all background process except those necessary to actually get the phone to run when this happens and it does not help.

      4) Even after a reboot I almost always need to again reboot the phone because of strange problems with the home screen or the above issues being unresolved by the prior reboot. Just this morning I had to restart the phone 4 times before it started behaving normally.

      5) Pathetically weak/feeble GPS. The Optimus has far better GPS functionality.

      6) Applications headaches: I cannot seem to add much in the way of applications because none of the pre-installed apps can be moved to the SD card and some of the apps I have installed (e.g. Spotify) seem to require installation to the phone, I am at a point where I have 48 mb of free memory and cannot install or update some apps due to memory restrictions (once again: Spotify). At least with the Optimus I could specify installation for most apps to the SD card but with the Defy it seems I must install to the phone first and manually move the app despite trying to select "install to SD" as an option, but for some reason it is hard coded to prevent this. If I could offload things like Facebook to the SD card this would free up a lot of space.


      I have been using smartphones in various iterations for years and PDAs before that (original PalmPilot!). I have a long history with these sorts of devices and in my experience, the Defy XT is one of the most unstable and poorly functioning devices in the class that I have ever encountered. Despite its limitations, the Optimus was a far more stable and reliable device than the Defy XT.

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          I've had my Defy for about 5 days but have not seen any of the issues you list in 1,2,3, and 4.  You might have just recieved a bad phone?  Try the other one and see if it works correctly.


          5, I haven't really tested the GPS on this phone yet but it did work normal when I tried it.  What is yours doing, I can compare with mine to see if it is just your phone.


          6,  This is an issue for me also, I have not ran out of room but I don't have that many apps.  If the phone was rooted you could of course remove them.

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              znutar 2 Bar

              Glad you don't seem to be having issues but in my informal poll looking at other posts, there seem to be a lot of folks say: "gee, it looks like you have a bad phone and should return it for replacement." By the sheer volume that I see this comment, I have to say that the Defy XT seems to be a pretty poor phone based on the frequency people feel they got a bum unit.  I'll wait to see what my daughter's impressions are, but IMO this phone is barely functional and of suspect reliability.  The Optimus is a lot more stable and functional by comparison.

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                  bioguru 3 Bar

                  I have only had the overheating / "getting very hot while not doing anything at all" problem (#3) and of course #6 is common to everyone. The overheating and battery drain do seem to go hand in hand.


                  For me GPS has locked on fast and been rock solid.

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                    geneven 4 Bar

                    I don't follow the logic of "a lot of people say I should send my phone back so there must be a lot of bad phones". You are getting strange error messages that seem to indicate hardware problems. I doubt that you can point to a lot of other messages with people getting the same error messages you are getting. You should return your phone. That does not mean that everyone should return their phones.

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                  jartero13 3 Bar

                  ROFLOL...maybe I should move the phone out of my apt. because I do not have any complaints so far:)!

                  <NO> to all of the above, but stick with my Optimus because the SD card has all my music and until I port my number over...

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                    znutar 2 Bar

                    this is getting comical. I am trying to open a trouble ticket to get a replacement phone as this one is starting to degrade even further and cannot find a way to access the support section to get a trouble ticket issued. I've tried three different browsers and two different computers and cannot seem to get to the service portal to contact Republic directly and get a replacement. This is ridiculous. Help please!!!

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                        southpawkb 5 Bar

                        Hi eaustin,

                        Can you post a screenshot or give details as to what is going wrong?

                        Have you followed these steps:

                        1. Click "Home"

                        2. Type anything in the search box and click "search."

                        3. Scroll down below the search results and click the green "Ask Us" button.


                        If so, what happens after that?

                        You might need to try putting your browser in privacy mode, and try from home rather than from a public computer like work or the library.



                        SouthpawKB, Optimus owner, not a republic wireless employee

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                        davoice 2 Bar

                        Add me to the list of people who have GPS and reception issues.  I opened a ticket - by choosing a wrong reason I need a replacement phone - to get mine replaced.


                        Laughably, the person who responded to the ticket blamed the low GPS signal and low cell signal on roaming not being enabled correctly and give me instructions on how to set roaming correctly.


                        Support case # 00140256.


                        I emailed back and twice directed them back to our thread discussing GPS issues:

                        DEFY Navigation GPS not working


                        So far, I have yet to receive an intelligent response to indicate that someone actually took time to READ the problem we're talking about.

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                          jonh.aiwv0z 2 Bar

                          Re. #3 My phone did the same thing recently on two occasions.  All of a sudden it started getting hot in my pocket for no apparent reason.  I have GPS turned off.  When I checked the battery manager after shutting down the phone and powering up again, it said Android OS at 24% was the biggest user of power.

                          The weird thing is, it never did this for the first 2 months I had the phone.  So I'm thinking it's either an app I recently installed, or possibly was wherever I happened to be standing in the building and wifi signal was weak and the phone was trying to sync something.  ???

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                              lord_optik 3 Bar

                              I have only gotten one of the problems so far. It is the overheating issue. I didn't know what the notification picture was for, and it said something about temperature. It was charging in my car, with the GPS on, using Google maps navigation, and I was having a phone call over the BT headset.